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Chapter 18: Ly’s Growth (4)

Jinsung logged back in with a heavy heart.

Perhaps it was because he didn’t unsummon Ly when he logged off but Ly was summoned as soon as he logged in.

Jinsung looked at Ly with eyes brimming with tears.



“We need to work harder.”

Ly tilted his head at Ian’s sudden words and Ian wordlessly petted Ly’s head. He was glad that he had Ly to share his mental damage with.

‘Euh… I would have never expected. For the Professor to have known me…’

Ian, who tussled with Lee Jinook Professor, ended the lengthy 10-minute call with a bet.

It turned out that Lee Jinook Professor was also a user who enjoyed Kailran, so something like a bet could be established.

Before the beginning of the semester, if he succeeded in getting to the lv he was before resetting, lv 93, Ian would win and if he failed, the Professor would win.

‘Though my original goal was returning to the level I was at previously before the break ended…’

This was a slightly different feeling from when it was just a goal.

‘Nonetheless, should I be relieved for now that I was able to avoid an academic warning for my first semester?’

Due to his vigor when he proposed the bet, Lee Jinook Professor let him avoid an academic warning for this semester for now.

However, in the case that Ian lost the bet, the report cards for this semester and next semester would definitely be sent, untouched, to his parents.

On top of that, he had also promised to attend all department events without complaining.

‘No matter what… I need to succeed…!’

For Ian, he needed to win the bet no matter what. There was no future for his game life if he lost .

On the other hand, in the case that Ian won the bet, the benefit was also considerable. Firstly, Lee Jinook Professor promised an A+ regardless of Ian’s attendance of his classes.

He probably thought that this was absolutely impossible, so he placed that condition but Ian’s thoughts were different.

‘I can do it, for sure.’

Wasn’t it his original goal?

Ian pulled himself together.

He wanted to swallow a woohwangcheongsimhwan[1] but there was no chance that something like that existed in Kailran, no matter how realistic it was.

‘For now, let’s go to town.’

Mental damage was damage but he needed to progress with his plans. In fact, he needed to move more thoroughly and faster.

“Ly, unsummon!”

Even if a return scroll was used to get to the town, Ly wouldn’t be with him, so he first needed to unsummon him.

Ian returned to the town shortly after.

The first thing that he did when he returned to the village was look for the guild administrator.

‘Firstly, I’ll join a guild.’

The Lotus guild that Ian was in was an exceptional guild that placed in the top 5%. There was no reason for him, nor did he want to, find another guild.

And the reason why Ian was applying to join a guild first was because if you joined a good guild, the NPC’s trust in you would go up, so the chance of getting good quests would rise and you could prevent getting caught up in some troublesome work beforehand.

The help he would get from his guild members was an additional part.

“For what reason did you come find me?”

“I’m planning on joining a guild.”

The administrator NPC nodded her head.

“You must have reached lv 20.”


Along with his words, a long list of guilds appeared in front of Ian’s eyes.

“Is there a guild that you were thinking of?”

At the NPC’s words, Ian responded immediately.

“The Lotus guild.”

The NPC, who momentarily looked through the list, tilted her head as she spoke.

“The desired level for new guild mates for the Lotus guild is 60. I can put in a guild application for you but you’ll be rejected… is that still alright?”

Ian nodded his head.

From his position, where he was friends with all the guild members on top of the guild master being his close friend, it wasn’t something he was worried about.

“I have put in the request to join. If the guild master accepts, then you will automatically join them.”

“Thank you.”

Ian, who put in the request to join the guild, was immediately going to ‘whisper’ Herz and ask him to accept but he couldn’t. Herz was offline.

‘It’s nothing particularly urgent at the moment, he’ll probably accept when he sees it.’

The next thing that Ian did was go to the auction.

‘I’ll completely change my gears, hehe.’

The privilege of a rich beginner!

Starting from his weapon to his armors, Ian was planning on setting himself up with the top items that he could use with his current stats.

‘My character’s fighting power should start to drop by now…’

Characters with classes that displayed their own fighting power, such as Warriors and Archers, Magicians and others, had something called ‘Class Bonus Stats’. Aside from the 5.5 stats points that were added per level up, there were additional stat points that were added according to the stats related to your class.

On top of that, there were passive skills similar to weapon proficiency, so even though Ian started off with 77 extra stat points in the beginning, other classes would catch up to him when it came to his character’s fighting stats at around lv 30.

Of course, Ian’s class bonus stats were added to his Leadership and Taming ability instead of his fighting stats, so he had no complaints.

From now on, his reliance on his Familiars would increase when hunting.

‘Are there no items that will increase the Familiar’s stats…? Whether it be enchanted with a buff…’

Ian, who was searching the auction for some time, discovered an item that he had never seen before.

Mother Nature’s Headband

Classification: Head Ornament

Rank: Heroic

Equip Limit: Over Lv 25

Defensive Power: 24

Durability: 224/224

Option: Vitality +25%

Vitality +20%, Offensive Power +15% increase for all Familiars summoned. 5% increase of the Familiar’s projective evasiveness.


Ian didn’t need to think twice as he pressed the purchase button immediately.

‘Buy first, think later!’

It had a level requirement of 25, but he had confidence in leveling up 5 levels quickly.

He pressed the purchase button without even checking the price, but fortunately(?) it wasn’t very expensive.

150,000 gold.

It was a similar price to a normal lv 25 head ornament that was Heroic rank, so Ian was satisfied.

‘Finally, items used by Summoners are now being released!’

Ian was happy to the point he could fly.

After seeing an item he liked, he had forgotten the slight(?) worry he had only moments ago.

‘Good timing.’

It was now slowly getting to the point where Ly’s fighting power would overtake his own fighting power.

His stats were still lacking but Ian was a human character that had almost no combat skills, while Ly was a wild monster that specialized in fighting. Their actual fighting power had become similar.

You could say that at this point, Ian needed items that increased the stats of Familiars .

‘Mother Nature’s Headband… wouldn’t other items for a different part that have the modifier Mother Nature be used by Familiars?’

Ian searched for items with the modifier Mother Nature. And after about 10 minutes of looking through the auction, he was able to find one more as expected.

[1] Woohwangcheongsimhwan – medication people take when they are nervous or when they experience a mental shock

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