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Chapter 19: Ly’s Growth (5)

TL: Haku

Editor: Stealth

Mother Nature’s Staff

Classification: Staff

Rank: Heroic

Equip Limit:?Over Lv 20, Strength over 40

Offensive Power: 150-165

Durability: 201/201

Option: Intellect +21

Leadership +35

Affinity +20

Increases Offensive Power +35% for all Familiars summoned.
Increases Critical Strike Chance +15% for the Summoner.
‘Err… I need to think about this…’

Staves were weapons. The moment he picked the staff, Ian’s archery skills would become meaningless.

However, he decided to think about it after he purchased it.


Maybe it was because the level limit was lower than the headband, he was able to buy the product for about 100,000 gold.

Ian was locked away in his thoughts while looking at the staff in his inventory.

‘Truthfully, right this moment, the bow has more merit…’

It was an obvious. If he was to use the staff, all the passives related to the Archer would become useless and Ian’s combat skills with the bow would totally be unusable.

However, there was the important truth that he would eventually be unable to use the bow at some point.

‘It is a little early but with this opportunity, it might not be bad to change my fighting style and get used to it.’

Fortunately, he felt little reassurance from the fact that his ‘Weak Point Capturing’ skill, which he raised its proficiency by a lot, was a common, passive skill from his previous class that could be invoked even without using a bow.

Also, the advantage of using a weapon in the classification ‘Staff’ had a characteristic where all skills’ cooldown time and mana consumption would reduce by 10%.

‘I need to raise Ly to be a little stronger. I also need to think about raising another Familiar eventually.’

Ian, who decided on using the staff, put his bow up in the auction shortly after.

This impressive drive was one of Ian’s virtues.

“Now that I’m holding a staff, it’s kind of awkward, hmph…”

It was obviously going to be awkward since it was his first time holding a staff as he had only used a bow from the moment he started Kailran.

Ian searched for several more minutes, but he couldn’t find any more items that had the modifier ‘Mother Nature’. So he left the auction without any lingering feelings.

Right then, an alarm rang from inside Ian’s bag.

Ring-. Ring-.

“Oh, right.”

Ian, who heard that sound, immediately summoned ‘Ly’.

“Ly, Summon!”

As soon as Ly was summoned, he was about to howl as usual before flinching.

It looked as if he felt awkward being summoned in a big city after always being summoned in the forest. Ian immediately used the Intermediate-level Training skill.

You have used the skill ‘Intermediate-level Training’ (Cooldown Time: 25 minutes).
For 10 minutes, Familiar ‘Ly’ will better understand your commands and learn them.
As training is repeated, the Familiar’s ‘Potential will increase.
Familiar ‘Ly’s current Potential: 98
Ian’s alarm was none other than an alarm matched to the cooldown time of the Intermediate-level Training skill.

‘Whew, it was a good thing I set an alarm. I would have forgotten if it wasn’t for that.’

Ian had no thoughts on wasting away even non-combat time. You would never know how big of a difference it would have on Potential once non-combat time piled up. He felt as if he would be so depressed that he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he had wasted 10 minutes without knowing that the cooldown time had ended.

“Ly, this isn’t a hunting ground, so you need to be well-behaved and just follow me.”

Grr-. Grrr-.

As if Ly was saying he understood, he nodded his head and stuck closely to Ian’s side. It looked as if he was nervous at his new surroundings.

“Wow, look at that, that person’s a Summoner!”

As there were not a lot of Summoners, there were people who stared in fascination.

“He uses a Wolf as his Familiar. He must not be that high of a level yet.”

“They say that the level of difficulty to leveling up a Summoner is atrocious. I haven’t seen someone who’s hit lv 15 yet.”

“Oh, really?”

As this kind of attention was burdensome, he didn’t usually summon Ly but if it was for the Training skill, he believed that he could endure this much trouble.

‘Shall we go get a quest now?’

Ian knew of one good quest that could get him from lv 20 to lv 30 in an instant. Of course, it was a quest that a normal user over lv 40 would challenge.

‘Where did the Goblin Camping Ground Suppression Quest begin again?’

Truthfully, people had greatly divided opinions about the Goblin Camping Ground Quest. This was because its level of difficulty was overwhelming compared to quests around the same rank and its reward wasn’t that good when you looked at the money aspect.

However, Ian was considering a different part.

‘If I remember correctly, while doing the Goblin Camping Ground Quest, you get two times the EXP when you kill a goblin.’

It was the enormous EXP.

‘Before resetting, I wasn’t as composed so I hunted alongside punitive forces… This time I’ll wipe them by myself.’

The average Goblin in the Goblin Camping Ground was just below lv 40, Goblin Warriors were in the early lv 40s, while the Boss-rank monster, the Goblin Chief, was a lv 45 Shaman-like monster.

Cases where Goblins characteristically gathered together in dozens were common but Ian was planning on gathering EXP there.

With another reason to quickly raise his level right now, hesitation was a luxury.

‘I found it.’

Ian discovered a middle-aged man strolling the outskirts of the village at dawn and headed towards him. It was Lapierre, the vigilante leader that would give him the Goblin Camping Ground Suppression Quest.

“Lapierre, it’s been a while.”

Ian approached Lapierre in a friendly manner.

‘The NPC wouldn’t have forgotten about me because I reset, right?’

Fortunately, it seemed that Lapierre remembered Ian.

“Oh, who’s this. If it isn’t Ian.”

“You’ve been well, right?”

Like the position of a vigilante leader, Lapierre was an important NPC that would give quite a lot of quests during the beginning and the middle stages.

‘It seems like the affinity you’ve collected with an NPC doesn’t reset. What a relief.’

While watching Ian, who was feeling relieved on the inside, Lapierre spoke again.

“Of course, thanks to you killing the Ogre Warrior the other day, I even received a thank-you from Phillip, haha.”

Phillip was a vigilante leader from another region and before resetting, there was a time when Ian had taken care of his request.

Ian had no thoughts of talking with the NPC for an extended time.

“I see. Director, by any chance, are the Goblins quiet lately?”

At his words, Lapierre’s complexion brightened immediately.

“Oh, speaking of which the Goblin Camping Ground has become a bit of a headache lately… the punitive forces have been lacking military power. Is there possibly an incredible mercenary that you could introduce to me?”

“I was planning on doing it myself.”

“You yourself? Oh… If that’s the case, then I’m all for it! However, I would be happier if there were more people…”

At that moment, the quest notification that Ian was waiting for rang.


Saumur Canyon’s Goblin Camping Ground Suppression

Lucain Town’s vigilante leader Lapierre is recruiting people for the Goblin Camping Ground punitive force. Join the punitive force and sweep the Goblin Camping Ground.

Quest Difficulty Level: E

Quest Condition: A party of 2+ people

Reward: You will gain gold proportional to your level of contribution. During the quest, you will be able to gain double the EXP when you kill a Goblin.

Will you accept this quest?

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