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Chapter 816: 816

The prairie rustled in the chilly wind while the waist-tall underbrushes swayed gently like moving green waves . The bright full moon illuminated the entire prairie and every shadow was clearly visible beneath the underbrushes . Rhode stood nonchalantly on the peak of the cliff and gazed at the Chaos Being below him—the dark figure clenched its fists and gazed at him alertly . Two shadow creatures that were around four meters tall stood behind it . They seemed like two enormous gorillas, but compared to before, they had become much smaller now .

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 “How unfortunate, Mr . Gloucester . You were one of the key figures in the Chaos Church . I didn’t expect you to become so weak after cutting off all ties with Chaos…”

 Rhode took a step back and allowed Gaya to take the lead .

 “Who exactly are you… Human?”

 Gloucester gazed at Rhode and asked in a deep voice that didn’t sound anxious at all . However, Rhode and Gaya sensed his cautiousness and hesitation . Not only Gloucester, but Gaya also turned to the young man behind her with dubious eyes . Even though Gaya was experienced in dealing with the Chaos Beings, she didn’t know much about them . She was only aware that this dark figure before her was definitely a powerful one . On the other hand, Rhode seemed to know everything about him .

 Rhode shrugged . Of course, he wasn’t spouting nonsense . After the dragon souls were smashed and the game entered the third chapter, the devils and Chaos Beings invaded the continent . Rhode led Starlight back and forth into hell more than a hundred times and naturally knew a lot about them .

 Everyone thought that Chaos Beings were emissaries of Chaos and were a bunch of crazy beings . But this wasn’t the truth . Chaos was just a reflection of twisted Order . Even though most of the Chaos Beings were erratic, the core of Chaos wasn’t totally chaotic . Instead, it was twisted, damaged Order .

 To the Chaos Beings, true Chaos wasn’t to destroy Order completely because if Order no longer existed, Chaos would turn into the new Order . They knew clearly that Chaos existed due to the existence of Order .

 It was due to this that the high-ups of Chaos Beings were full of twisted Order, which weren’t understandable to most . Under their ‘guidance’ (Chaos Beings would never admit that they were manipulated and commanded because these were words that completely represented pure Order), the remaining erratic people would unleash their chaotic nature unconsciously .

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 ‘Phantom Tamer’ Gloucester was one of the higher-ups in the Chaos Church . However, due to the insane nature in the Chaos Beings, he could sometimes be the middle-ranking personnel or even core of the Chaos Church . This pattern was commonly seen among the high-tier BOSS and was a huge headache for the players . This wasn’t only the difference in identity and position, but the Chaos Beings’ BOSS with different identities would drop completely different equipment . Moreover, there weren’t any changes to their strength! In other words, if a high-tier BOSS was annihilated when it was a middle-ranking personnel, it would only drop equipment belonging to middle-ranking BOSS . However, its attack would still be at the same level as a high-tier BOSS! This was entirely ridiculous for the players .

 What made matters worse was that there were no order in status promotions among the Chaos Beings and they were determined based on their mood . In other words, the BOSS could be a higher-up or a low-tier member if it wanted . Such twisted, broken, and chaotic order made the players crazy . Therefore, fighting a BOSS would rely a huge part of their luck .

 Fortunately, the third chapter activated the player overlords’ era, which allowed players to manage their territories . If not, the Chaos Beings’ BOSS would dominate the entire game .

 It was due to this that the Chaos Beings didn’t seem to have a supreme leader . The final BOSS of the Chaos Beings had always been a mystery despite players entering the Deepest Labyrinth and completed the third chapter . No one was sure if the final BOSS of the Chaos Beings even existed . Rhode had even led his team through the 900 floors of hell to search for it, but there were no results .

Rhode understood Gloucester well . The latter was an expert in using the power of Chaos to modify and strengthen other creatures . Rhode had also met some crazy scientists among the Chaos Beings . He was only about level 70, but could create creatures that were between level 75 to 80 . This was a classic example of a pet being stronger than its owner .

 But now… [Casali under the Night sSky] was a created space of Order that kept out all things related to Chaos . Gloucester could count himself lucky if he was level 60 while the two shadow creatures were level 65 at this moment . This was the weaknesses of Chaos Beings—with the Chaos attribute, they couldn’t possibly possess powers of the rule attribute even if they transcended into the Legendary Stage because their attribute was forever the Chaos attribute . Besides, apart from contaminating and destroying the powers of the rule attribute, they were no threat to others . A Chaos Beings’ worst nightmare was to be dragged into an Order Dimension like this!

 Even though it was tough for Rhode to handle them by himself, he didn’t intend to do it alone this time! No matter what, the enemy was a higher-up of the Chaos Church and had transcended into the Legendary Stage . It was draining enough for him to maintain this venue card!

 However, someone else could accomplish the job for him .

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 “I’ll leave it to you, Miss Gaya . They’re between level 60 to 65 and in the Basic Legendary Stage at the moment . You should be fine dealing with them . ”

 “Leave it to me!”

 Although she didn’t understand what Rhode meant by between level 60 to 65, Gaya clearly sensed that the endless source of strength that gave her a huge headache had vanished! Of course, she knew why Rhode included her into this space . Although she didn’t know how he did it, this was the best chance for victory!

 Gaya leapt, holding the sword horizontally before her . Then, she stroked her fingers over the strings and her black pupils glinted . She brandished her sword forward!

 Without any hesitation, Gaya put all her might into this attack—the entire prairie collapsed like soft cloth . The invisible sound wave plowed forward and turned all grass and soil into powder .

 Gloucester lifted its arms hurriedly . Shortly after, one of the shadow creatures snarled and darted forward . The shadow on the prairie gathered toward its body quickly and in the blink of an eye, the shadow creature grew into ten-meters tall! It growled and expanded its arms like a massive wall resisting Gaya’s attack .


 Gaya snorted coldly and pointed her sword at the enemy!

 There was no sound .

 The towering shadow creature instantly disappeared without a trace . The dense shadow that coalesced around it turned into nothingness immediately .

 But the powerful force didn’t stop!


 Gloucester shrieked in terror . But he quickly retrieved an item from his pocket and squashed it in his clenched hand . In an instant, the other shadow creature mourned painfully before exploding into bits!


 The immense explosion shook the ground and stopped Gaya’s sound wave attack . Not only that, but billows of pitch-black smoke also burst in all directions!

 “Damn it!”

 Rhode exclaimed inwardly .

 “Miss Gaya, kill it! Quick!”

 Gaya was also aware that this space of Order couldn’t last any longer . She quickly darted forward with her blade .

 At this moment, the prairie under the night sky shattered like a broken mirror .

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