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Chapter 20: Ly’s Growth (6)

The corners of Ian’s mouth rolled up when he saw the content of the quest and discovered the doubled EXP part written in the rewards.

‘As expected, my memory was right.’

However, his expression could only crumble again.

‘Ah, right, this quest was originally a ‘Party Quest….’

At that time, he was with guild members, so he had forgotten about the party quest part.

‘This is no good… Who should I ask?’

The first place he thought of was the guild.

‘Although, I don’t think there will be a beginner that’s around lv 40 in the guild now…’

For now, Ian spoke to Lapierre to postpone the quest.

“Director, in that case, can you postpone the suppression schedule until I go find a party?”

“Of course, that much I can consider. Then, before that, do you think you can you eliminate the Camping Ground Scouts?”

The quest notification rung again.


Elimination of Saumur Canyon’s Goblin Scouts

Lucain Town’s vigilante leader Lapierre is recruiting a mercenary that is able to eliminate the Scouts in the Goblin Camping Ground before the punitive force starts moving.

Kill over ten Scouts and return safely.

Quest Difficulty Level: E

Reward: A Vigilante’s Leather Armor

Will you accept this quest?

Huh? Guild admission? You’re already lv 20?

Yoohyun, who momentarily was silent, sent another message.

You’re right, you monster. I accepted your admission application.

Yo, how exactly did you already hit lv 20? I haven’t seen a Black Magician, which is supposed to be crazily fast at leveling up, that hit lv 20 yet.

Ian said it as a joke but somehow Yoohyun didn’t hear it as empty talk. He always thought that if Ian had started Kailran since the opening, he may have ranked in the top 100.

… Yes, hurry and raise your level up. There are a lot of uncomfortable things without you here.

Huh? Lv 40? No, there isn’t, why?

Ian closed the chat window with Herz and opened the Guild chat room. It would be faster recruiting himself in the chat room.

‘It’s probably better if I recruit an acquaintance of a guild member than recruiting someone I don’t know.’

Ian posted a message shortly after.

Ian: I’ve joined again. Have you all been well?

Kroban: What the hell, Ian already hit lv 20 and joined? Wasn’t it hellish to level up a Summoner? Was it all false?

Tension, whatever, it was just welcomes.

Fiolan: Please… Level up quickly. Without Ian, hunting is too slow.

As the chat room went on, there were more people joining the chat. It looked as if they were happy to see Ian, who appeared after a week.

However, quick-tempered Ian quickly brought up his main subject.

Ian: Excuse me but, guild members, if you know a user around lv 40 around you, please introduce me to them.

For a moment, Ian paused, trying to think about how to respond. This was because if he said he was doing the Goblin Camping Ground Quest when he was only just lv 20, he would get caught up in an attack of questions that weren’t even going to be a small amount.

However, there was no other way but saying the truth.

Ian: Oh, I’m trying to do the ‘Goblin Camping Ground Quest’, but turns out, it’s a ‘Party Quest’. I just need one more person. Someone that can do 1-person’s role at the Camping Ground. No, they don’t even need to do 1-person’s role, it just needs to be someone who wants to go to the Camping Grounds. I’ll ‘carry’.

Carwin: Carry, my ass… Isn’t that bro trying to get power-leveling from the Camping Ground Quest? Doesn’t it also seem like he rode the friend bus to hit lv 20?

Carwin: What are you talking about? You can’t even get the Camping Ground Quest if you’re over lv 60. How can we power-level him.

Ian was befuddled and spoke vaguely.

Ian: I am only lv 20 at the moment but luckily, I was able to get a monster-like Familiar, so I think the Camping Ground Quest will be do-able. He will carry.

A reaction that showed no suspicion.

Ian smirked.

Fiolan: As expected, there was a reason why you hit lv 20 so fast. However, there was a lot of appraisal saying that Summoners weren’t that good here and there but that must not really be the case?

Fiolan: Oh-ho…

Ian immediately asked back.

Ian: Oh, really? Can you introduce us?

There were a lot of production classes in Kailran such as Blacksmith, Seamstress, Painter, Architect, etc. But most of the users didn’t pay attention to the production classes. It was because it felt like there wasn’t enough time to level up and fight, so it was a waste of time to grind and raise production classes as well.

The Blacksmith, for example, if you want to level that class, you need to shut yourself in a smithy and produce weapons as if your life depended on it but compared to hunting or fighting, it was tiresome and boring.

Different from combat classes, one user can have multiple production classes but it was a pointless state since there were no users that properly raise even one class.

The most popular production classes, at the least, were the Blacksmith, who could produce actual items, and the Enchanter, who could grant magic into items and produce scrolls that you could put in one-time magic.

Although the Blacksmith wasn’t a class that could help grow your character stronger, it made money, so it was popular and in the Enchanter’s case, because users that had magician-combat classes could raise their magician’s skill proficiency and raise their Enchanter’s proficiency, there were a lot of people that did it.

Of course, there were only a handful of users with Blacksmiths and Enchanters that had high enough proficiency to be over Intermediate-rank.

Ian: Really? It’s alright. So, what’s their class?

Ian, who thought it would have been a leading production class like Blacksmith or Enchanter, was slightly taken aback. You could call it a relief that they were at least a Priest that had healing magic.

Ian: Cook…?

However, because Ian’s goal from the beginning was to reach the amount of people required, he had no interest in the party member’s fighting power.

Ian: It’s alright. Do me a favour and when that person logs in, get me in contact with them.

Ian: Yeah, I’m ok.

Immediately, Fiolan tackled him.

Fiolan: Kroban, because of the northern ‘Expedition Quest’, you cannot go anywhere for a while.

Ian smirked and posted a message.

Ian: Kroban bro, get a lot of information on the northern continent. I’m going to level up quickly and follow you.

Ian, who was swept with the uneasy feeling that a lot of his time might be taken away if he stayed messaging, hurriedly finished with the messaging.

Ian: I have something to do right now, so I have to leave the chat room, bro. I’ll contact you again immediately if there’s something else. Carwin, once you get in contact with the person you wanted to introduce to me, send me a message right away.

Kroban: Ok, got it.

He knew of the exact location of the advance barracks where the Goblin Scouts were.

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