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A+ A- Chapter 102

"Hmph! What's the big deal about Feiyue Economic School? Just look at how cocky he is!"

Wang Zheng chuckled. "The top school of economics in the entire Solar System is indeed a pretty big deal."

Lu Xin was stumped. She shook her head and said, "You'd be the death of me."

Ye Zisu took a sip of the fruit juice. She was completely used to this. She knew that Wang Zheng genuinely did not care much about things like that. Some people maintained a low profile on pretense, but Wang Zheng was more like an adult watching children compare how sweet their candies were.

"He's simply like that, I'm used to it," Ye Zisu said, as though as she knew Wang Zheng very well. Shao Junzhe and Lu Xin could both feel that they had a very intimate relationship.

"Ahem. Classmate Ye, our school requires us to do a project every semester, and this time I'm thinking of studying the impact of space navigation on businesses. Do you have any tips to help with my project?"

Shao Junzhe rubbed his hands. If he could complete a project on the subject, applying for scholarships wouldn't be a problem.

"Don't ask me. I've already said that you've got a big shot sitting right in front of you and even I have to rely on him." Ye Zisu pointed to Wang Zheng, just like a couple flirting with each other.

Wang Zheng was not on pretense. He was not willing to let others ask too many questions. "We're classmates. Just give me a ring on SkyLink if you need anything."

"Hang on, I'm kind of confused. I remember that there's a student in the team in charge of the research project. His name is also Wang Zheng. Don't tell me that's you,"

Shao Junzhe's jaw dropped. He stared with eyes wide open.

The story must have made its way to all the schools of higher education. Xiao Fei was world renowned, and Marcus was very well known too. Tagging behind the two of them meant Wang Zheng was also paid some attention to. But it was a pity that his own classmates did not even consider it to be him.

Lu Xin was also taken by surprise. She had always thought that Wang Zheng did not look like an incompetent person. Back in Dawn Middle School, she even had a debate with her roommates about it. Who could have known that within months of graduating, he....

"Wang Zheng! You're so good at pretending!" Lu Xin snarled, biting her teeth.

"Classmate Lu, I am at fault. I really did not pretend, I just don't want to suffer. Being famous is too scary. I've suffered twice, I don't want to suffer again," Wang Zheng said.

Lu Xin couldn't help but be amused, "Hmph. You've still got a conscience."

This class reunion was considerably successful. Student Wang was most heartened at the fact that even though Li An had an unkind look in his eyes, he was much more principled than Zhao Lingfeng. But he felt pretty good about all those who came. Regardless, most of them attended th

e reunion for the sake of friendship.

Ye Zisu had given her all. The expenses of the reunion were all covered by her. Her kindness and generosity led her to be elected as the 56th Alumni Club's president.

Wang Zheng was enjoying his student life on this end, but his life was not at all peaceful.


"Have you checked?" Lear asked.

Drupe nodded his head. "Miss Meng Tian and him are not a couple, but they have plenty of opportunities to interact. Wang Zheng's most important friend is a man named Yan Xiaosu. His family manufactures tissue paper. It's Little Fortune Star, the company that is very popular recently."

"Oh?" Lear did not understand.

"It's the space navigation project."

Lear nodded.

"Do we take action against Yan Xiaosu directly, Young Master?" Drupe asked gently, as if it was nothing much.

Lear smiled, lightly touching a thick book laying on his desk - Thick Black Theory.

"Does Yan Xiaosu have any personal relationships?"

"He has a girlfriend called An Mei. She's from an average family. Pretty, but loud."

"Hah. Let's start with An Mei then."

Lear smiled, looking sincere.

In this world, there were many things that felt worse than failure and worse than death. He could only teach his opponents that getting in his bad books was not a wise thing to do.

"Oh, right. Let Yue Jing play a role. Didn't Yan Xiaosu have a crush on her?"

"Yes, Young Master, but that seems to be something of the past."

"Hah. Whether or not that's in the past is unimportant. What's important is how An Mei will see it."

He was taking a two-pronged approach. First taking care of the people around Wang Zheng, then defeat him in IG.

He had spoiled Meng Tian in the past.

The caretaker left, and moments later, the door opened again. Yue Jing walked in like an arrogant, spoiled princess. Having found a place beside a figure like Lear, the Yue family's glory was reinstated. Yue Jing had gotten used to living the high life. She'd rather die than lose face.

This Lear was a weirdo. He did not take any action despite her seduction time and again. Did he have a problem?

Those who knew the Chronos family knew that the heirs of the family all had great self-discipline, similar to that of robots. They had wealth and power but did not know how to make use of it and enjoy life. Simply insane.

As for Lear, he was the ultimate dominator. In the European financial world, he was nicknamed Ice Prince. Yue Jing had done a thorough check on him. He was a mad genius. He had come in contact with every aspect of his family business since age 12. Up till now, he had never made a single loss. This, of course, was not known to outsiders.

If she could win this man over, she would become the queen of Earth.

"Lear, dear, what is it that you want me for?"

Yue Jing tried her best to make her smile look innocent. She realised Lear preferred that.

Lear looked at Yue Jing coldly. "Something for you to do."

"What is it, I will be happy to serve." Yue Jing was elated. This was a great opportunity for her to play a part in the Chronos family.

"Seduce Yan Xiaosu," Lear said emotionlessly.

Yue Jing was stumped. Her thoughts took a sharp turn. "Lear, you've misunderstood; there's nothing between him and I. That man once chased me shamelessly, but I don't have any feelings for him. There's only one person in my heart… you know that."

Lear smirked. He had taken Yue Long in because the Chronos family wanted to interfere with Asian affairs. Yue Long was a good dog; he would bite anyone at Lear's orders.

"Are you even fit for me?"

"Huh?" Yue Jing did not know how to react. Even though Lear was not enthusiastic about her, he treated her decently. He did not even bother with other women.

Lear stood up and looked down at Yue Jing. "I'll say it one more time. Do anything you can to seduce Yan Xiaosu. Don't even return if you fail."

He smiled and waved his hand as though he was shooing a fly.

Yue Jing felt a cold wave pass through her body. She walked out of the room in a daze. The caretaker was waiting for her outside.

"Miss Yue Jing, please follow me. The preparations have been made."

"Why is Lear treating me like that all of a sudden? Does he not know that I like him?" Yue Jing asked.

Drupe looked at Yue Jing with kindred eyes, as though nothing could ever throw him off. This might be what they called the air of elegance in a royal family. "Miss Yue Jing, please be mindful of your status and be careful with what you say."

The word "status" made his tone sound slightly harsher. Yue Jing stopped in her tracks.

Perhaps out of fear that Yue Jing would cause delay, Drupe said, "It is your honor that Young Master has given you a task. You cannot fail. You must only succeed. I believe you are a clever girl. You do not want to suffer the consequences."

Yue Jing heart sank. Her father was a frontline worker for the Chronos. He had offended many people in his conquest to reap benefits for the Chronos family in Asia. If he lost backing from the Chronos, he would suffer dire consequences.

Yue Jing was left alone in the humongous hall. She thought that she had gotten everything. To think that she was merely a pawn in others' hands! An easily dispensable chess piece!

Back in the dormitories, Yao Ailun and Chen Xiu were busy working on their tasks. On the other end, Zhang Shan had put on earphones, humming as he trained.

Zhang Shan had officially turned in his application for a course transfer. The college usually approved such applications like that very quickly.

One side was used for showing off brawns, and the other for showing off brains. They did not interfere with each other. It was very harmonious.

Seeing Wang Zheng enter, Zhang Shan stopped. "I've noticed that you're the most relaxed! Do you have any good methods that can be used to train burst strength? I keep feeling as if I can't unleash my strength enough in an instant."

Wang Zheng thought for a second and dug out a notebook. He tore a piece of paper out, pulled opened the wardrobe, and stuck it at the bottom of the door.

"What are you doing?" Zhang Shan was bewildered.

Wang Zheng smiled,and punched in the direction of the paper. The paper was instantly torn into pieces.

Zhang Shan stared hard. "That's not easy at all."

He stuck a piece of paper himself and punched. But the paper fluttered and nothing happened.

"Damn! I don't believe this! It's just a piece of paper!"

Then Zhang Shan began to challenge the notebook. He tore it out piece by piece. If he took it head on, it would not tear unless his strength was sufficiently explosive.

"Brother Zheng, come quick! We're stuck here." Seeing that Wang Zheng had nothing to do, Chen Xiu dragged him over. The three of them entered a heated discussion.

Wang Zheng looked at it for some time and paused. "Even though we habitually tend to use Di Po's theories, I suggest we use the most ordinary theory of relativism this time round. Although that may not be the most suitable method in some aspects, its core concept is accurate. We truly believe that Einstein has made his way back into our time."

Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun bit on their pen caps and pondered. "Damn! You're right! How is your brain so useful?"

Yao Ailun was an inherently arrogant person. Only at this point did Wang Zheng fully convince and win him over. It's the details that determine one's true abilities. An absurd idea once in a while meant nothing, but Wang Zheng's foundation in the Physics Department was insane. It was definitely not achieved in a mere couple of years. Plus, it wouldn't work without a good teacher, and where did he find a teacher like that?

Chen Xiu slapped her own forehead. "Brother Zheng, you're so smart! How come I have never thought of that?"

Wang Zheng laughed. "Sometimes it helps not to think of it too complicatedly. I've got to focus on training for now. I'll leave Prof Xiao Fei's work in your hands."

"Hehe. No problem. We'll reach out to you in times of need. It's all thanks to you that we get so many opportunities to conduct experiments," Chen Xiu said shyly.

Amongst those who were selected, only he and Yao Ailun were freshmen. The rest had been taught by Xiao Fei for a few years now. The eccentric Wang Zheng was one of them.

Ordinary people would definitely give their hundred and ten percent if given an opportunity like that. Yet Wang Zheng treated it like a side gig, and Xiao Fei and Marcus did not have any comment on that.

Outsiders wouldn't understand, but the more one got to know him, the more legendary he would seem.

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