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A+ A- Chapter 101

"This opportunity is pretty decent. For the sake of Little Fortune Star, you should interact with them more," Wang Zheng said. He did not mind the childish show-offs. Regardless, with his experience, it was difficult for him to have any sort of reaction to such trivial matters.

"Don't worry, leave it to me. I was just thinking of inviting investments!" Yan Xiaosu was now qualified to do so.

The ballroom was bustling with activity. Everyone was part of a group, chatting away. Although it had only been months since they last saw one another, many of them had undergone drastic changes.

Wang Zheng enjoyed watching from afar. He couldn't hear what they were talking about, but it felt like water from a stream flowing past. In the hundreds of billions of people who lived, it was the chanced coinciding of time and space that allowed them to meet. Fate of such was never easy to come by.

All of a sudden, Wang Zheng's soul was enlightened and brought into a whole new world full of clarity.

Student Wang was stumped. Attending a reunion actually helped to improve his unifying techniques! His progress had stagnated for sometime now, and this moment meant breaking through a bottleneck.

It was an extremely unique feeling. Training the Five Elements was an accumulation of knowledge and skills. In becoming one with the world, Wang Zheng could only do so on the facade. It was difficult for him to achieve what Bonehead had described - unifying his soul. In fact, Wang Zheng had wanted to ask: how do you unify your soul with the world? Extract it and mash it all together?

But asking would probably mean being electrocuted. Wang Zheng was not stupid.

Yet he felt it right at this moment. To machines like Bonehead, it was indeed indescribable. It was a feeling beyond any words of any language.

"Wang Zheng! Wang Zheng!'

The calls from the world outside pulled Wang Zheng back from that feeling. His vision gradually became clear.

Wang Zheng sighed to himself. If only he could experience it for a while longer. But with such revelry, there was bound to be more opportunities in future.


He found the man standing before him familiar, but...

"Hot damn! Disowning me now that you're a war god?"

Wang Zheng turned to stone. "That can't be! Shao Junzhe? A nerf gun turned into a cannon? "

Shao Junzhe burst into laughter. "Pretty good, eh? My new look. I'm an elite student from the Michigan School of Business now, so I can't possibly continue to behave like the hooligan I used to be."

Shao Junzhe was one of the few who got along well with Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu. The dude was obsessed with gaming. He used to wear a fowl's nest on his head and looked like a creepy otaku. Now he was dressed in fancy suit, coupled with a pair of silver snake-framed glasses. He had turned into a suave young man.

Shao Junzhe looked at Wang Zheng. "You haven't changed. Hey, I heard your brother Yan Xiaosu struck it rich! He's gotta look after us in the future, man!"

Ye Zisu was at a level beyond reach. Now that Little Fortune Star had risen meteorically and has a bright future ahead, the finance students had to stick their noses in.

"You're exaggerating!" Wang Zheng was taken by surprise. How did word of this news spread so far and wide? It seemed like everyone knew about it.

"What do you mean 'you're exaggerating'? Bro, grow some money sense! Little Fortune Star isn't much, but you think about it. They're standing on par with OMG, CT, and Magard! Right now, the company's scraps alone are worth hundreds of millions! Tsk tsk. That shorty is in luck!"

Shao Junzhe looked on in envy. The expansion of big companies was no longer worth studying, but small companies like Little Fortune Star were definitely miracles in the business world. It managed to outperform dozens of large-scale corporations.

"What are you boys talking about? Here, Wang Zheng, try this sugar-apple. It's really sweet."

Lu Xin held out a fruit platter.

"Oh no, Lu Xin! It's only been a few months and you've grown curvier! How curvy will you get in the future?"

"Go away! Are you asking for a beating, Little Jun?"

"It seems like everyone's doing pretty well." Wang Zhang helped himself to a slice of sugar-apple. It was indeed fragrant and sweet. Fresh fruits like this were hard to come by these days.

"What about you? Same college as Ye Zisu, eh? Didn't you try to bring it a step further?" Lu Xin asked, treating it like a gossip.

"Uh, why would you say that?"

Based on the present situation, he and Ye Zisu were like missed high-fives.

"Hush, this is a secret. I used to frequently catch her in the field, watching you train from afar," Lu Xin whispered.

Wang Zheng was sweating slightly. This room truly didn't seem to have any ventilation.

"Ah? What were you doing there when Ye Zisu was peeping?" Shao Junzhe asked subconsciously.

Lu Xin flushed. "I passed by."

She clenched her teeth and suddenly said, "It's no big deal, I had a crush on Wang Zheng a while back."

It was just a reunion, and they were no longer in the same school, so it was natural that she felt a lot braver than she used to.

Wang Zheng chuckled. "Well, you failed miserably. I didn't even notice you had a crush!"

"It's you who's slow! Do you remember the time I asked you to fix the lights in my dormitory?" Lu Xin said. It was more appropriate to talk about such things during these kinds of reunions. Lu Xin's eyes hid a trace of bitterness.

"I do! Didn't I get it fixed?" Wang Zheng was puzzled. How was that considered a crush? But he also thought it odd that Lu Xin knew he could fix it.

"Dumbass! I burnt a hole in my pocket to buy a meal for the girls in my dorm to make them go away!"

Shao Junzhe roared with laughter. "Bro, I can only say that out of all the people I know, you've got the lowest EQ. She spoiled her lights on purpose to create a romantic atmosphere for you, and you really, really fixed it? Sigh, the beauty's love has gone to waste."

Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or cry. His thoughts had never, ever ventured into that area. It was only right that he stuck out a helping hand for a classmate.

"Yours truly is attached now. You missed your chance at a perfect girl like me, so you better take good hold of the next one!"

Lu Xin still felt something for him. Wang Zheng did not come from a rich family, and his results at school was average. But his serious attitude still attracted some girls.

"Cough cough. Let me know who's got a crush on me next time." Wang Zheng sighed, wearing a look of pity.

"Well, it's said that you break up couples as much as you can at class reunions. Don't tell me the two of you are rekindling old flames." Shao Junzhe made a face.

Wang Zheng and Lu Xin flipped him off at the same time.

Lu Xin was one of few girls who knew Wang Zheng well. Most of the girls never had a conversation with him in the four years of school.

"Wang Zheng, come clean with me. Did you always hover somewhere along the passing line on purpose?"

Lu Xin was very curious. "I've been contemplating about this for a long time, but I don't think you are the sort that'd do that."

"Lu Xin, you're rubbing salt on his wound! It's not as if you don't know about his situation! Many people also perform well during exams when they are relaxed."

Shao Junzhe was rather expressive.

Wang Zheng was speechless. "Are you two even human? Can't you let me off the hook now that we've graduated?"

"No way!"

A voice rang. Ye Zisu joined them.

"Ah, Zisu, here, have a seat, have a seat, here."

Even though she was the star of the show, Ye Zisu had actually noticed them in the corner! Shao Junzhe was pretty excited.

OMG Corporation had been under the spotlight recently. Unlike Little Fortune Star, OMG had a very strong foundation. Being a mecha repair service provider, OMG had always wanted to venture into research and manufacturing. Now that they had come on board CT's and Magard's cruise ship, the financial world predicted OMG would soar. If there were to be breakthroughs in research, being one of the larger shareholders, they had plenty of say at the negotiation table.

Ye Zisu was naturally watched and paid attention to.

Lu Xin was taken aback, but she smiled.

"Lu Xin, don't be tricked by his honest appearance. This person is the meanest of the lot! He's a wolf in sheep's clothings."

"Classmate Ye, I am Shao Junzhe. Thank you for inviting me to this reunion."

"We're classmates, you don't have to thank me. Top Student of Michigan, hmm. There might be opportunities for us to work together in the future."

Ye Zisu laughed. Shao Junzhe couldn't feel more pumped up. When did the school belle become so friendly and approachable?

Women's sixth sense could sniff anything. Lu Xin could sense that there was something between Ye Zisu and Wang Zheng.

"Wang Zheng, you're much closer to Ye Zisu than we are now. You've got to spend more time with her! She's asked me about you back in middle school," Lu Xin revealed.

Wang Zheng knew that Lu Xin was doing this on purpose. This loud-mouthed girl had a kind heart.

On the other hand, Shao Junzhe felt nervous. He was worried that Ye Zisu would be offended. Even though they were classmates, she was not an ordinary person. Opportunities to improve their relationships were hard to come by, and it would be disastrous if the Little Princess was angered. These days, if he were to tell his tutors that he knew Ye Zisu well, it would definitely be a big deal.

"Lu Xin, you and your big mouth. Don't spout nonsense." Shao Junzhe tried to make things less awkward. Kidding around in private was one thing, as it'd be forgotten after a while. But Ye Zisu had a different status.

Before Lu Xin could talk back, Ye Zisu chuckled. "It's true. I've wooed him all the way to Ares College. But what can I possibly do if others choose to ignore me?" Ye Zisu said half jokingly. The hard, anguished look in her eyes melted away.

The two companions they had were utterly shocked. Shao Junzhe stared hard at Wang Zheng. "Bro, you're truly my idol."

"Zisu is making fun of me! You can't possibly believe that is true." Wang Zheng laughed.

The speaker's intent differs from the listeners'. He now referred to her as "Zisu," unlike in the past.

"Zisu, what are you doing here? Everyone's waiting for you!"

They had just sent Zhao Lingfeng on his way, and here came another.

Li An's outfit was extraordinarily fashionable. One look and you could tell it was what was in fashion on the Moon. It was easy for the Moon people to get into colleges on Earth. The scores needed were lower for them. But for people on Earth to get a place in Moon was an extraordinary feat. Some top schools even conducted family background checks.

"You guys go ahead, it doesn't matter."

"How could you say that? I've recently drawn up a business plan and want to discuss that with you. Our success will definitely stir an uproar on the Moon," Li An said with arrogance.

"I don't take part in business matters, so there's no use talking to me," Ye Zisu said.

"You're going to inherit OMG eventually; it'll be helpful to the company's development in the future if you get to know more elites."

Li An didn't seem to show any sign of giving up.

Lu Xin rolled her eyes. "Master Li, don't you realise that you have been rejected politely? Do what you should be doing."

Li An took in a sharp breath, but he did not lose his temper. He smiled and said, "Talk to you later. I'll be waiting."

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