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Chapter 43: Ian’s Achievement (2)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

Oakley shook his head.


No. Just because you bring Karceus’ soul in the beginning doesn’t mean that he’ll be revived. There’s an inherent ability that only Dragon Tamers have that could help Karceus’ soul be reborn as a new War Dragon.


“You’re also a Dragon Tamer, though, no?”


I’m in a sealed state, so I cannot activate the skill.


Ian was momentarily caught up in the feeling of slight regret.

‘It must have been an incredible Familiar if it had the modifier God Dragon attached, how unfortunate…’

However, along with those thoughts, he felt a pride in the Taming Master class that was a higher-ranking class than Dragon Tamer.


Anyways, you just need to get the soul stone to the Dimensional Enchanter. They’re not a Dragon Tamer, but they should be able to continue the existence of the War Dragon some other way.


Ian nodded his head.

“I understand. I will definitely give them the stone.”

At Ian’s words, Oakley had on a satisfied smile.


It’s a relief that at least someone who can fulfill my wish finally appeared.


And Oakley handed to Ian a white feather ornament.


Since you heard the details of the obligation, I will give you your reward.


A system message popped up.


You have obtained the ‘Dragon Tamer’s Feather Ornament’.


And Oakley’s words continued.


It’s an artifact that was passed down for generations to the head of the Dragon Tamers.


Just from the first glance, it was an item that looked incredibly rare, and Ian’s mouth gaped open.

“Ha, thank you.”

But, you need to meet the Dimensional Enchanter and release the seals that are on the artifact in order to activate its original ability perfectly.


Ian licked his lips at the words that it wasn’t a perfect item yet, but nodded his head.

He was planning on doing the quest anyways.

‘I just need to find the Dimensional Enchanter or whatever.’

Ian nodded his head as he responded.

“I understand. I will make sure to find the Dimensional Enchanter.”

A smile spread across Oakley’s mouth.


It seems that now I can finally let down all my karma and rest peacefully.


“Where do I need to go to find them?”


At the east end of the southern continent. A dimensional magic tower is over there.


Along with the end of his words, Oakley’s form that shone a blue light gradually faded, and slowly dispersed into the air.


Please, revive the God Dragon’s descendant onto this ground…


With these words as his end, Oakley disappeared into the air without a trace.

“Ha, it somewhat feels like I’ve received an incredible quest.”

Truthfully, he had experience clearing a couple of B-rank quests before resetting, but it was not something you could call amazing just by the rank.

However, he thought that there would be something greater than the difficulty level of a B-rank judging from the content he heard from Oakley.

‘This has to be a linked quest. The Dimensional Enchanter or whatever will probably ask me to do a couple of things.’

The intuition of Ian, the sophisticated gamer, was telling him that.

‘Since I’m already this far, I’ll get to the end!’

Ian, who set his heart, took out the Dragon Tamer’s Feather Ornament that he received from Oakley.

‘He did say it was an item that was sealed… but shall we firstly check?’

The item information for the Dragon Tamer’s Feather Ornament popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.


Dragon Tamer’s Feather Ornament

Classification – Head Ornament

Rank: Legendary (Sealed)

Equip Limit - None

Defensive Power – 36

Durability – 150/150

Option – All combat stats +15%

Leadership +150 (Sealed)

Affinity +200 (Sealed)

*All summoned Familiars’ stats increase by 20%, and their Critical Hit Chance increase by 25%.

*When the head ornament is equipped, there is no Leadership restriction, allowing endless monster capturing. (But when the threshold is exceeded, they cannot be summoned to battle.)


*When the head ornament is equipped, the Leadership required to manage a Dragon-class Familiar is reduced to half.


*When the head ornament is equipped, Affinity with the Dragon-class Familiar increases.


*This is an item belonging to user ‘Ian’.

This item cannot be transferred to another user or be sold, and even if the character dies, it does not drop.

This is a head ornament of an ancient legendary Summoner.


Ian’s mouth gaped open.

‘What, how can such an item exist?’

Firstly, the amount of stats increased by the option that was attached was an unbelievable amount. The +15% increase of all combat stats was big as well, but his Leadership and Affinity would almost increase by twice the amount.

‘If the seals are just released, it’s totally an item I can use until the end.’

The parts where it was written ‘Sealed’ in red next to the stats really bothered him.

‘Ability to capture endlessly without Leadership restriction, and on top of that, a reduced Leadership demand for a dragon Familiar…’

If thought simply, the option for no Leadership restriction when hunting could seem useless. They couldn’t be summoned to battle anyways, so just being able to capture a lot may look useless. On top of that, if it’s just for capturing, Sealing Grimoires could be carried around.

However, as soon as Ian saw the option, he knew how he could use it.

‘If the Vitality of Familiars that are in battle drops, I could just Summon Release them and summon a different Familiar that’s more energetic!’

Simply put, using a sports match as an example, if the key players are out of energy, he was basically gaining other substitute players that could participate in place of them.

On top of that, the option that reduced the required Leadership when managing a Dragon-class Familiar.

Of course, it wasn’t like Ian had a dragon Familiar at the moment, but it was something he was going to get eventually.

Dragon Taming was in other words a Tamer’s dream.

‘Keu… On top of that, belonging to the account.’

Lastly, the belonging to the account option.

Generally, there were a lot of bothersome times where a high-priced item was gained but because it had the belonging to the account option, it couldn’t be sold.

However, Ian felt that he would use this head ornament until he was done with this game. Because it was an item that he couldn’t sell anyways, the part where the item wouldn’t drop even if he died sounded like a big merit to him.

‘I will succeed this no matter what!’

Another reason to successfully complete this quest no matter what came up.

Ian clenched his fist tightly.

‘To try and do a B-rank quest right now would be idiotic, so firstly, I need to work hard and level up.’

Ian felt his heart beat loudly.

Even though Ian was much stronger compared to his level, he felt he needed to be at least lv 70 in order to clear a B-rank quest without a party.

Ian quickly left the stone chamber.

Currently, every minute, every second was precious.

To Ian, time to hesitate was not an option.



While fighting the Chaos Drake, he used up a lot of strength, but Ian didn’t rest and began hunting shortly after.

He had a fundamental reason as to why he needed to level up quickly, but the time limit for the very first dungeon discoverer buff made Ian restless as he wanted to make as much use out of it before it ran out.

“Euh… My eyes are starting to get blurry now.”

Since he hadn’t slept more than 2 hours for the past five days, it would have been weirder if his body condition was normal.

As Ian caught the last Ghost Drake that was in front of his eyes, he let out a shout.

“This is the last!”



You have leveled up. You have reached lv 50.


Ability ‘Summoning Magic’ has been formed.


Ability ‘Spirit Magic’ has been formed.


An alarm noting his level-up rang.

And along with that, Ian plopped down onto the ground.

However, different from the actions of his drained body, a satisfied smile was lodged onto his mouth.

‘Keuh, as expected, goals that are theoretically possible are possible in reality as well.’

Ian was satisfied.

This was because truthfully, hitting lv 50 before the very first discoverer buff ended was a hardcore goal that Ian himself couldn’t confirm that he would be able to achieve.

However, thanks to cutting more than half of even his sleep time, he was able to accomplish it.

‘But what are the abilities Summoning Magic and Spirit Magic needed for?’

Once lv 50, all classes form a new class-special ability.

Summoning Magic and Spirit Magic were the class-special abilities for Summoners.

‘Well, I don’t think it’s something I’ll find out about by thinking about it now… Shall I go sleep the sleep that I’ve been lacking?’

Ian, who decided to think about his questions towards two new abilities another time, let out a big yawn and stood up.

He felt he could sleep really well tonight.

Ian was just about to log out like that, but another system message popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.


You are the very first amongst the Summoner class to have reached lv 50.


You have obtained 1500 Fame.



Ian was in such a good mood that his exhaustion momentarily left him.

System messages continued to pop up one after another.


A Summoner over lv 50 has been made in Colonar Continent, Luspel Empire.


Building ‘Tower of Summoners’ will be made in Luspel Empire’s capital, Myuran.


‘Tower of Summoners’ contributions has increased by 5000.


Now, Summoners from Luspel Empire will be able to receive class-related quests from the Tower of Summoners.


The 1500 Fame was good as well, but he was most satisfied that he was the very first to reach lv 50 in his class.

On top of that, since a tower was being made for the Summoner class thanks to Ian himself, he felt as if he had accomplished something amazing.

It felt like the grudges he had for not being able to play as soon as Kailran opened in the beginning were being released.

And this wasn’t the end.


The Prophet of Summoning Quest has been activated.


‘What? Is there such a quest?’

With a dazed expression, Ian gazed at the quest information that popped up in front of his eyes.


Prophet of Summoning (Empire Quest)

Amongst the Summoners of the Luspel Empire, you are the prophet of Summoning that is taking the lead.

Your reputation has been spread throughout the Luspel Empire.

Along with that, Celias, the King of Luspel Empire, has found out about you, and wants to meet you, the prophet of Summoning.

You must meet King Celias within three days.

Quest Difficulty Level: –

Quest Condition: The very first Summoner to have reached lv 50.

Time Limit: 3 days.

Reward – Unknown.

If you reject the quest, your Affinity with King Celias will drop. (If you do not have any Affinity, your Hostility will go up.)


Ian’s two eyes rounded.

‘Empire Quest!’

Empire Quests were quests that you could only receive if you had over 400,000 Fame if you went the normal route.

However, Ian’s Fame had not even reached 15,000.

And along with that, a question that Ian had momentarily in the past was answered.

‘Right, was it Red Flame Magician Remir? There was a controversy when people found out that a user that had less than 200,000 Fame, far from 400,000 Fame, was doing an Empire Quest, and they called it a bug, right?’

Red Flame Magician Remir was a user that was currently number 1 in the level ranking for Magicians.

‘That girl, she definitely got the prophet of magic quest. Even if wasn’t the prophet quest, she probably got a special quest in this kind of category.’

Thinking of it that way, everything made sense now.

And this was an opportunity that couldn’t be better.

This was because of the enormous Fame and reward, and the contributions you received for doing the Empire Quest.

The most important part here was the contributions.

This was because if your contributions towards the Empire pile up, you received a title of nobility from the king, and once you gained the title of nobility, depending on the degree of his title, he would be able to make an NPC with fitting abilities his subordinate.

‘As expected, Kailran was a game where the benefits gained from being ahead of others were incredibly important like a lot of other games.’

This was a truth that Ian had realized multiple times while growing as a Summoner after resetting.

‘Firstly, let’s go to sleep. I’ll make sure to go to Myuran as soon as I log in when I wake up tomorrow.’

This time, Ian actually logged out of Kailran.

This was because he felt like he would fall asleep sitting inside the capsule if he tried to stay awake any longer.


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