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Chapter 44: Ian’s Achievement (3)

TL: Haku

Editor: Hungry Panda

Myuran, the capital of Luspel Empire, and located on the eastern side of Myuran, Flinor Square.

There were many users gathered at this location, where between the users it was also called the Class’ Square,

And while they spoke noisily with each other, they were watching something while standing to one side of the square.

“What the hell? Is this real?”

“Of course it’s real, then is it fake?”

“This doesn’t make sense! How can the Tower of Summoners, amongst the three new classes, be made first?”

There wasn’t any peculiar reason why the users were gathered here.

This was because a new building was being built amongst the gathering of what could be called the flowers of each class, the Towers of Experts, in the Flinor Square, otherwise known as Class’ Square.

When the basic construction began in the beginning, they all came to watch the tower be built with a happy heart which said, ‘Someone finally hit lv 50 between the users of the new classes.’

However, right now, after an hour had passed and the lower floors were completed, it was surprisingly revealed to be the Tower of Summoners.

In a situation where everybody was predicting for it to be the Tower of Black Magicians, it wasn’t even the Tower of Assassins, but the Tower of Summoners being built, which was known to be the worst class to raise, so everybody couldn’t help but be surprised.

Most of them were surprised users, but on the other hand, there were also users that were happy about it.

“Wow, I never even imagined that the Tower of Summoners would be built first!”

“No kidding, I should wait here and grab a Class Quest as soon as the construction is completed!”

“I was hoping that we would at least build it before Kaimon Empire, but for it to be the first of all the new classes…”

They were obviously Summoner users.

Of course, when a class tower is developed, applicable users could gain useful information, but they could also gain quests related to their class as well.

On top of that, if they did quests and raised their contributiveness quite high, they could gain high-quality skill books and items related to their respective classes, so it made sense why they were so excited.

Separate from the users that were whispering amongst each other, the Tower of Summoners was being built quickly.

The Tower of Summoners, which was being built floor by floor in an instant, began to exude greatness.

And when about three more hours had passed, a system message popped up in front of all the users of the Luspel Empire.



A Summoner over lv 50 has appeared for the first time in Luspel Empire, Colonar Continent.


Building ‘Tower of Summoners’ has been built in Myuran, the capital of Luspel Empire.


And not just at Flinor Square, but all of the users of Luspel Empire began to bustle.

“What the hell, apparently, the Tower of Summoners has been built!”

“This is exciting! Let’s stop hunting and go to Myuran first of all!”

While there were Summoners that were happy,

“Did you just see the system message that popped up?”

“It just popped up for me as well. What is this? Is this possible?”

“What the, I just reached lv 20… But a lv 50 already appeared? Isn’t this crazy?”

“This has to be a system mistake. This doesn’t make sense. There isn’t even a lv 50 Black Magician.”

“It’s a bug. I’m positive. Let’s go report the LB Sports bug bulletin board.”

There were also people who couldn’t believe the reality and were in denial,

“Who could it possibly be?”

“It has to be a user that received full support from a giant guild.”

“Ha, how sorrowful are the lives of ordinary users.”

There were also jealous users.

Most of the users that were jealous were users of other new classes.


Now all Summoners of Luspel Empire may receive Class Quests from the Tower of Summoners.


However, as the last message popped up, most of the users of Luspel Empire generally had turned happy.

For one reason or another, it was good news for users of Luspel to have a new class tower before Kaimon Empire.

And, that day.

The official Kailran community was incredibly noisy.



“Ahh, what a good sleep.”

Jinsung, who woke up after 10 am, stretched and headed towards the kitchen.

The reason was to eat milk with flakes like usual.

Different from normal, it was Jinsung, who woke up after sleeping almost close to 12 hours today, yet he was feeling refreshed.

It was all thanks to the fact that he was the very first Summoner that had reached lv 50.


Jinsung, who kept on yawning, grabbed the bowl with his flakes poured in and went towards his computer desk.

Before logging onto the game, he was thinking of looking up some information on the official community.

“Huh? What the hell is this, why are there so many message regens today of all days?”

As soon as Jinsung opened up the class bulletin board, he was taken aback.

This was because there were dozens of pages with bulletin board messages that had a red n marked on them, meaning that it hasn’t been over 24 hours since that post was registered.

The class bulletin board was normally quite active, but there was never a time when message regens happened this quickly.

And Jinsung was able to find out the reason for it shortly after.

‘Huehue, everybody is moved at my achievement.’

This was because most of the content on the Summoners’ bulletin board was related to the Tower of Summoners that was built because of Jinsung.

Jinsung began to read the bulletins excitedly and scrolled down.

Originally, Jinsung was planning on going into the capsule as soon as he finished eating all his flakes, but before he knew it, he was being sucked into the monitor.

‘Oh? What’s this bulletin?’

Jinsung, who had already scrolled down and read multiple pages of bulletin messages, discovered a bulletin message with an interesting title.

I know the lv 50 Summoner protagonist that all of you are curious about.

This bulletin message had been viewed over 20 times more than other posts.

‘What the hell? They know me?’

Jinsung knew that the chances for messages like this to usually be content-less clickbait was high, but he couldn’t help but click it out of curiosity.


However, Jinsung, who clicked on the bulletin message, couldn’t help but suck in a sharp breath of air out of surprise.

‘What the…!’

This was because as soon as Jinsung clicked on the post, the thing that popped up first on his screen was none other than a screen shot that was taken of Jinsung’s character, Ian.

Jinsung quickly scrolled down and read down the contents of the bulletin post.


Hello, I am a mid-level user at about lv 60 that came to hang out from the Knight’s bulletin board.

You all came after seeing the screenshot that I posted at the top, right?

There are probably a lot of you that think this post is clickbait, but you’re wrong.

This isn’t clickbait.

I am positive that the Summoner that you see in the above screenshot is the protagonist amongst all Summoners that hit lv 50 first.

How am I so sure you ask?



Ian gulped without him realizing as he continued to scroll down and read the post.


Where do you think the location that is shown in the screenshot is?

People who have already been there probably figured it out right away, but it is the newly opened northern continent.

It’s Crupia Snow Mountain of the northern continent.

And do you happen to see the monster that the Summoner user is catching in the screenshot as well?

Surprisingly, it is an ‘Ice Troll’ that is normally around the late lv 50s.

Now then, what level would that Summoner be?

What level do you need to be at least to catch a late lv 50 Ice Troll as a solo player?

No matter how good equipment he has, and even if he has strong Familiars, shouldn’t he be a Summoner that is already in his late lv 40s?

Unfortunately, that user put all his personal information as private, so I couldn’t find out his ID, the guild he’s in, and his level, but I’m positive.

I even personally saw his hunting, and as if he had equipped all his items with only Heroic-rank ones, his hunting rate was faster than me when I’m at lv 60.

What do you guys think?

I will leave it to the Summmoners to make the decision.


At the logical statistics of the bulletin content and the screenshot that was for sure Ian himself, Ian was flustered.

However, he recognized the reality of it shortly after and nodded his head.

‘Ha, I disliked having to deal with annoying flies, so I put everything as private and went around secretively, but will my information be revealed like this in the end?’

And an unknown feeling of satisfaction popped up at the same time.

‘I became a celebrity now. Shall we look at the comments’ reactions?’

Ian scrolled down and began to check the comments that were attached to the bulletin post.

However, his expression began to change strangely.


Why did some Knight come to another person’s bulletin board and lie? Everyone, isn’t that a fabrication just from the looks of it?


Yeah, the above person’s right. Even if there is a Summoner that was in their late lv 40s, why would they go there? It’s hard enough to believe that they’re able to hunt there, but even if they could, the efficiency is probably terrible.


Ian, who scrolled down reading the comments, began to get agitated without him even realizing it.

‘What the hell are the saying? The hunting efficiency there is great.’


Ha, they brought a composed picture from somewhere just to pull aggro.


Everyone, just look at that Red Wolf. That wolf is almost the size of a Half-Moon Bear, how does that even make sense?


Yeah, I was just about to say that, too. If you’re going to compose a picture, at least do it properly, what the hell are you doing, bringing a picture that you composed weirdly? Tsk tsk, if you want to grab attention, at least use photoshop properly…


Ian didn’t know why(?), but he was infuriated.

‘These idiots! This is so stifling, I feel like I’ll die, Argh…!’

Ian was fuming as he turned off his computer and stood up.

For some odd reason, he had on a depression expression.



Ian, who logged into Kailran, was still depressed.

‘Did kids these days catch a doubting disease, they said what about a normal picture? Composed?’

Ian, who kept grumbling over his sorrow for not being able to become a celebrity(?), summoned Ly in order to cast the Training skill.

“Ly, summon!”


Only about 12 hours had passed since the hellish, gruesome five days of hunting had finished, but as if Ly was saying he was happy to see Ian, he growled and rubbed his body.

Ian petted Ly, who acted like that.

“How nice would it be if Bbookbbook acted like you?”

And while he thought of it, he summoned Bbookbbook as well.

“Bbookbbook, summon!”


Sure enough, summoned Bbookbbook had on an incredibly ill-natured expression.

“Bbookbbook, did you not miss me?”


As Bbookbbook turned his head away, Ian let out a sigh.

“You little, you only like me when I give you a meatball, don’t you? Do you want me to give you a meatball?”


However, as if he was saying that a meatball is meaningless, Bbookbbook’s expression was incredibly determined.

Ian was taken aback.

‘What the hell? Did Bbookbbook finally get sick of meatballs?’

Ian glanced slightly at Bbookbbook.

‘There’s no way that’s the case. There has to be a different reason…’

After thinking about it deeply, something popped up in Ian’s head.

‘Ah, by any chance… Is it because I carried him around on my back and used him as bullet bait?’

If that was it, it made sense that he was hurt, as Ian also felt a little sorry.

‘But it’s so nice, so how can I not use him?’

Ian crouched down in front of Bbookbbook.



“Are you sulking because I carried you around on my back?”

At Ian’s words, Bbookbbook turned his head slightly and looked at Ian.

“Thanks to you, how many times did I survive?”


However, as if Bbookbbook was saying that he didn’t want to hear it, he turned his head away. Ian began to persuade Bbookbbook.

“Bbookbbook, listen carefully. It’s a national loss for Luspel Empire to not use an incredibly magnificent, talented individual like you. Do you know that?”

Ian’s strangely persuasive words from what Bbookbbook heard continued.

Bbookbbook’s head slightly turned back to look at him.

Ian continued his words as he wore a sad expression.

“If it’s just you on my back, I have nothing to fear. Don’t you think you could protect me a little?”

Bbookbbook’s large eyes began to shake.


And as soon as Bbookbbook, who was soft-hearted, began to waver, Ian put out an appealing offer that was almost too good to turn down.

“Bbookbbook, if you keep protecting me, I’ll give you three meatballs in the morning, and four meatballs in the evening everyday as a daily wage. How about it?”


Bbookbbook contemplated it.

It was a sweet offer that allowed him to eat tasty meatballs regularly. However, he seemed as if he was wavering, but he sharply turned his head away.

As Ian watched Bbookbbook, who developed quite a level of immunity towards meatball temptations, he let out a deep sigh.

And acting as if he was giving away more, he changed the offer again.

“Alright, then I’ll give four meatballs in the morning, and three in the evening. How’s that, good?”

Bbookbbook, who momentarily thought about Ian’s changed offer, slowly nodded his head.

It meant that he would accept if it was an offer like that.

Ian petted Bbookbbook’s head.

“Bbookbbook, as expected, you’re a smart and magnificent turtle.”

Bbookbbook looked up at Ian with an arrogant expression as if he was asking if he just realized that.

“Hoho, this cute little.’

And so, Ian, who succeeded in conciliating Bbookbbook with a deceptive offer(?), tossed him a meatball as a down payment before sitting down on a rock.

‘Ugh, what to do with this picky turtle…’

While watching Bbookbbook eat the meatball deliciously, Ian grumbled to himself.

‘But he is pretty cute. He’s also useful in combat now.’

Ian, who momentarily sat down and watched Bbookbbook eat, checked a blinking message icon that was in his sight.

Someone had messaged him while he was logged off.


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