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A+ A- Chapter 104

Author's Note: Listen to the song My Heart Will Go On when reading this chapter

"People are differentiated by their birth. This is life." Du Qingqing sighed. "There are so many handsome guys there… this atmosphere… this is truly…"

Looking at the numerous youths in Aslan, if anyone of them was placed one on Earth, they would no doubt be among the most handsome. An Mei sighed in her heart. Although Tyrant Su could be considered decent, compared to these Aslan youth, he wasn't much.

Females were emotional creatures, so they were easily affected by the environment and the atmosphere.

Ye Zisu just quietly observed the girl. Her heart felt slightly relieved. The more outstanding Aina was, the further away Wang Zheng would be compared to her. As a result, she would be able to win his heart.

She did not envy Aina. It was hard to know who would be the happy or fortunate one in the future. Only she knew, regardless of what was said, that she was the only one that could be with Wang Zheng, to fight by his side. Aina could only stay in the faraway Aslan. Perhaps Aina had already forgotten about Wang Zheng. Her first love was to be abandoned and turned into a beautiful memory.

"I can't wait to see what tonight's ball will be like. Who will be the luckiest man in the entire universe?"

"He will definitely be the most handsome one. I have a feeling it could be the prince of Atlantis. Furthermore, Atlantis and Aslan possess strong ties," An Mei said passionately.

The Atlanteans were people who had left Earth tens of thousands of years ago.

As mankind explored the stars, they encountered numerous aliens and gradually their customs and culture were eroded. Although it was a big issue at the start, people got used to it.

The Atlanteans were special. Their skills in science and technology were unparalleled. They were also exceptionally powerful as an empire. However, the two empires did not engage in conflict. Perhaps it was because they had the same ancestors. Perhaps it was due to the Atlanteans' culture. They had entered the Milky Way Alliance but had chosen to remain neutral. Whenever the Milky Way Alliance had engaged in war, the enemies naturally steered away from the Atlantean empire. Even the strongest armies had to consider the cost of attacking the Atlanteans. Even if they won, it would be a pyrrhic victory.

Although the Atlanteans were strong, they only had about 90 million people. Against a human wave, they would be unable to sustain for long.

The truth was that mankind could now take the position of being the most expansive and populous race in the Milky Way Galaxy, replacing the Zerg tribe.

Possessing unparalleled reproductive abilities and culture, this was the glorious mankind! Aliens with superior technology also faced the dilemma of assimilation. However, once they understood the military might and the sheer numbers of man, they were willing to enter the Milky Way Alliance.

Once the Atlantean Prince was brought up, the girls' eyes lit up. "That is art!"

However, when it came to art, that was one thing that the Atlanteans did not back down on. Currently, in the Milky Way's antiques and art markets, the most anticipated pieces with the highest values usually came from Earth of Atlantis.

Atlanteans were from Earth. However, they possessed slight differences from the human race. They had the ability to both live in water and on land. Their had handsome and beautiful appearances and they looked perfect. They possessed the ability to evolve their genes and adapt to the situation. They were strong-spirited and were technologically advanced.

However, the Atlanteans did possess a problem. They were arrogant. In the Milky Way Alliance, there were few countries that the Atlanteans were willing to deal with. Being able to gain their recognition was not easy.

For Aina's coming of age ceremony, the prince and princess of Atlantis had arrived. It was a show of their sincerity.

As the ceremony was broadcast on the Skylink, as the camera lens panned through the guests, every scene was punctuated with shouts of joy and celebration. There were plenty of famous people and celebrities. There was no way an ordinary person could appear in the crowd.

Throughout the Milky Way were numerous starstruck individuals. Those who loved fashion could not miss out on this ceremony. Everything that appeared here would definitely become the next popular trend the next day. Of course, it has to be said that behind the banquet hid the influence of numerous fashion designers.

The grandness of the palace did not have to be mentioned. This represented the image of the empire. Regardless of whom saw it, they could only stare at it wordlessly.

Even the carpet was made from the hairs of the long-haired elephant from the Montana Star. It was rumored that one square meter cost a million dollars. Looking at the length of the carpet, it would definitely cost a mountain's worth of gold!

The financial power of the empire was unparalleled.

"Hey, isn't that Lin Huiyin?"

"Why is she here?"

Lin Huiyin had been extremely popular recently. However, there were even more famous celebrities around, and she mostly appealed to the youth only. She did not seem to have the qualifications to attend.

It was then where people realized that Lin Huiyin was not wearing her performance attire but rather… the clothes of a princess!

On her head she wore a beautiful, diamond crown.

Could it be…?

Lin Huiyin's fans burst into uproar. Could it be that she was an Aslanian princess?

It was rumored that Aslan also had a low profile little princess.

For a moment, Huiyin's position in everyone's hearts soared.

A popular singer and a Aslanian princess who loved to sing. These were two completely different ideas!

This was just crazy.

Frankly, Huiyin had not planned to hide her identity. Furthermore, it was her sister's coming of age ceremony, so she had to participate.

From the moment Aina had stepped into the palace, she had started to follow the procedure according to Aslan's tradition. Step by step she walked. Although it was cumbersome, every step taken possessed historical significance. She had to follow tradition until the Empress changed her crown.

The crown for a princess before she had come of age and after was different.

Fierce applause and cheers could be heard all around her.

This was without a doubt a festival. It was a celebration for the country. However, what was strange was that all the balls had been cancelled.

This was supposed to be the high point of the Princess's coming of age ceremony? Was it supposed to end here?

The lights dimmed and music began to play. Was someone going to sing?

At this point, who had the qualifications to stand on stage?

Indeed there was one person!

When the singer came out, everyone's suspicions were confirmed.

It was Aslan's second princess, Lin Huiyin!

No one else was sufficiently qualified.

A melodious melody was heard. However, was this a new song?

Every night in my dreams, I see you, I feel you. My heart throbs for you.

Travelling through endless space, braving all winds, entering my dreams. Your heart has never changed.

You and me, we don't speak.

But your love still sails through the skies, free like the wind. You let me feel worry free and will forever be my love. Just love at first sight, two hearts connected into something eternal.

The entire audience could only hear Lin Huiyin's voice. Yet this song was being broadcasted throughout the Milky Way. Everyone was enthralled.

When the singing reached a crescendo, everyone's hearts trembled. It was as though they were remembering their own experiences of love.

"Under the stars we tightly hugged. Regardless of whether we will ever reunite, my heart will forever hope for you!"

When the song finished, the palace was silent. Everyone who heard this song was lost in their own memories.

A brief moment later, the palace resounded with claps. No one knew that in such a short amount of time, Lin Huiyin's song had once again resonated with the people.

In War of the Blind, Lin Huiyin had demonstrated fearsome talent. She had begun to explore the beauty of human nature. Who would have known that this song would have been about love?

Huiyin curtsied and faced the Empress and Aina. "This song is called 'My Heart Will Go On.' I wish Older Sister all the best."

At this point, no one remembered the banquet anymore. Aslan's princess was going to move the world.

"Wonderful! This song is too beautiful. GOD! Why am I not from Aslan!?" Yao Ailun murmured.

"F*ck, this song has to be downloaded. It's too moving. Brother Wang, what do you think?"

Wang Zheng was finally awakened from the music. His instincts were telling him that this was not written by Huiyin. She was talented, but she did not have these feelings. Hence, she could not have written it.

Furthermore, the title was what Aina had said before she left - "My Heart Will Go On"

The situation at the female dormitory was crazier than at the boy's dormitory. The song was supremely beautiful and was love at first sight. This was truly a fairy tale.

Every girl loved this sort of fairy tale.

Only Ye Zisu was speechless.

"I can't believe Huiyin has such abilities. How did she have such deep feelings?"

Du Qingqing sighed.

"This was not written by Lin Huiyin," Ye Zisu said.

"Ah. It can't be. Lin Huiyin writes all her songs. She doesn't sing other people's songs."

"Perhaps her sister does not count," Ye Zisu said faintly.

Regardless, Aslan's two stars shook the Milky Way.

The song swept through all the mainstream music lists and topped them all. It was unprecedented.

When Huiyin's small body had belted such high notes, even the blind had the strength to open their eyes.

The song's lyrics were written by Aina Aslan.

When the sisters cooperated, no one was their match.

At this point, Wang Zheng could not sleep. He found Yan Xiaosu and the two spent the whole night drinking.

The two of them did not speak but merely drank cup after cup as wine and song took them.

Yan Xiaosu was extremely touched. Regardless of what happened, being able to experience such romance was worth it.

The next day, almost all the headlines were talking about the ceremony. It has to be said that Aslan had once again swept the headlines, hogging the spotlight.

This pair of sisters had the ability to make people worship them. Aina's first work with Huiyin had reached the peak.

It looked as though the First Princess also possessed artistic talent. This was the opinion of numerous individuals. It could be said to be even greater than Huiyin's. However, as the First Princess, she could not act like Huiyin, yet people's evaluation of her only soared. Aina was truly the epitome of perfection.

After this situation, Huiyin was no longer the innocent singer. There was no choice. Her status was incomparable, and even if Huiyin did not care for it, her fanbase had increased by over five times and was still growing.

Her song, "My Heart Will Go On," had swept through the Milky Way and become the king. This was something even Huiyin could not have imagined.

Frankly, she did not believe that her singing was better than Aina's. Even if the song was the same, she lacked the emotion. She never had this feeling before. However, when Aina wrote the song and sang it on its own, even Huiyin was drowned by the emotions. In fact, she even envied Aina.

Separated by love, it was truly too romantic and outrageous. She did not know where her sister had gained such courage.

As she lightly whistled the song, Huiyin tried to reminisce the feeling she had. She pursued perfection. She had to perform this song as it was supposed to be performed.

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