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Chapter 956
Chapter 956: The Gathered Dragon Souls

Rhode’s group arrived inside the palace under Nalea’s lead . Almost at the same time, the two other groups also arrived and the atmosphere instantly took a turn .

The Dark Dragon Ion lifted his chin proudly, staring at Rhode with his ice-cold, stern gaze . His tall height and pitch-black coat appeared incredibly intimidating . On the other hand, Rhode narrowed his eyes and shot a look at him before letting out a scoff . Even though the Dark Dragon Ion had a strong presence, Rhode had no reason to be afraid of him . Back then when he was a player, he had slaughtered him together with his guild . He was in the ‘BOSS mode’ now, so all the more he wouldn’t be intimidated .

On the other side, Lilian’s exhilarated expression from seeing Rhode instantly plummeted into a gloomy sulk when she saw the Dark Dragon Ion . She puffed up her cheeks and scowled at him fiercely . Even though she didn’t have any deep emotional ties with the Country of Light, she didn’t feel comfortable when the Country of Darkness’s army invaded her dragon soul protection . She felt like a tortured prisoner meeting the punisher . Unless one was a masochist like Sonia, no one would feel comfortable with agony . The Dark Dragon Ion had no interest in entertaining Lilian’s resentful stares as he shifted his gaze toward the center of the hall .

As the dragon soul heirs clashed silently with their gaze, their subjects were also in on the action .

The ‘Spirit Chaser’ Balende sized up Rhode with scarlet glints flashing from behind his pitch-black helmet . But shortly after, Canary stepped forward and blocked his menacing gaze, returning the favor with her sweet, gentle smile . Standing beside Balende was the ‘Blood Countess’ Ashvril, who lifted a handheld fan . She narrowed her maroon eyes that were glinting in mysterious flashes and what responded to her was Mini Bubble Gum’s highly-raised middle finger . Mini Bubble Gum displayed a malevolent and teasing smile to the ‘wh*re who dressed like a prostitute’ . Seconds later, she withdrew her middle finger into a fist and slid it across her neck with her thumb pointing down, intimidating Ashvril . At the same time, a sacred aura flickered from her and devoured the vampire’s spiritual charm like a wild storm, forcing Ashvril to an abrupt halt . This was the first time Ashvril revealed such a surprised expression . But in the blink of an eye, she restored her smile and shifted her gaze forward .

The ‘Angel of Sorrow’ Charlie followed closely behind her . He didn’t seem much different from ordinary angels . He had charming masculine facial features, a muscular build, and bright golden hair . The only distinct difference was the pair of pitch-black wings on his back and the dark, solid armor . This symbolized that he was a fallen angel who had betrayed his pride and honor .

Archangel Boulder became agitated the instant he saw Charlie . He looked fixedly at his pitch-black wings and flames of wrath were as though about to blast out of his widely opened eyes . Not only that, but the folded pair of holy wings on his back also instinctively shivered . He held his hand on his sword hilt as though he would be ready to strike if there was any disagreement . Charlie remains unmoved to Boulder’s anger, silently feeling the wrath of his then-companion . The pitch-black eyes of this fallen angel showed no signs of remorse .

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But not everyone’s clashes were full of the smell of gunpowder .

Lydia gazed at Rhode before exchanging glances with Marlene who followed closely behind him as though she wasn’t aware of her companion’s rage . She greeted them with a wink and smile and Marlene nodded slightly in response . Even though they were once in a superior-subordinate relationship, it could be said that Marlene was now on the same level as her after she had awakened as a Deity Warden, so etiquettes from the past were no longer necessary .

But not everyone was involved with the silent exchange gazes and greetings .

As the only human among the four legendary generals, the ‘Conqueror’ Garcia strolled at the back of the group and lowered his head as though pondering over his thoughts . This old man’s body was wrapped in a black cloak, only revealing his chin, and he didn’t seem concerned about the hostile stares being exchanged .

Walking behind Rhode was the indifferent Alice who hugged a thick, heavy book . As the Deity Warden who once followed the Void Dragon, these dragon soul heirs were ultimately replacement vessels to her . Although their powers were worth paying attention to, there was no need for her to be concerned about their high statuses . Moreover, in her eyes, the dragon soul heirs were merely a bunch of greedy fools who destroyed all of the Void Dragon’s hard work and were greedily fighting for power now . She who grasped all the ‘history’ couldn’t care less about these trifles . The most important thing now wasn’t the present that would become the past, but the future that would become the present .

Archangel Serene also didn’t seem concerned about the silent clashes . She walked alongside Lilian while watching her every move . In terms of self-control, she could be said to be the weakest among everyone here . Moreover, the war between the Country of Light and Country of Darkness had happened not too long ago, so only God knew what she would do about it later on .

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This isn’t looking great .

Even though Siena put up her usual, stern expression, her mind was whining incessantly . If it weren’t for the fact that the Order Ceremony was an essential step to recognize a dragon soul heir, she also didn’t wish to host it during this sensitive period . Moreover, the three dragon soul heirs had clashed in the past . It had only been less than a year when the Country of Light and Country of Darkness broke out in a war, and there was still a great chance that history might repeat itself . Currently, the three strongest forces were gathered in one place and if they really broke out in a fight, it seemed like relying on her and her elder sister to suppress them wouldn’t be possible!

Although no words were exchanged, Siena sensed the pressurizing atmosphere was as wild as a storm . It felt as though three enormous boulders crashed into one another, attempting to overthrow and repress the resistance . If this temporary and rather balanced atmosphere was smashed, the merciless invasion of a storm would surely happen .

The duration it took them to walk from the entrance to their seat felt like an eternity for Siena . She wasn’t surprised by the Dark Dragon Ion’s imposing presence because he was one of the most impressive dragon soul heirs in the history of the Country of Darkness . It went without saying that a man who controlled everything in a nation of darkness and death possessed formidable strength and presence .

But what astonished Siena was that the new dragon soul heir was actually unfazed by the Dark Dragon Ion’s imposing presence . He didn’t put up a facade to conceal his true emotions . Instead, Siena sensed that he had indeed disregarded the Dark Dragon Ion completely . It wasn’t insanity, but was more of a steady and unprecedented confidence .

Where did he get such confidence from? No matter from which aspect, he can’t possibly defeat the Dark Dragon, right?

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Siena had no idea of the truth, but judging from that man’s behavior, he seemed extremely calm . Not only that, but she also realized that he appeared to be familiar with this place and he didn’t seem overly cautious . He subconsciously slowed down his pace when descending the flights of stairs as though that was a habit accumulated over the years . But why would Siena and Nalea not notice him if he had indeed existed around them?

Not only Rhode, but Lilian also shocked Siena . Even though they had only met once, she felt that Lilian’s timid personality and the lack of opinions made her unsuitable to become a dragon soul heir . But now, this timid little girl actually glared at the Dark Dragon Ion . Siena remembered that in the previous ceremony, Lilian was so nervous and anxious upon seeing Ion’s gaze as though she were a tiny, pitiful rabbit about to be eaten by the lion . And yet, she unleashed her rage bravely and had no fear of his reactions .

Has she… grown?

Siena thought . At this moment, the atmosphere was extremely tense among the three parties . The Dark Dragon Ion’s imposing presence was so omnipresent as though it was permeating the entire world under his feet .

Rhode’s strong battle intent was as though a sharp blade pointing to the sky, silently warning everyone who tried to threaten or lay hands on him .

Lilian’s anger brought heat to the already warm and dry air . Perhaps it was Ion’s disregard that made her even more stubborn . A child’s temper was the most terrifying thing, especially when others neglected her . At this moment, the air was as though combustible and a single spark could immediately cause an outburst of clashes in the continent .

Suddenly, Siena was speechless . She carefully organized the words in her head, fearing that a wrong statement could light up the tinder of war . But at the same time, Nalea stood beside her and didn’t seem to mind the tense atmosphere . She smiled and took a step forward, waving her hand at the three parties .

“Welcome to the sacred palace… Everyone must be hungry from your long journey . How about we start off with some food?”

Nalea’s sweet-sounding voice instantly broke the stalemate in the air while Siena extended her hand and rubbed her forehead helplessly .

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