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Chapter 896

Chapter 896: Building the City (1)

The capital city was the most important place for all forces, such as the Golden City for the Munn Kingdom, Casabianca for the Country of Light, and Drekoen for the Country of Darkness . The city was the most powerful emblem and also the symbol of a territory and organization . Therefore, it was essential for Rhode to build one .

Although he could use the construction system to build a massive fortress like the one in the Land of Atonement, it wasn’t cost-effective . He had to spend a lot of gold coins where even the lowest-level city required tens of millions and mid-level cities were in the billions . Of course, there were also buildings that were out of specifications, which not even the gold coins of this entire continent could afford—such as the Death Star[1] or something .

This time, he had no intention of doing so .

After the lesson he had with the Land of Atonement, he more clearly understood what ‘more haste less speed’ meant . He could save a whole lot of time if he used the construction system to build the city, but it would be an issue if he didn’t consider the population that he could accommodate . Just like the Land of Atonement, even though the fortress was comprehensive inside-out, the sparse population led to many places being uninhabited for a long period of time . As a result, these uninhabited areas brought a lot of problems until he accepted a large number of refugees to occupy them, which finally brought some vitality to the place . If he were to build a strong city without considering its size and capacity, it would just end up as a ghost town .

Currently, there were less than 20,000 old, fragile women and children residing in the tower in the middle of this territory . He could build a city that could accommodate 100,000 people . But… for what purpose?

Therefore, he predicted that it would be for the best if he could build a city that could expand in size anytime, just like a core that could match different plug-ins to enhance its capabilities . But he had to carefully plan the external areas to prevent slums . Although he had no intention of designing the city as an utopia, he also didn’t wish to see his city in a filthy mess either .

Fortunately, the construction system also upgraded in level after Rhode received this territory . Right now, there were many options from his dragon soul powers and one of them was the ability to ‘restore’ the city using the dragon soul powers .

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That’s right . ‘Restore’ .

The Order in the Land of Chaos was shattered, but it didn’t mean that it couldn’t be fixed . It was just like how Rhode’s group entered the Land of Chaos for the first time . As they advanced in the Land of Chaos, they saw grasslands, bridges, and paths emerging in the empty spaces of Order . This was the result of the shattered Order fragments returning to space .

After Rhode awakened his strength and became the dragon soul heir, he naturally obtained the authority of the dragon soul powers . He couldn’t help but exclaim in awe—the ancient creator dragon souls were just too insane .

Back then, the Creator Dragon Souls had as though predicted the future of Chaos shattering the Order barrier and the cities that they lived in would perish completely . The cities which the Creator Dragon Souls had during the creation period weren’t like the ordinary buildings . For the sake of safety, the Creator Dragon Souls did something that was unimaginable for him; a crazy decision—they actually used the strength of Order and ‘replicated’ the cities as well as the spaces that they were in . Then, the replicated cities and spaces were ‘shattered’ into batches to become Order fragments before ‘storing’ them in their bodies . This way, new dragon soul heirs could retrieve the Order fragments using their dragon soul powers and merge them together using the strength of Order and congratulations—a city of a thousand years’ old would be presented right before one in perfect condition!

Rhode would never have thought of this . But he couldn’t be blamed since no one except the Creator Dragon Souls themselves could have the amount of Order strength to do this .

But the more he dug deeper into the [City Fragment Package] within the dragon soul powers, the more he was bewildered . The cities inside the package could accommodate hundreds of thousands or even millions of people . They were also equipped with extremely powerful attack and defense mechanisms and even the weakest of all were much stronger than Golden City’s . It could also be said that if Rhode switched the Golden City with any of them, perhaps even the Dark Dragon leading the four legendary generals could have a hard time taking the city down . However, such a powerful city that also accommodated so many people had fallen under the attack of Chaos .

Were the Chaos Creatures so powerful?

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Even if he were to lead Starlight to attack a city like that, they wouldn’t succeed without taking at least half a year . But when he asked Christie and Alice about it, they told him firmly that these cities perished within two to three months, or even shorter . Besides, for some unknown reasons, Rhode realized that they seemed to have a misconception about the Chaos Creatures .

As the top player who led Starlight down over 800 floors in the bottomless abyss, Rhode understood Chaos Creatures very well . The Chaos Creatures with the highest level were only level 80 and even the BOSSES were easy to deal with . But according to Christie, the Chaos Creatures that attacked the Dragon Soul Continent and led to the crumble of the dragon soul protection were only level 75, which didn’t fit his knowledge about them . Besides, after he took a closer look at Marlene’s and the other ‘Christie’s’ data, he was confident that their strength was stronger than the three Archangels and four legendary generals and below the Creator Dragon Souls . But the Chaos Creatures had made even the Six Deity Wardens flee ignominiously, so just how powerful were they to do that? He didn’t remember any Chaos Creatures that were so powerful .

However, that was what only the researchers would find out . Therefore, he quickly threw this matter to the back of his head and focused on his preparations to build the city .

“No matter how many times I look at it, my mind feels so complicated…”

Rhode looked at the sky and let out a long sigh . At this moment beneath his feet was green meadow, with a white shore and crashing waves in the distance . The tattered tinder tower stood firmly and was covered by thick, lush vines . The only difference now was that at the top of the tower, the tinder was nowhere to be seen . The dragon soul protection had spread over the territory and secured the strength of Order in place, so there wasn’t a need for the tinder to maintain the presence of the Order space anymore . The comforting, gentle breeze blew against him . He watched the pitch-black sky and the countless dazzling stars . It seemed like a peaceful night—if he were to neglect the blazing fireball hanging before him .

“I can’t get used to the visual perception of standing on the moon and watching the universe…”

Rhode muttered and shook his head helplessly . The dragon soul protection represented the nature of all the dragon souls, but no matter how he thought about it, he didn’t expect that the Void Dragon would show itself in this form . Currently, he was as though standing on a distant planet and looking at the universe . Not only did he see the massive, blazing fireball, but he also saw a silver star ring extended from one end to the other along the horizon . What about the atmosphere? Light refraction? Ultraviolet lights? Was all this logical?

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Forget it… This is an illogical world, after all .

Miraculously, the sun wasn’t extremely glaring . Even though he clearly saw how it combusted, its brilliance was unlike the radiance which he felt under the Light Dragon soul protection . Not only that, but the heat was also appropriate and wasn’t like those in the disaster movies where the scorching heat melted everything . There were also clouds drifting in the starry sky, which was totally unexplainable by science .

Anne, Lize, and the other young ladies were all bemused . However, they quickly adapted to this strange situation . On the contrary, Rhode felt depressed the more he looked at them as though the knowledge which he thought was ‘common sense’ didn’t exist at all .

Rhode thought of bringing Canary and Mini Bubble Gum here so they could fall apart together because ‘good things’ must be shared, wasn’t it?

“Marlene, are you ready?”

Rhode asked . The young lady standing beside him took a step forward and nodded firmly .

“I’ve received words from Miss Lesa . Everyone has entered the tower . Preparations are ready, Rhode . ”

“Good . ”

Rhode nodded and raised his arm .

The gorgeously complicated system interface emerged before his eyes .

[1] Planet-level weapon of destruction from Star Wars .

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