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A+ A- Chapter 103

On the other side, Zhang Shan was getting heated, fighting with paper!

Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu looked at each other. "Brother Shan, you owe me a notepad."

Zhang Shan grunted. "I'll give you ten tomorrow. Damn it! Wang Zheng, what's going on? I am as strong as you are, why can't I punch through it?"

Yao Ailun snickered. "Aren't you training for burst strength? There's no use for strength. If you attacked vertically, the paper wouldn't be able to take it. It'd be pretty great if you just used one percent of your force. Use your brains, dummy! You're one of us! Use your brains!"

Zhang Shan was stunned. "You arrogant idiot… you make sense."

Even though Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were not great at that, they loved researching in this area. Whether it is mecha or boxing, the theories were the same. Of course, they weren't sure whether that would work, but it was good enough that they could mock Zhang Shan.

Wang Zheng was done washing up. He looked at the time and crawled into his bed, then he opened his Skylink. It should be about time.

In the faraway core of the Aslan Empire, there were lights and streamers everywhere. Almost every building was decorated with birthday-themed ornaments.

Today was the birthday of Princess Aina of the Aslan Empire. She had officially turned 16. From this moment on, she was going to take on more responsibilities for the country.

The royal fleet of the Aslan Empire took positions amongst the planets. The debut also involved an inspection of the empire's military.

In the planet, the strongest Aslan Golden Mecha Corps was getting ready to set off.

This was one of the top three mecha corps in the galaxy. It had never been defeated. It comprised of elites of the elites in the Aslan Empire's Military. Every member was equivalent to 100 elsewhere.

It reported directly to the royalty and was personally commanded by the Aslan Emperor.

Meticulous, strong, wise, and united. Their sacrifices represented the great people of Aslan.

There was no doubt that the debut of the princess was a huge matter. The political implication was that she was to start learning how to manage her country.

The most important figures in the Milky Way Alliance were gathered in the Aslan capital, Monta Elis.

Aina was the most beautiful girl in the universe today. The whole palace was bustling with activity. Hundreds of palace workers were busying with smiles on their faces. In Aslan, the royal family's pride was not to be undermined. Every citizen genuinely respected the royalty. This was closely related to the history of the founding of the Aslan Empire. In the process of becoming the peak of the Milky Way, the royal family played an extremely important role. It was glory and honor built up step by step.

Although it was full of activities outside, there were only two people in the royal Princess' room. Naturally, only one person was

able to keep the princess company at this point. Her younger sister, Aslan Lin Huiyin.

Aina was not at all in the mood to prepare for her debut. She was only concerned with finding out how Wang Zheng was doing from Huiyin.

Lin Huiyin couldn't help that Wang Zheng was a decent young man. It was a pity that even if he were from Aslan, he would still be too far off to be able to match up with her cousin. Let alone the fact that he was from Earth! Huiyin had thought that her cousin would have calmed down after so long, but she was still clinging on to it tightly.

"He's a fine person, and he's doing very well, Sister. I heard that he has accomplished some things in space physics."

Lin Huiyin was also dressed like a beautiful little swan. Her style was different from Aina's, and no matter where she went, it was impossible to neglect her presence.

Aina smiled. "I know he's great!" She even showed signs of admiration.

Aina squeezed her darling sister's cheeks. "You little imp, lecturing me, eh? Wait till you find someone you like, then you'll understand."

Lin Huiyin smiled. "Sister, I will pick the right person right from the start."

Aina laughed. "Some things are just fated. They can't be helped."

Lin Huiyin pouted. "I shall not argue with you. I've done what you wanted me to. He's doing very well, and he's got pretty girls by his side. You needn't worry about him. You'll have more than enough to worry about after your debut!"

"Ye Zisu is a good girl." Aina chuckled.

Huiyin found herself speechless. Was she complimenting her rival?

"Sister, how are you so confident? Alright, even if you persevere and Wang Zheng does not fall for others, do you think that he wouldn't back down, wouldn't feel inferior if faced with such pressure? He belongs on Earth; he has not seen the world outside. Only when you walk out of your own world will you know how big the world really is and how some people and things just are not within your reach," Lin Huiyin said, in all seriousness.

Aina looked at the little girl trying to act like an adult and couldn't hold her laughter back.

"Sister! Here I am, worried about you! How could you laugh? Hmph! I will not care for you anymore!"

Aina hugged Huiyin. "My darling, darling little sister, I am not laughing at you! You've seen him with your own eyes; do you think he'd back down?"


Lin Huiyin was dumbfounded. That man did seem to be born numb and confident. He was uninterested in many things. He seemed like a broad stroke of a person.

"I'm ignoring you. Have you found your dance partner? All the dashing young men on Aslan are waiting for good luck to befall them!"

Lin Huiyin teased, "If there are handsome ones, remember to save me a few to choose at my own debut!"

"You imp! How dare you tease me. The ball is cancelled," Aina replied.

Huiyin gaped, "You've got to be kidding! You're breaking the hearts of countless handsome men!"

Aina didn't think much of it. "Only one person is fit to be my partner. He's not here, and I will not dance with anybody but him."

Lin Huiyin could really sense her sister's perseverance. But she still could not understand what had gotten into Aina. It was just a little bit of talent and a little bit of genius in science.

It was nothing in Aslan.

Aina watched as Lin Huiyin tried to figure it out. She reached out and patted Huiyin on the head. This little girl had a greater gene potential than her and she was more intelligent than anyone else, but some things just could not be understood using cleverness.

"You'll get it when you meet you Mr. Right someday."

The whole debut began with the military inspection in space, and then the inspection of the Golden Mecha Corps in Monta Elis, and finally, ending in the palace.

Tens of thousands of TV channels broadcasted the grand event live in the Milky Way. There were plenty of royal families in the galaxy, but most of them were ceremonial. There were very few royalties that had the same absolute ruling power as Aslan's royal family.

The whole city of Monta Elis was celebrating.

In space, the royal fleet was lined up according to their types and ranks. It was a magnificent sight. The Aslan Empire put their best and most technologically advanced Titan System's galactic battleship. It was co-created by the Atlantis Republic, and it could be described as the strongest battleship in the galaxy.

The Princess rode on Battleship Number One. A Titan-class Rune Galaxy battleship. A huge symbol of three golden spears crossing shimmered in space.

Onboard the battleship, soldiers were lined up, row after row after row, receiving inspection by the Princess underneath the energy shield.

And every time a battleship passed by, the soldiers would stand at attention, put their hands on their chests, and shout, "Glory to Aslan!"

Glory to Aslan!

This was every Aslanean's pride.

In the battleship, Huiyin watched on quietly, following behind her and accompanying her through the process. There was one thing she saw more clearly than Aina did. A ceremony was not merely a procedure. A ceremony could change a person's life.

Having undergone such a ceremony, the weight on Aina's shoulders were heavier than ever.

The inspection around Aslan came to an end. Bright, colourful symbols were projected around the Titan galactic battleships. In an instant, the battleships disappeared.

Aslan had shown what they were capable of doing, and it was enough put every nation in awe.

In the next instant, Aina had boarded the magnetic vehicle to inspect the Golden Mecha Corps.

Here, every warrior was Aslan's pride. Neat rows of mecha troops, sharp, uniform marches, and a "Glory to Aslan!" so loud that it rang through the whole sky.

The laser guns were pointed at the skies. Not a single one was out of place. The uniformed, strong military force could scare off anyone with ill intentions.

Aslan, the strongest!

Mid-air, mech warriors flew across. One by one, they came into a vibrant formation. Aslan's strength was its flawlessness.

This alone was enough to awe any viewer out there and leave a vivid impression.

Wang Zheng looked on quietly, smiling to himself. He was proud of Aina, proud of the person he adored.

Yao Ailun, Chen Xiu, and Zhang Shan joined him. The four of them watched in silence, with their eyes staring widely.

"Damn, that's too much! A troop like that can roll any other troops right flat into the ground!" Chen Xiu gaped.

"Not just that. With top-notch equipment and almost robot-like perseverance, no one would ever want to battle Aslan. These people are all crazy! They'd bring people down with them even if they're on their death beds. And in the history of Aslan, the word 'surrender' simply doesn't exist!" Yao Ailun exclaimed. It was something baffling. No words could describe the pride the people of Aslan had. But they were, undoubtedly, strong.

"It's hard to believe that the First Princess in the Milky Way visited Beijing! It's one of the biggest regrets in life that I didn't get to see her in person."

"Here it comes! Here it comes!"

Aina had to physically appear for the inspection of ground troops. She donned a long, snow-white dress and wore a golden tiara. It was a simple look, without any diamonds or accessories. This was the Princess of Aslan. There was no need for anything else. Aina held a silver staff with three crossed spearheads. The King had a similar staff. This symbolised that from now on, Aina was going to begin steering the Aslan Empire as the second in power.

The four friends were completely astounded.

"She's simply a goddess!" Chen Xiu's jaws dropped to the ground.

Wherever Aina went, the row of mech warriors would bow to her and then, all at once, kneel and pay their highest respects to their princess.

From now on, they were to fight to protect their princess, even if it meant sacrificing their lives.

The military inspection ended, and the vehicle drove into the city. Monta Elis, one of the busiest cities in the whole of the Milky Way. On this special day, everyone behaved in an orderly manner. Everything had to give way to the Princess' debut, but there was no need for the police or any enforcement to keep things in order. Here, everything came from the people themselves.

"Long live Princess! Long live Princess!" the people cheered, burning with passion.

The palace was filled with guests. Tens of thousands of people came to attend the event. They were all rulers and governors who came from all over the galaxy, and that included the core characters from Aslan.

As the camera cut and the scene changed, people in the dorm expressed their surprise and awe. There was indeed too many things worth learning from Aslan. Every detail was done to perfection.

It was not just room 007 watching. Everybody else was doing the same. No matter what, every girl had a dream close to their heart. Every dream like Aslan.

"Sigh, such a glamorous event is once in a lifetime, it's worth dying for." An Mei was incredibly envious.

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