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Chapter 955
Chapter 955: Dragon Souls Meeting (4)

The magic warship pierced through the soft layers of cloud and what revealed itself before them was a green, forest nation .

“Why does it feel… so weak?”


Mini Bubble Gum gazed in displeasure while Canary turned to her curiously . Mini Bubble Gum was thrilled when she learned that they could finally leave system-restricted territories . But now, after the sense of freshness faded away, she returned to her habitual nitpicking .

“Yes, Big Sister . You see… We represent the mighty Void Territory, so how can we enter the Country of Law on a magic warship without a grand entrance, disembark, and simply join the ceremony? This is too boring! It feels just like the leader of a country taking a plane to join an international conference, disembarks the plane, shakes hands with the hosts, and has a cordial talk in front of a bunch of reporters . The thought of it makes me sick!”

“So what do you intend to do?”

Rhode shifted his gaze from a certain mage biography (he read it like a novel) to the grumbling young lady . Mini Bubble Gum puffed out her chest excitedly and extended a finger .

“I say, we should suddenly appear above them like those aliens in movies who were undetected by radar! We will see those idiotic scientists hugging their heads and running away, screaming “Oh, my God!!!” Then, we shall descend in a dictatorial manner and make those idiots pee their pants! We will announce “We’re here to build a highway to our galaxy, so your country that is in the way shall be destroyed…” Hahaha! How’s that?! Won’t that be fun?!”

“You’ve watched too many movies . ”

Rhode focused his attention on the ‘novel’ in his hand .

“Besides, we’re indeed attending a meeting and not planning an alien invasion . I can totally understand your desire to see their sorry reactions, but this really isn’t a suitable time . Also, we don’t bear any grudges against the Country of Law, so don’t stir any unnecessary troubles . Moreover… With our current strength in the Void Territory, we still aren’t able to create magic warships that suit us . This time, we are using the Senia Family’s modified warship as a facade so we can only make do with it . ”

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“Ahhhhhhh! I can’t take it anymore! We will be beaten if we fall behind! We will be crushed if we don’t climb our technology tree’! Marlene!”

“Huh? Is anything the matter, Bubble?”

Marlene looked at her curiously .

“We must start to ‘climb our technology tree’ after we return! Dig out all the wisdom in your brain regarding the Void Dragon’s magic technologies! Create the newest and most powerful weapons! No matter if it’s the Death Star or Iserlohn Fortress, create them all! Make others tremble in fear under our might and prestige!”

“Huh? This…”

Marlene revealed an uncharacteristic, panicky expression . She couldn’t understand what Mini Bubble Gum meant at all… Even though she had awakened and retrieved her wisdom and knowledge as the Deity Warden, Mini Bubble Gum’s imposing presence still gave her an indescribable pressure .

Even though Mini Bubble Gum’s words were full of personal desires, Rhode actually agreed with her . In the Dragon Soul Continent, being able to conquer the sky independently was a sign of an advanced state of armament . For instance, the Country of Light had angels while the Country of Darkness could create hundreds of thousands of gargoyles . On the other hand, the Country of Law had an army of pegasi . No matter if they domesticated the mystical creatures, relied on their own strength, or created magic weapons, it was vital to dominate the sky . And now, Rhode didn’t have any that could protect his skies . If it weren’t for the magic warships that the Senia Family provided, he would probably have none . In this area, even though Rhode had powerful, high-end forces, his intermediate and low-end forces were seriously insufficient . Besides, magic warships had been around for years and basically reached the limits of their development . It was about time to search for a new direction .

“Alright, Bubble, your thoughts are interesting . We’ll discuss it back home . ”

Shortly after, Canary went up and stopped Mini Bubble Gum from losing her mind .

“Besides, isn’t our equipment made by Marlene and Lapis? We should thank them properly instead . ”

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“Of course, I’m aware of that…”

Mini Bubble Gum spoke, blushing slightly . Indeed, before they headed off, Marlene and Lapis did everything they could to create high-level equipment for them . With the wisdom of magic technology from the Deity Warden and Lapis’s Behermes’s alchemy skills, the newly-made equipment was amazing .

Canary and Mini Bubble Gum finally switched out of their low-level, aesthetic robes for a set of gorgeous, magical equipment . Canary wore an elegant, scarlet dress with a layered frill skirt that emanated mesmerizing magical radiances . There was also a pitch-black, four-pointed star on the side of the skirt, symbolizing that she belonged to Starlight . Her red coat had long, flaring sleeves and through the translucent floral patterns, one could see her slim, snowy arms . Even though this beautiful outfit seemed ordinary, with Marlene’s and Lapis’s abilities it became equivalent to level 90 armor, with enhanced anti-magic, high-speed enchantment, and spell storage abilities .

Compared to Canary’s gorgeous dress, Mini Bubble Gum’s was much simpler . She was clad in a long-sleeved white uniform, short skirt, and leather boots . Perhaps with considerations to Mini Bubble Gum’s close-combat skills, Marlene and Lapis specially prepared a pair of white leather gloves, where the back of the gloves were etched using magical threads to showcase a four-pointed star, as well as some complicated magic rituals . Even though it seemed simple, the amount of energy stored couldn’t be belittled . If Mini Bubble Gum was a human-shaped missile before, she would be a high-capacity human-shaped nuclear bomb now . It could also be said that if she unleashed her full powers, even the borders of the nation would be devastated .

The biggest reason for Mini Bubble Gum’s excitement was that she wanted to personally test out the new equipment . At this moment, Rhode suspected if his decision to bring her was a bad one .

“Forget it . I shall treat this situation like a gangster boss leading his men to a meeting… Oh-oh-oh! This sure makes the whole thing interesting now, Big Sister! Previously I thought that Leader’s clothes were too solemn for the occasion . But it seems perfect for him as a gangster boss now . It’s totally awesome!”

Mini Bubble Gum’s eyes glinted in excitement as she looked at Rhode, who sat on the bedside . It seemed like his outfit didn’t change too much because after all, equipment and all was secondary after he became one of the Creator Dragon Souls . Therefore, he only wore black noble attire and a coat, used for formal occasions . Like others, he also had a four-pointed star badge on his chest . However, his was silver in color, which signified that he was the leader .

Now that Mini Bubble Gum mentioned, it did seem like they were members of a gang .

Rhode gazed at his luxurious black attire and acted as though he didn’t hear what she said .

Knock knock knock .

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At this moment, the door opened and Gillian entered the room, waving at everyone .

“Master, we’re about to reach our destination now . Everyone get ready . ”

“Let’s go . ”

Rhode closed the book in his hand . Canary and Alice stood up and followed him out of the room and onto the deck .

At this moment, the magic warship slowly descended . They witnessed the flickering magical radiance on the balcony above the tall mountain and this meant that their magic warship would be anchored there . But this wasn’t the problem…

“The Country of Law sure is thoughtful . ”

Rhode said and his group looked ahead .

On the left side was the warship from the Country of Darkness, where pitch-black clouds flashed with lightning bolts in the azure sky . On the right side was the massive, dazzling white magic warship from the Country of Light, piercing through the clouds and also slowly descending . It could be seen from this arrangement that the Country of Law treated the three honored guests equally and in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts, they had specially arranged for them to arrive at the palace simultaneously .

Shortly after, under the guidance of elves riding on pegasi, the magic warships were steadily anchored to the platform by the sides of the mountain .

A steel ramp extended gradually and Rhode spotted a young lady clad in a white robe, presenting a kind, graceful smile . She had silky-long green hair and an attractive face . What gathered everyone’s attention was the long staff in her smooth hand, where on the tip was an exquisite scale .

“Greetings, Your Majesty Void Dragon . ”

The young lady said .

“I’m Nalea, the Judgment Dragon . I represent the Country of Law in welcoming you to the Order Ceremony . ”

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