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Chapter 898

Chapter 898: Building the City (3)

Inside the mirror-like fragments floating in midair, majestic scenery consisting of bridges, pavilions, platforms, squares and greeneries were clearly shown before them . After witnessing them personally, Rhode finally felt how much pressure the spaces inside the shattered fragments faced, or perhaps he should say that he finally got a feel of how insane the Creator Dragon Souls were .


He eventually chose [Grandia] .

Even though [Dinas] was strong in attacks, its demands were also higher . Although this magical city could operate on its own, he would be helpless if it required repairing and maintenance . According to Marlene, only Lapis was capable of repairing any issues with this city . Although Marlene could also train a group of Alchemists for the job, it would take at least a few months . Apart from them, the humanoids were also available for support . But there were less than a hundred of them at the moment . Besides, the humanoids couldn’t reproduce and were totally man-made products .

What made Rhode give up on [Dinas] was that his basic facilities were too bad .

It was like one driving a supersonic jet and transmigrating into ancient times . Even if he could control the supersonic jet to destroy a city, he couldn’t repair or maintain it without fuel or spare parts . The magical technologies in [Dinas] were so advanced that one couldn’t resolve any issues on the basic level . Even though the scene of ten Delusion Rainbow magic cannons bombarding battlefields was amazing and magnificent, Rhode had no choice but to give it up .

Right now, he was about to restore Grandia’s core urban area . According to the system introduction, this core urban area could accommodate 25,000 people, which was perfect . Currently, there were nearly 20,000 Order Refugees and the remaining 5000 empty slots could be filled up by his main members . [Grandia] had a total of nine subdivisions . He could still unlock the other subdivisions for more space in the future .

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Rhode raised his right arm .

Out of a sudden, the fragments floating in midair spun and the ground beneath his feet trembled . The air around him turned foggy and even the grass and ocean in the distance became blurry . This was the sign of spaces fusing together . He gazed sternly at the system interface because the fusion of spaces was incredibly dangerous . The situation would be better if he were still in the Land of Chaos . After all, the only source of Order in a land full of Chaos would naturally attract all the fragments . But now, the fragments were fusing in a fixed space of Order . If the situation turned unfavorable, the entire place would completely crumble and Rhode’s group would be sucked into the turbulence of time and space .

[Grandia Area Zero Unlocked —— Begin Space Fusion]

[Matching —— Fusion Error Rate 0 . 03%]

[Begin Space Fragments Fusion —— Fusion Rate 20%]

The space fragments around Rhode flickered in dazzling radiances, scattering and expanding simultaneously . Then, they connected as though attracted by one another .

[Fusion Rate 50% . Error 0]

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The surroundings changed instantly .

The grass beneath his feet turned into a path of slab while buildings of various structures emerged on the empty fields . Flashing brilliance swept across the surroundings again and again like waves . The city covered in dust crossed the boundary of time and presented itself before everyone .

[Fusion Rate 90% . Error 0]

The magical radiances shone brighter and the young ladies had to narrow their eyes and turn away . Fluctuations in the space also became stronger, which meant that the fusion of the fragments were almost completed . Then, what was left was to drag the city from the space into here and secure it firmly .

[Fusion Rate 100% . Error 0]

[Core urban area summoning complete]

The radiance receded like the tide and revealed the view before everyone .

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It was an enormous, majestic white palace hovering quietly in the night sky right above the center of the urban area . The surroundings were separated by the crystal-clear lakes and connected by four white marble bridges . The lush, green grasses swayed in the breeze and the clear springs flowed to form a stream that poured from midair .

The core urban area was divided into five subdivisions . They were like layered ladders that were divided into two parts . The palace in the center was surrounded by the other four subdivisions like four flower petals that displayed its sacred and solemn form . Then, radiance shone .

The brilliance of the stars instantly enveloped the city, fusing with the starry night sky . At a single glance, it looked as though the entire sky was the extension of this city from top to bottom, from heaven to earth .

“Woah! Leader, we’re above the big ocean!”

Anne stood on the edge of the grassland and shrieked in excitement as she looked down . The others hurriedly went up to her and also looked at the view below them . The island which they were standing on had vanished completely and was replaced by the azure ocean . In the distance, there were also tall mountains and vast plains .

“Mr . Rhode, it’s so tall… What if we fall? Also… How can the others enter from here?”

Lize asked palely . She couldn’t be blamed since this was different from magic warships . A floating city wasn’t guarded by fences everywhere . She looked down from the edge and instantly felt giddy . Even though it was the ocean below them and not the surface, one would still be critically injured if one plunged into the ocean from such a height .

“Don’t worry about it . ”

Rhode gave a casual gesture with his hand .

“There are space barriers around so you won’t fall and you can’t even commit suicide by jumping down . ” Rhode swept a glance at the system introduction . He had to admit that even though this city couldn’t fulfill his dreams of owning a city equipped with the most powerful magic cannons, this top-grade turtle shell was still wonderful . There were also similar floating cities in the Dragon Soul Continent such as the Mage Association’s magical fortress that soared in the northern wilderness . Besides, it wasn’t that he couldn’t build a similar floating city with the construction system . He could clearly do so as long as he had enough money to spend . However, the floating cities were different from [Grandia] . No matter how the cities were structured, they had to rely on massive amounts of energy to float in midair and if their core power generator were destroyed, the entire city would plunge to the surface .

However, [Grandia] was different . It used a fixed coordinate method to secure itself on the plane of existence and space . In other words, [Grandia] wasn’t ‘floating’ in midair, but was simply ‘existing’ right there instead, like a cloud that would forever be drifting in the sky and wouldn’t fall to the surface . [Grandia] had completely fused with the sky so as long as it wasn’t destroyed entirely, it wouldn’t crash to the surface . Not only that, but Rhode also discovered that the space barrier entirely stopped all teleportation spells . In other words, it was impossible for anyone to use teleportation spells to enter his city . Apart from entrances or exits which he appointed, other areas would be protected by the space barrier too . If his city were surrounded by enemies, no one could enter the city if he sealed up and fortified the entrances . Moreover, he also realized that the pure water source came from the water elemental plane of existence . Furthermore, there was also a subdivision dedicated to growing crops and livestocks . Therefore, even if the enemies adopted the siege strategy, unless they could keep it up for 50 to 60 years, it would be meaningless for them .

But come to think of it, with the complete obscuration with the plane of existence barrier, Rhode was curious as to who would be capable enough to bring damage to his city .

Of course, he was referring to anyone except for the Creator Dragon Souls .

“Alright then, let’s start the operations of this city . ”

Rhode shrugged and said .

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