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Chapter 897

Chapter 897: Building the City (2)

Rhode gazed silently at the system interface which had returned to its original state . Not only was there a picture of the territory, but there was also various information about it . After awakening his bloodline, the information which Rhode could see as a dragon soul heir was much more than an overlord in the game .

[Void Territory]

[Territory Reward: Plants growth period decreased by two-thirds . Production of magic minerals increased by 50%]

[Void Blessings: Multiplies spiritual powers recovery speed for spell casters under the void protection]

[Magic monster nests: Production rate +7]

[Rewarded Class: Spirit Swordsman]

[Absolute Dominance: All enemies of the void will have their strength dropped by one tier]

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Rhode’s brow twitched . These rewards were much better than those in the game . There were different rules under every dragon soul protection just like how the Light Dragon soul protection weakened the undead creatures, people under the Dark Dragon soul protection could avoid death, and people under the Law Dragon soul protection could not violate the rules and agreements . The Void Dragon soul protection was also unique—decreasing the plant growth period and increasing magical mineral production didn’t surprise him by much . On the other hand, [Void Blessings] astonished him .

The so-called Void Blessings were actually referring to the people who worshiped and followed the Void Dragon . This also meant that within his territory, the people who followed him would have their speed of recovery in their spiritual powers multiplied . This was awesome news for him . Not only that, but [Absolute Dominance] also thrilled him . Any enemy who stepped onto his territory would have their levels and attributes forcefully downgraded . Although he didn’t know if this would work on the four legendary generals or Archangels, it would still be extremely useful even if it worked only on their subordinates . The downgrade of an entire tier could be up to 10 levels, which was huge for players, not to mention the natives . If this happened in the game, perhaps all players would have to wrap around his territory wherever they went .

What surprised him was that the Spirit Swordsman was actually the rewarded class by the Void Dragon . The rewarded class was the exclusive class for the dragon soul, just like the [Light Defender] under the Light Dragon, the [Dead Soul Fighter], and the [Judgment Knight] under the Law Dragon . In gaming terms, these classes were exclusive to every dragon soul . Rhode was initially confused as to why he was the only Spirit Swordsman in this world . But now, he realized that this class was actually an exclusive one, which explained why the three humanoids could become one . But after the Void Dragon soul protection was in place, perhaps he could train up a whole batch of Spirit Swordsmen .

On the other hand, [Magic monster nests] concerned him a little . Every dragon soul had their own magic monster nests, just like how the Country of Darkness had [Soul Griffins] . These magic monster nests produced unique creatures according to the territories that they lived in . Every dragon soul heir would search for the magic monster nests in their territories, communicate with the overlords, and receive their assistance in obtaining the nests . As the magic monster nests only existed in this world due to the dragon soul protection, most overlords wouldn’t reject the dragon soul heirs’ requests . Of course—they usually listened to all of the dragon soul heirs’ requests .

Rhode remembered that in the history of the Country of Light, they had the magic monster nests of [Light Griffins] and [Sacred Unicorns] . But after the Light Dragon was stripped of its authority, the nests disappeared without a trace just like the Wyverns .

But now, his biggest headache was that there were too many options for him .

[Fairy Nest], [Divine Unicorn], [Naga Vortex], [Lustful Demon Palace], [Undead Garden], [Centaur Forest], and [Air Element Sea] .

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Apart from the [Fairy Nest] that was harmless to people and livestock, the others were all useful . What gave him a headache was that several of the races were completely hostile to one another, so he couldn’t make his decision easily . Rhode had to admit that the Void Dragon was indeed capable, judging from the fact that it successfully gathered so many hostile magic monster nests together . But he suddenly felt relieved after recalling the demon, angel, elves, and undead sisters in his holy sword card deck…

He could leave the problem of the magic monster nests til later since there wouldn’t be too much trouble in his territory for the time being . He shifted his gaze to the city projection in the system .

There were a total of 15 cities . After careful consideration, he struck off the insanely huge cities from the list and some of the cities which he didn’t need at the moment . He was left with three choices which included the [Historical City, Sandkus] that belonged to Alice, the [Magical City, Dinas] that belonged to Marlene, and [Original City, Grandia] .

After more thoughts, he gave up Alice’s [Sandkus] . Although the city fulfilled his requirements, he realized that it was basically a large-scale library where 70 to 80 percent of it was used to store data . No matter how much cultural atmosphere he had in his territory, it would be meaningless without attack and defense mechanisms .

[Dinas] and [Grandia] were left .

They passed all conditions which Rhode needed—considerable size that could satisfy the current population . Even after the influx of refugees, he could still add extensions to the territory . Moreover, both cities could float in the air . But…

As the city for the Wisdom Deity Warden, [Dinas] was suitable for attacks and could rise into the air with the power of magical technologies . Moreover, the entire city possessed strong attacking power with ten of the most powerful in-game magic cannons as proclaimed by players—namely the Delusion Rainbow . It could also be said that 10 Golden Cities would perish in an instant if the cannons were to blast them . On the contrary, its defenses weren’t as tough . Even though magic barriers were in place, they would still shatter to strong attacks . Besides, as a floating city that ran on magical powers, the entire city would crumble as soon as its core was destroyed .

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As the most ancient city, [Grandia] was great in defense . Although it couldn’t move its position in the air, it basically lived between the gap of space and plane of existence . In other words, attacks that couldn’t rip through space had no effects on it . It could also be said to be the perfect city of defense . This city also lasted the longest against Chaos back then, which showed how strong its defenses were .

But compared to [Dinas], [Grandia] had some obvious flows, as most of its attacks needed to come from its people . Unlike [Dinas] with the automatic defense system, [Grandia]’s defenses were mostly set up through magical rituals and enhanced magic towers . If Rhode had a Mage with high mastery over magic, there would be no doubts about [Grandia]’s offense . If not, [Grandia] would simply be a floating city with strong defenses .

Apart from that, the biggest difference between them was that [Dinas] could increase the standards of magical technologies in the territory while [Grandia] could increase the success rate of residents becoming spell casters . This was why Rhode couldn’t make up his mind . He knew the universality of magical technologies . The Munn Kingdom relied on the powerful strength of the magic warships to be able to keep a foothold in the Light Mainland . However, with Rhode’s current foundation, he would need a really long time before he could reach the Munn Kingdom’s standard . On the other hand, spell casters could come into good use after mastering spells . Perhaps it couldn’t be seen in the Munn Kingdom, but Rhode who had been to the Mage Association knew how powerful a world full of magic was .

If it were possible, he wished to construct both cities . The increase in speed for spiritual powers recovery was a great plus for the spell casters, but he also didn’t want to give up [Dinas]’s magical technologies . After all, his territory had nothing at the moment . It felt as though the other territories had entered the industrial revolution while his territory was still in the primitive society . He would take a beating if he fell behind and this logic applied even in this world . If he could build [Dinas], it would mean that his primitive society would instantly be upgraded to the electrical age . But… Would the natives under him be able to drive the ancient magical technologies well?

Rhode puckered his brows and pondered in silence .

Then, he made his decision .

“Let’s start, Marlene . ”

He raised his right arm and suddenly, mirror-like fragments emerged in the empty air around them .

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