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Whether it was worth it or not didn't matter anymore. The only thing he could do now was wait.

"Boss, do we really not need to come up with any tactics? Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu are experts in this field."

Yan Xiaosu was slightly worried. The opponent was just too strong. He had watched live streams of the Prince, and the Prince crushed his opponents with ease in a smooth and flowing fashion. Furthermore, he used a halberd that possessed frightening momentum when it was swung. When the three of them worked together, they seemed absolutely invincible.

"We will react on the spot. Last minute tactics are quite meaningless too."

Wang Zheng smiled. "Now, now, there is no need to worry. I have already begun preparations."

After entering CT, Wang Zheng began to warm up. Rainbow and Wild King also came along. As teammates, they had to make some preparations. However, they still felt uneasy. Most importantly, they did not want to be the reason for their team's loss.

"Skeleton, what tactics do you have in mind? We will wholeheartedly support you!" Rainbow said.

"Just fight normally. Just do the best you can," Wang Zheng replied.

Rainbow and Wild King were dazed at his words. Do the best they can? They would definitely lose!

However, the two of them did not say much. Truthfully, they could only play normally. Although it didn't feel right, Skeleton himself didn't have any extra preparations either.

"We will definitely win," Wang Zheng said, after feeling that his teammates did not seem too confident.

"Yes! We will definitely win!" Wild King said. D*mn it, people were dying all over the world; what was there to be scared about? Just do his best. He would definitely leave a lasting impression on Hammer. If he was defeated twice with any recollection of him, what was the point of living anymore?

Rainbow couldn't help but nod his head. He wasn't an airhead. There was no point fooling himself. This was an extremely difficult situation. If not for Bubbly Foam's support, he would not want to humiliate himself.

It was because Bubbly Foam was extremely well inclined towards the Skeleton Corps that she had managed to meet Rainbow. Dear Student Rainbow had grasped the opportunity tightly, and they actually had feelings for each other.

He was determined not to be humiliated. Even if he was to lose, he would definitely go out in style and fight for the Skeleton's Corps' honor.

Wild King was more of a dolt. If he chose not to think about it, he would not. However, it was not so simple for Rainbow. At this point, a message was received on his Skylink.

It was from Bubbly Foam.

"Little Red Noob! You can do it! If you win, I will treat you to dinner!" sounded Bubbly Foam's sweet voice.


Little Red Noob's universe had just exploded. For the sake of a date, granny's leg! He would do it!

Although what would happen inside a battle could not be predicted, their spirit for battle had been aroused!

Both teams had arrived. The battle was going to start.

Map Choice: Random - Crazy Lei's Wailing Pond

When this map was chosen, all of the members of the Skeleton Corps had their hopes drenched slightly.

Wailing Lei's Pond was a 3 vs 3 map. This map was not considered to be complex. It was set on Earth, but the problem was that to win this map, one didn't have to destroy all their opponents. Rather, it was to destroy the opponent's fort!

Usually, just defeating the opponent was enough; the enemies' fort would then self-destruct. However, this was a professional player's map. Surrounding each team's fortress was a minefield. Mecha would have to pass through the minefield to assault the fort.

Without saying, Hammer was an expert at this. Even if he was taken out, his Hammer System could be used by his teammates, preventing the opponents from using it.

In a professional team, one person on each term would be equipped to handle such a situation.

Once the mecha list appeared, the audience felt disheartened. Rainbow and Wild King were shocked with their mouths agape. How could their luck be so bad?

Wild King did not bring any auxiliary equipment as he was not used to it. He had not learned to use such auxiliary equipment. He was already weak, and if he did not use something he was good at, it would lead to a crippling defeat.

The best case scenario would be to drag out a draw. This was the thought in most people's minds.

"Hello, everyone. The battle has begun. I hope you can vote for the team you support! A lucky winner will be chosen to win a mystery gift!"

Today's Young Deer was especially lively. It was as though a second wind had taken him.

Both sides' mecha appeared simultaneously.

This map was nothing special. There was only the minefield protecting the fort, which would test each team's capabilities. Although Hammer had auxiliary equipment equipped, minesweeping was a slow task. If they were ambushed, it would also be disastrous. They would definitely have to take the advantage in a straight-on fight.

"Skeleton, what should we do?"

They had become extremely focused. In fact, Rainbow and Wild King felt extremely excited. This was the skill of a warrior!

"Let us wait for them. I will act as bait."

Wang Zheng did not have the intention to rush in. With their team's situation, attacking first would not be to their advantage.

Piloting the Wargod No. 1, Wang Zheng started to move forward at a steady pace. He had to choose a good ambush location.

Rainbow quickly found a spot he could snipe from and Wild King lied in ambush. One watched from above, the other from below. All of them were in the Wargod No. 1's vicinity. However, even they felt anxious for Skeleton.

To be frank, this was not the first time they had engaged in such a fight. The two of them's hairs were on end.

Wang Zheng's Wargod No. 1 peered around. It didn't look like he was fighting a battle but rather admiring the scenery.

On the other side, Prince grouped up with Hammer and Lucky before moving quickly.

"Boss, are we going to attack them directly?"

"Haha, they are definitely laying an ambush on their side of the map. We will go over in our formation. This opponent likes to use the terrain to their advantage, so we cannot be careless."

After the Prince spoke, his mouth curved into a smile, demonstrating his supreme confidence.

"Relax, I have experienced a hundred battles. They won't even be able to rock our boat." Lucky smiled.

He was still extremely cocky. If they won, the compensation was extremely large. A pair of matching watches had recently caught his eye. That girl by the name of Bubbly Foam was extremely adorable. He would give her one half of the pair.

Everything was according to the Prince's expectations. Skeleton's team was waiting for the opponents to attack. Yet was this enough?

Without taking much time, Prince and his team had already entered the enemy's half of the map. They had not been obstructed at all. However, Hammer's Gold Guardian was always at attention. As the scout, he was in charge of detecting the enemies. In this aspect, the Hammer Auxiliary System was extremely good at that.

All of a sudden, the Prince stopped. Hammer and Lucky stopped moving as well.


"Mm." Hammer's Hammer Auxiliary System started to search for the opponent. The captain's senses were usually very sharp. The opponent did not possess a scout and hence did not interfere with the scan.

On their screens, Wang Zheng and his team's positions were all lit up in dark red.

"These are three noobs. They thought that this was sufficient to ambush us? How could they be so naïve?"

Lucky couldn't help but laugh. Amateurs were amateurs; the difference in skill was just too disparate.

Prince could not help but laugh as well. Even if their solo abilities were decent, this was just too disappointing. This was not the stone age anymore. One had to understand and utilize the equipment to succeed.

On the other side, Rainbow and Wild King were silently waiting, watching the Wargod No. 1 walking up and down and worrying for him.

"Wild King, the opponent has a 90% chance of having spotted us already. In a moment, you should quickly assault the Gold Guardian. Do not care if you die or are wounded. You need to get him away from us. Rainbow, regardless of whatever dangerous situation you are in, you must not be concerned. Your opponent is Lucky," Wang Zheng said. The ground shook violently. The fight was about to start.

The Five Elements increased one's ability to sense what was happening around them. Wang Zheng was able to judge what was happening in the distance just by feeling the vibrations along the earth.

The Wargod No. 1 was standing in the open and very quickly was spotted by the Prince and his team.

In a single move, Lucky and Hammer disappeared. Regardless if it was a group fight or a one on one battle, the Prince was unworried.

The group battle was not chosen by the Prince. He had originally wanted a one on one fight. However, the CT management made a decision otherwise. He was a professional. Since they wanted a group fight, he would do so. Lucky and Hammer could treat this as a show once they deal with their opponents.

The War Emperor increased in speed as it maintained its momentum, rushing towards the Wargod No. 1, revealing his position.

However, the Wargod No. 1 did not stop but instead headed towards the War Emperor.

On the other hand, Lucky was rushing towards Rainbow and Hammer dashed towards Wild King.

Such a hunt wasn't very suspenseful. However, this was what the Prince and Skeleton had wanted.

The Prince let out a wry smile. The War Emperor's speed suddenly increased and the mech blazed towards the Wargod No. 1 in a flash.

The Wargod No. 1's alloy knife was drawn as it slashed over.


The War Emperor had suddenly attacked. It was extremely difficult to utilize a halberd. However, when mastered, it possessed immense potential to kill. The Prince was the best halberd user on Earth.

Facing the War Emperor head on was almost a joke.

After a single collision, the Wargod No. 1 was knocked backwards.

"The other two are heading towards you guys. Once you start fighting, push the enemies towards us," Wang Zheng said as he continued fighting against the War Emperor.

Rainbow and Wild King were jolted awake. They were too focused and were a bit stiff. The opponent had indeed almost approached their position.

Rainbow reacted immediately, but his attack hit nothing. Lucky's zero degree rifle fired a white light which flew towards Rainbow. Rainbow quickly maneuvered his mech. The Tempest Condor was not any worse than the opponent's mech and was even stronger in certain areas.


On the other side, Wild King and Hammer had already engaged in a battle with sparks flying. Hammer was not as polite and immediately proceeded to suppress Wild King.

With the auxiliary support system, some of his firepower had been sacrificed and his movement had also slowed down for the purposes of equipping it. Yet Hammer was able to completely suppress Wild King.

This was the confidence one had in their ability to pilot their mech. The Gold Guardian was strong in defense. Every step it took was firm and he did not rush to destroy his opponent in a single blow. Instead, he sought to slowly grind down the opponent while observing the surroundings. A scout did not possess much killing power.

Although Hammer was using a support mech, it did not mean that it was offensively weak. It was just that in a team, one had to make the sacrifice when needed. He used this opportunity to polish his battle capabilities.

A scout who had yet to match up to professionals would be easily crushed.

On the other hand, Rainbow had encountered the same trouble. In a battle between snipers, one would have to see who was faster and more accurate.

The sniper's battle was extremely cold and calculating. It was not as physically exhilarating as the others. However, it was definitely the most thrilling. Rainbow had always maintained a casual attitude when he played CT. Put another way, it was a form of relaxation from the real world for him. Hence, he had always fought for the fun of it. However, facing such an opponent, he had inadvertently slipped into his serious side.

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