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Chapter 957
Chapter 957: A Critical Ceremony

The tension in the atmosphere instantly faded away like a flattened, punctured balloon .

The Dark Dragon Ion scoffed at Nalea’s words . On the other hand, Rhode shrugged as though nothing happened while Lilian stared at Ion in resentment, but eventually calmed herself down after looking at Rhode . No matter what the exact reasons were, at least they had eliminated their battle intentions for now, so Siena heaved a sigh of relief . She had to admit that even though her elder sister seemed unreliable, there were often times when her unreliable behaviors resolved difficult problems .

Siena took in a deep breath, cleared her mind, and took a step forward .

“Your Majesty Lilian, Your Majesty Rhode, and Your Majesty Ion, please follow us to the ceremony room . As for the rest of you, please wait here, and if it is possible, I hope you can maintain control…” Siena gazed at Lilian and Ion and after ensuring that there were no objections, she made an inviting gesture to Rhode .

“Alright, Your Majesty Rhode, please come with me . ”

“Okay . ”

Rhode nodded without hesitation . He turned around, patted Mini Bubble Gum’s head, and exchanged meaningful glances with Canary and Marlene . Then, he turned around and followed Siena into the dark passage that led into the deep palace . Lilian scuttled toward Rhode and walked beside him closely . On the other hand, Ion gazed at them coldly, scoffed, and strode into the dark passage .

“Hmph . Pretentious *sshole . ”

Mini Bubble Gum gazed at Ion and curled her lips . Then, she turned to Canary curiously .

“By the way, Big Sister, do you know where Leader is heading to? Don’t tell me he’s going for some bullsh*t religious ritual and baptism . We didn’t come here for some monkey play! Of course, it will be another discussion if we can choose who to fight . ”

Mini Bubble Gum looked at the four legendary generals excitedly with undisguised battle intention glinting in her eyes . But this time, the four legendary generals didn’t respond to her brazen taunting—not even Ashvril, who was the most provocative .

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Even though the three camps minded their own businesses, this didn’t mean that they had no interaction at all .

“Hmm… What a surprise . I didn’t expect his subjects to be so powerful . ”

Erin leaned on the wall and squinted at Marlene’s group, curiously swirling the wine glass .

“Only fertile soil nurtures beautiful gardens because roots can support the growth of towering trees . I’m not too surprised by that, Erin . ”

Lydia stood leisurely by the stone column beside Erin, gazing interestingly at Canary and the others .

“Frankly speaking, I also feel slightly envious . If I knew this would happen, I wouldn’t have agreed to his request . But it seems like… my choice was right . ”

Lydia revealed a proud smile, while Erin let out a long sigh .

“Yeah, I’m jealous of you . You’re still the first ever in history to have a Creator Dragon Soul as your guardian knight . But it’s a pity that he wasn’t born in the Country of Darkness . If not, I would have liked him to become my personal knight . It is rare to find someone who is worthy of appreciation in the Country of Darkness . But… It is not like I don’t have a chance at all . ”

“What do you mean?”

Lydia twitched her brow curiously . Erin chuckled and placed a finger on her lips .

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“It’s simple . Why do you think I’m here for this ceremony?”

“Indeed . If I recall correctly, your family doesn’t like you to interfere in internal affairs, right?”

Lydia puckered her brows . She had this doubt in the past and as the ruler of the Munn Kingdom, she knew quite a lot about the Country of Darkness . In fact, even though Erin was a princess of the royal family, she was forbidden by the Dark Dragon from intervening with military affairs . Normally, she wouldn’t be allowed to attend such a diplomatic occasion . But now, she came to the Country of Law with the four legendary generals, which was indeed strange . After hearing Erin’s answer, Lydia seemed to realize something .

“Could it be that…”

“That’s right, it’s just as you thought . I’m just Big Brother’s bargaining chip . Perhaps I’ll be marrying off to the Void Territory in the near future . Huhuhu . How is it? Are you feeling anxious already?”

Erin chuckled playfully and didn’t seem like she was unwilling to . On the contrary, she seemed like a rich young lady who was about to go sightseeing . Lydia pouted and shrugged helplessly .

“I certainly didn’t expect this… It seems like I’ve miscalculated . It’s a pity because if I knew this would happen, I would have taken action earlier . But… Even though wild flowers can’t be compared to precious flowers nurtured in greenhouses, they still have a special and distinctive scent, don’t they? Perhaps I should say that tenacious vitality and determination are the most wonderful values in this world . ”

Lydia closed her eyes .

“If that day were to come, I will give you my blessings, Erin . Hmm… But I don’t think you will receive his recognition so easily . After all, you’re aware that you have a lot of competition, right?”

“Yes, you’re right . ”

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Erin nodded slightly . She focused her gaze on Marlene, Canary, and the others with puckered brows .

“I do have a lot of competition . Besides… Aren’t you one of them?”

“Oh? Why do you say so?” Lydia said .

“It’s simple . If I were to marry into the Void Territory, don’t you think that the Light Dragon will choose you as a bargaining chip for the other side of the scale in order to maintain balance?” Erin turned around with a smile and gazed at Lydia . “Besides, don’t you have any interest in him at all?”

This time Lydia didn’t respond immediately . Instead, she lifted her head and gazed at the burning candlelight at the end of the deep, dark passage . She narrowed her eyes and the corners of her mouth lifted wittily .

“Who knows?”

The dark passage was oddly silent . Rhode pondered over the ceremony that was about to take place . Judging from the current situation and their reactions from before, this upcoming ceremony should be a completely internal one . Of course, he didn’t think that it would be a baptism ceremony like Mini Bubble Gum because Siena and Nalea were only dragon soul heirs . Moreover, the other four dragon soul heirs were on the same level as him, so they didn’t have the rights to administer baptism to him .

The fact that this ceremony existed up until now and was even recognized by the Dark Dragon proved that it might relate to some secrets which players weren’t aware of . This was because despite players being able to kill the dragon soul heirs and open up territories, it was impossible for them to become a dragon soul heir . Therefore, players naturally couldn’t get involved with the storyline or missions related to dragon soul heirs . Moreover, for a ceremony that only dragon soul heirs and their direct subjects could participate in, players had no place there, even if their reputation was at the highest level . Therefore, even if there were such a ceremony in the game, players wouldn’t possibly know . Besides, judging from this, the ceremony would only be triggered when a dragon soul heir inherited the dragon soul powers, which meant that players basically couldn’t be involved .

And now, Rhode actually ‘activated’ this storyline and this ceremony might possibly contain some secrets of the Dragon Soul Continent . If not, it wouldn’t require Siena and Nalea to be responsible for it .

Rhode lifted his head at this thought and gazed at the young lady and the longsword slung behind her .

He was very familiar with this back view . This was not the first time that he followed the twin dragons and eliminated Chaos for the sake of restoring Order .

And now, he finally showed up before them once again .

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