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A+ A- Chapter 105

In the classroom, the topic of everyone's discussion was the two beautiful princesses and that beautiful song. Everyone was asking if Princess Aina already had someone in her heart.

The song was written by Aina, but her sister was the one who sung it. She had also cancelled the ball. Was it a coincidence?

Although the royal family did not react, it was unable to the gossip from spreading like a blaze.

Who was it that could attract Princess Aina?

"My guess is it's the Atlantean Prince."

"Che, that bamboo pole? This brother's leg could flatten him!"

"I heard that the Speaker's son is also chasing Princess Aina."

"F*ck, that drunkard? To h*ll with him!"

"It can't be, I heard that that person is very ferocious. He's a minotaur."

"My goddess Huiyin is the best. I am going to listen to her songs every day from now on and think of her when I go to sleep."

"Stop it! Don't defile my female goddess."

"How dare you! Do you want to fight?"

"Let's go! I'm not scared of you!"

Regardless of the situation, the situation was very rowdy. Yan Xiaosu walked over and took a seat.

"Aren't you going to class?" asked An Mei.

"I have things to do." Yan Xiaosu pointed at his Skylink.

The Skeleton Corps had been challenged to a fight. Solon's side had given out an announcement. It was the prince of the Star Emperor Corps. The Prince was not interested in a single combat fight but rather a group fight!

The Prince was Earth region's strongest member of royalty. At the moment, he was the third best player. Frankly, when one was in the top ten, their skills were about the same. Differences in rank were due to how often they participated in competitions and played.

The Prince and his Star Emperor Corps, his professional team, were undoubtedly the best of Earth's players. Their individual skill was unparalleled and their teamwork was even more terrifying.

The Prince wanted to challenge the Skeleton Corps to a 3 on 3 squad battle.

This struck at the Skeleton Corps' weak spot.

Yan Xiaosu did not care much for individual fights. It didn't matter if he was a king or a peasant, the situation could be solved without problem. However, in a 3 on 3 match, especially since the Prince's squad was filled with true elites who complemented each other, they played on a professional level.

When a team worked together well, they were greater than the sum of their parts. Similarly, the reverse held true.

"Boss, the Skeleton Corps' three most impressive players are Rainbow, Wild King, and Qiangsen. However, Qiangsen has recently gone for treatment, so only Rainbow and Wild King are left. However, the two of them will not be able to beat these experts alone."

Yan Xiaosu felt slightly hesitant. However, if they did not accept, the opponents would definitely humiliate them.

Wang Zheng laughed. "Of course we battle!"

When was there a time where they could not fight?!

A man had to have confidence. Aina's confidence in him had made Wang Zheng fearless.

Let all these strong opponents come. Only then could one become stronger!

Wang Zheng's strength had inadvertently affected Yan Xiaosu. Even Tyrant Su seemed supremely tyrannical! He had more and more faith in himself. The words these two brothers shared echoed in their ears. They would dominate the Milky Way!

The Star Emperor Corps were filled with experts. Their strongest player was known as All-Powerful. At the highest level of professional competitions, he had a win rate of 80%. His team could be said to be on the highest level of Earth's teams.

Such an amazing team was challenging a group of amateurs. It had truly been out of Solon's expectations.

It was as Solon had said, he was only worried that there would be no opponents and not that he feared the opponents.

However, he had to be careful. There were too many variables in a group fight. Hence he had analysed the Prince's video recordings.

Based on the replays, among the top 10 players, 2 were part of the Prince's Star Emperor Corps.

The notification for battle had already been issued.

Star Emperor Corps VS Skeleton Corps

Star Emperor Members: Prince, Hammer, lucky

Skeleton Members: Skeleton, Rainbow, Wild King

For single or random matches, there was not much difference when comparing between players of the diamond rank. However, when it came to professional teams fighting against amateur teams, even with the same skilled players, the professional teams would beat the opponent senseless.

When the players saw the battle notification, they all had the same feeling. One should fight when it was difficult. If it was not difficult, then one had to create a challenge for themselves!

Rainbow was a platinum-ranked player at his best. Wild King was slightly better and was a diamond-ranked player. However, this was when it came to solo fights. Group battles were on a completely different level. It required professional training and could not merely be completed in just a few days.

This was especially important when it came to communicating without words. This was only something that could be trained after a long period of time as a group.

The Skeleton Corps was shocked by the news. They were both excited and worried. Such an opportunity did not come often. However, the pressure to win was extremely stifling.

As a diamond-ranked player, Wild King had had the opportunity to engage in such a match before. He was beaten so badly that he wet his pants. Although he was skilled as an individual, he did not have the ability to fight as a cohesive team.

Rainbow felt extremely passionate towards this opportunity. This was in contrast to Wild King, who seemed extremely cautious.

The two of them were extremely worried they would pull Skeleton down. The Prince was extremely vicious. He was completely confident that he would take down those two helpers and then engage in a 3 vs 1…

Prince was evenly matched when compared to Skeleton in a one on one. With two additional helpers, f*ck, this was just a trap for Skeleton.

In the Chronos manor, Lear, who had heard the news, nodded his head.

His previous defeat did not count for much. This is because no one knew who Magical Bird truly was. However, Lear clearly knew! He was the one who had taken control of Magical Bird. He could easily set up another fight, yet something held him back.

However, that was dumb. He was not a mere foot soldier. He was a commander, a king. Even if there were people better than him, he would not put himself in harm's way. He would come up with a strategy and force the opponent into a situation where he would wish for his own death!

It was better to be cunning than brutish!

He had made a mistake. He would not do it again. If he did, he would not be known as a Chronos!

Now that he was back on track, Lear felt extremely comfortable. Being able to be in control felt extremely satisfying.

For people like the Prince, they might be considered to be idols in the eyes of the common man. However, to him, the Prince was no more than a pawn. He was disposable. Lear truly wanted to see how Skeleton would react to this situation.

The stronger he was and the more tenacious Skeleton was, the more interesting this would be.

A king could only be crowned by laying a strong foundation by beating each opponent.

Last minute preparations would not be sufficient for the fight. Rainbow and Wild King had competed against each other before. However, fighting against professionals was completely different.

Also, would Skeleton continue using the Wargod No. 1 in a group fight?

Although this was a stereotype, in high level group battles, everyone's shield energy had to be calculated properly. At a critical moment, teammates would have to take hits for one another and disperse the damage taken. The Wargod No. 1 did not possess any energy shields, so he would be handicapping himself from the start. From another point of view, Rainbow and Skeleton were placed under even more stress as they had more things to consider.

All of these were considered in Lear's calculations. If Skeleton does not use the Wargod No. 1, he will lose his uniqueness and will no longer be interesting. However, if he does, the difficulty of winning will be too great. Even if he was a piece of sh*t, would he not think about his teammates?

There was no easy answer to this.

However, Lear still gave the opponent a 60% chance of winning. This was as he had left the choice of battlefield to the opponent. If he was allowed to act flagrantly, the opponent would not even have this discretion to choose.

After just half a day of the message spreading, the CT forums were bustling with activity. By evening, a large number of players had appeared.

Previously, there were only players from the Asian region. Now, there were plenty from other regions.

At a glance, it could be seen that some were from the Moon. The previous battle between Skeleton and Lady Stormsword had left a very deep impression on them.

In the CT headquarters, Solon watched the screen with a cigar in hand.

The numbers on the screen left one extremely nervous. The total number of viewers had exceeded 2 million. This was absolutely crazy. This was truly the peak of amateur competitions!

"Lin Huiyin's Blind War has led the Skeleton Corps to become extremely famous and attractive. It is a pity the Blind General is unable to be here."

"Blind General? You mean Qiangsen?"

"The three generals of the Skeleton Corps. Little Red Noob Rainbow, Blind General Qiangsen, Wild Scout Wild King. These are the titles given by the players," the administrative personnel replied.

Solon nodded his head. "The Blind General is the strongest. However, he is unable to do battle. Although Rainbow's rank might not be high, his abilities are extremely strong. I heard that he is an expert in the SWAT team. Wild King is also a pretty strong player in the American Region's diamond ranks."

"But boss, the opponent is the Prince and his grand generals. They are professionals! They are undefeated even amongst pros! How can they face off against amateurs?"

Solon's staff was nervous. This plan had indeed attracted the attention of numerous people; however, they had created trouble for themselves. The original plan was for Prince and Skeleton to face off against each other alone. Who would have known that the Prince would raise such a proposition? Worst of all, Solon had accepted!

"You are worried about Skeleton's ability to work as a team?" Solon smiled as he replied.

His staff nodded their heads. It was not just them who were worried, the entire discussion forums were furiously debating about this. In a one on one fight, regardless of the opponent, Skeleton would be able to put up a fight. However, in a group battle, this was a completely different situation.

Furthermore, the Skeleton Corps had let out that the three of them had never fought together before. How could they compare with Prince's team, who had fought together for hundreds of battles?

Although they had fought in other group battles before when they queued alone, such 5 vs 5 battles were at an elementary level.

Would Student Skeleton be able to create another legend?

The discussion forums had labelled Skeleton as a fellow student. This was because when people voted for what they thought Skeleton was, 80% of the players thought that he was a student. However, some felt that he was a military school student, and there were some who felt that he was just a hardcore gamer.

After much discussion, people had gotten used to addressing him as such. However, in the Skeleton Corps, the members were used to addressing Skeleton as a god. This was because they hoped he would create another miracle.

Even before the battle began, the audience members had given Rainbow and Wild King a lot of pressure. Rainbow and Wild King were senior players, so they were extremely clear of the Prince's abilities. Even in their dreams they did not imagine a day where they would fight against such a opponent.

Ever since they had entered the Skeleton Corps, Wild King and Rainbow's solo skills had improved. They wanted to give the Skeleton Corps a breath of fresh air. Rainbow had entered the top of the platinum rank and was almost a diamond-ranked player. Wild King continued to maintain his diamond one rank. The next step would be extremely hard.

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were even more nervous. They were constantly coming up with plans.The fact was that the Prince did not have many secrets. There were many videos of their fights, especially of their teamwork, and it was extremely scary.

A player of the king rank supported by two diamond-ranked players. It could only be described as terrifying. It was said that their teamwork could place them in the top ten teams of Earth.

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