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Chapter 42: Ian’s Achievement (1)

TL: Haku

Editor: adkji

The Dragon Tamer’s Path

The legendary Dragon Tamer Oakley was impressed by your summoning. He wishes for you to walk the Dragon Tamer’s path.

If you accept his proposal, you can class-change to ‘Dragon Tamer’.

Difficulty Level: –

Reward: Class-change to Summoner (Dragon Tamer)

Will you accept?

*When the proposal is accepted, the existing class will disappear.


‘Hidden class!’

Ian’s eyes widened to twice its size.

At the appearance of the new hidden class, his mind was chaotic.

‘Could you obtain hidden classes in this way as well?’

Ian, who was taken aback, was silently still, and Oakley asked once again.


What do you think? Following me and walking the path of a legendary Dragon Tamer.


‘Dragon Tamer’

It was truly a cool class name that emanated swagger.

Ian’s pupils shook.

‘Between Taming Master and Dragon Tamer, which one would be better?’

It was times like this when he wished he could see at least a strategy book that someone else had written.

‘Taming Master was a class I received quite easily in the beginning of the game, while Dragon Tamer, I earned by suffering, so…’

Ian decided to trust his intuition.

“I want to walk the path of a Dragon Tamer, Oakley. I will class-change.”

Oakley’s face brightened up.


Oh! You’ve made the right decision, Ian. Dragon Tamer is truly an amazing class. You will not regret the decision you made today.


Along with his words, Oakley spread out his hand towards Ian.

And a blue light that spread out from his hand began to wrap around Ian.

However, just then.


You cannot class-change to a lower-ranking class.


You have failed to class-change to Dragon Tamer.


System messages popped up one after another.

Ian was taken aback.

“Hu… uh?”

And along with the system messages, disappointment flashed across Oakley’s two eyes.


Hoho, so you were already a Summoner walking the path of a master. No wonder…


And he smacked his lips before continuing.


I did think you were some sort of special Summoner when I saw your Blood-Red Maned Wolf, but to think you were walking the path of a master.


Ian felt strange.

He was sad that he couldn’t obtain a class with a cool name like Dragon Tamer, but he was also in a good mood knowing that the Taming Master class was a higher-ranking class.

Ian’s eyes slightly shone.

He felt he could gain pretty good information from this elder.

“Is my Ly a little special?”

Oakley tilted his head.


Ly? Ah, the wolf’s name must be Ly.


“That’s right.”

Oakley’s words continued.


Ly is for sure a Rare-rank Blood-Red Maned Wolf, but the strength I felt from him was much higher. This is something that could never happen unless a Tamer raises their Familiar in a special way.


Hearing the elder’s words, Ian was inwardly surprised.

Although he was an NPC, he saw Ly’s rank and stats precisely.

‘As expected, he did say he was the legendary Dragon Tamer.’

Ian slightly looked at Oakley.

‘Shouldn’t there be more to gain from him?’

“But, Oakley, is it alright if I ask why you were waiting for a challenger here?”

At Ian’s question, Oakley momentarily had on a flustered expression.


Oh, right, how could I forget? I was distracted by your Familiar that I almost forgot about the most important thing.


At the elder’s words, Ian inwardly swallowed his resentment.

‘As expected! There’s no way that there was not even one reward after passing this crazy test! Because of this old man, I almost left without anything.’

As he thought that the hidden class that Oakley offered did not count as a reward, Ian almost thought that there was no reward.

“The most important thing?”

Oakley nodded his head.


That’s right. Follow me this way.


Once Oakley finished speaking, his form slowly began to move.

He floated as if he was sliding through the air, and went towards the iron door on the opposite side of the chamber.

‘He’s the definition of a ghost.’

Ian hurriedly followed behind Oakley, and shortly after, the iron door, which was firmly closed, began to open with a boom.

Keu-keu-keung- keu-keung-!


Come in.


As the two people went inside the iron door, the iron door let out another boom as it shut.


And the place Ian had entered was a dark cave that emitted a mysterious energy.

If the place where he had just battled the Chaos Drake had a stone chamber-like feeling, the place he just entered had a similar feeling to a natural cave. Oakley slowly made his way more inside, standing in front of a spot where an enormous boulder was placed and turned to look at Ian.

The boulder had a feeling similar to an altar where temples’ ceremonies were held.


One reward and one obligation is given to those who have passed the test.


Ian stared vacantly with an expression saying as if he didn’t understand, and Oakley’s words continued again.


It means, along with receiving the test’s reward, you will receive an obligation.




That’s right, obligation.

Ian thought to himself.

‘Is it like a quest?’

And Oakley’s words continued.


First of all, if you receive the reward, you are forcibly granted an obligation along with it. You cannot refuse it.


At those words, Ian’s expression stiffened.

‘This crazy!’

It meant that he lost the right to refuse the quest after reading it. The risk for this was quite big. The risk to lose the right to refuse the quest after reading it was quite big.

In the case that a quest was failed or given up on after receiving it, your Fame would drop proportionately to the quest’s rank.

There wasn’t a big impact when dropping one quest that was ranked lower than D, but he heard that there were cases where when the quest’s rank is high, their Fame was cut by the thousands.

Before resetting, Ian had failed a C-rank quest before, and he remembered losing about 500 Fame.

On top of that, depending on whether the quest was successful or not, he could lose his reward. So if he got a quest with a level of difficulty that was higher than he expected, he could end up losing just his Fame without gaining anything.

“By any chance, there’s no way of knowing beforehand what kind of obligation it is, right?”

He asked just in case, but it was as expected.


I cannot let you know until you decide.



Oakley’s urging towards Ian, who was contemplating, continued.


What will you do? Will you give up the reward and not receive the obligation either, or will you receive the obligation along with the reward?


Ian decided.

‘It’s not my style to give up here and leave.’

Ian, who made up his mind, nodded his head as he opened his mouth.

“Yes, I will accept.”

Ian’s response.

Along with that, a system message popped up.


You have accepted Oakley’s proposal.


And as expected, the quest information popped up.



The Remnants of a Forgotten Ancient Monster.

The legendary Dragon Tamer Oakley had sealed himself under Crupia Snow Mountain for over a thousand years.

After receiving the God Dragon’s Soul Stone, go find the Dimensional Enchanter.

Quest Difficulty Level: B

Quest Condition: A Summoner that has received recognition from Oakley.

: Cannot be in a party for the duration of the quest.

Time Limit: None

Reward – Unknown

You cannot refuse the quest.


You have accepted the quest, ‘The Remnants of a Forgotten Ancient Monster’.


As it was a quest that couldn’t be refused, a system message saying that he automatically accepted the quest popped up.

And Ian, who read the quest information, was slightly relieved.

‘Fortunately, there’s no time limit.’

It was a little surprising that he got a B-rank quest before he even reached lv 50, but the fact that it didn’t have a time limit meant that it wouldn’t matter even if he accepted the quest and didn’t clear it.

‘But if you cannot be in a party for the duration of the quest, does that mean you cannot do any party-plays at all until you finish this quest?’

If it was a different user unlike Ian, it was a critical penalty.

However, to Ian, who originally enjoyed solo-play, it couldn’t really be considered a penalty.

‘I probably can’t finish a B-rank quest alone right now, but…’

It was something he could do more safely after he raised his level and got a little stronger.

While Ian was thinking of these things, Oakley approached him.

And he handed to Ian a pitch-black lump of rock that emitted a mysterious energy.


You have obtained the item ‘God Dragon’s Soul Stone’.


‘This is a soul stone…?’

Oakley opened his mouth as he watched Ian tilt his head while holding the object that more closely resembled a piece of coal rather than a soul stone.


Truthfully, I am a Summoner that existed a thousand years ago.


Ian turned his head towards Oakley.

If it was a quest that he had to do no matter what, he needed to hear Oakley’s story as carefully as possible.


And in the generation I lived, there were legendary monsters that do not exist anymore.


As if Oakley was reminiscing his past, his words continued with a sentimental expression.


And amongst them, one of them was a Familiar that had spent the most time with me and was my best friend, the War Dragon Karceus.


At some point, Ian was immersed into Oakley’s story.

His story was quite interesting.


A thousand years ago, I was the head of the ‘Dragon Tamers’, who have now disappeared, and Karceus was one of the five dragons that were called God Dragons.


Oakley’s story was incredibly long.

This was the content of his story when summarized.


Prilania Valley, the base of the northern continent’s Dragon Tamers a thousand years ago, was invaded by evil dragons, and through that, many dragons and tamers were killed.

Oakley’s mission was to protect the War Dragon, Karceus, who was one of the five God Dragons and his companion, and because of that, he fled Prilania Valley and hid in the snow mountains.

However, because of the evil dragons that followed behind him persistently, he had no choice but to bind Karceus’ and his soul under the snow mountain, and had waited for a thousand year.

“But were the evil dragons so strong that they couldn’t be blocked by the strength of you or the War Dragon that’s called a God Dragon?”

At Ian’s question, Oakley had on a bitter expression as he nodded his head.


The number of evil dragons were far superior compared to us, and especially the Lord of the evil dragons, ‘Khalifa’, was even stronger than Karceus.


Ian asked another thing he was curious about.

“What happens when I go and find the Dimensional Enchanter with this soul stone?”


The Dimensional Enchanter will tell you the way to revive the War Dragon’s soul back into this world.


Ian tilted his head.

“Revive a soul?”

Oakley’s words continued.


What do you think my reason is for enduring here in this underground, where not even a ray of light shines in, for such a long duration of a thousand year?



It’s to revive the bloodline of the War Dragon Karceus that was cut off after that day. The existence of a ‘God Dragon’ cannot be ended off like that. If I could, I wanted to continue the existence of Dragon Tamers as well…


Ian finally understood.

‘Ah… Is that why he proposed that I class-change to a Dragon Tamer?’

Oakley continued to speak.


Originally, if the first person to have passed my test was a Summoner, I was planning on having them continue the existence of Dragon Tamers and hand them the soul of Karceus. But if that wasn’t the case, I was thinking of asking them to take Karceus’ soul to the Dimensional Enchanter through the soul stone.


He continued speaking with a slightly irritated voice.


But I never thought that there would be a Summoner like you, who had a higher-ranking class than a Dragon Tamer.


Ian felt sorry for no reason at all.

“I… see.”


If you had continued the existence of Dragon Tamers, I would have been able to leave this world lightheartedly, and the War Dragon would have become your Familiar.


Ian had on a slightly strange expression.

“Can a Dragon Tamer revive the soul stone of Karceus?”


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