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Published at 5th of June 2020 10:00:07 AM
Chapter 817: 817

“I hereby present the ancient staff and call for the spiritual resonance before my ancestors…”

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 “Lize, how long is that uncle gonna keep repeating himself?”

 Anne asked softly . Currently, only Anne, Lize, Nell, and Sovann were left in the wide plaza while Rhode, Gaya, and the enemies had disappeared to nowhere . However, the young ladies weren’t overly concerned as they knew that the mysterious tricks that they witnessed were definitely Rhode’s doings . They quickly ran up to the altar and Sovann began his ritual . Lize, Anne, and Nell guarded the place . Anne held her shield while carrying the unconscious Christie in her arm, scanning the place . However, the only enemies were already lured away by Rhode, so she felt somewhat bored . She was excited when watching the fierce battle earlier, but couldn’t join them as she had to protect Christie . However, she was clear of her duties as a Shield Warrior . Although Anne was usually carefree, even Lize and Marlene wouldn’t be as serious as her during battle . Therefore, even if she was itching to jump into fights, her top priority was protecting the people around her, including the silent Dark Elf—yes, Anne placed her at the last of her priorities since Nell wouldn’t be that easily killed, anyway .

 But even so, Anne felt incredibly bored listening to Sovann’s constant muttering . She thought that the inheritance ritual was something fun, but didn’t expect it to be this dull . What left her discontent was that there wasn’t any result from Sovann’s long-winded muttering, nor any news from Rhode’s situation!

 Lize showed a bitter smile to her grumbles . She knew more about rituals than Anne as a Cleric . In fact, such a ritual shouldn’t be completed by Sovann alone, so it naturally took much longer .

 “… I, in the name of the Battle Mage heir, hereby summon your arrival!”

 Sovann raised the staff high and ended the incantation . The pale blue flames surged forward and wrapped around the staff . The rune at the top of the staff flickered and the gem at the tip emanated green rays of light that punctured the flames and formed an entrance . Then, the doors opened before them .

 In an instant, the dim plaza was shrouded in a green radiance while green flames splashed out of the brazier and expanded to both sides like rolling clouds . An illusory vast wilderness faintly emerged from between the separated flames .

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 Then, majestic figures walked out of the flames one by one . They wore robes and held the same staff as Sovann . The leading elder gazed at Sovann and said, “I sensed the spiritual energy in your bloodline, my child . You’ve proven that you hold the rights to stand before us and the lost inheritance has found its owner at this very moment . So now… Tell me your ideals and wish, my child . We once sought a path that no one has walked . We overcame rough thorns and all obstacles . Now, are you willing to accept our staff and continue down this path?”

 “This is my lifelong wish…”

 Sovann half-knelt and lifted his head .

 “I’m willing to accept the ancient inheritance and continue on the path of the Battle Mage . I swear with my soul!”

 “Good . ”

 The elder spirit nodded firmly . Then, it placed its right hand on Sovann’s head .

 “I shall grant you the lost inheritance . Bring glory and honor to the Battle Mages as you continue to brave this continent!”

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 Rhode half-knelt on the altar and panted with large beads of sweat trickling off his forehead . He gritted his teeth and brandished his right arm which instantly dispelled the venue before him . On the other side, Gaya stared forward sternly . Ghastly wounds could be seen on her dewy complexion and blood flowed from her arm to the ground . Neither of them spoke as they focused their attention at the dark figure standing mightily before the altar .

 In the blink of an eye, the distorted dark figure twisted and turned .

 “Miss Gaya, you missed!”

 “What could I have done? That fella is too strange!”

 Gaya bit her teeth and grumbled . In fact, Gaya couldn’t be blamed . When Gloucester caused one of the shadow creatures to explode, Rhode instantly realized that Gloucester was attempting to use the exploding Chaos power to break his Order Dimension . However, Rhode didn’t have any counter solutions . He exerted almost all of his spiritual powers to maintain the [Casali under the Night Sky] venue card, which proved why he couldn’t move an inch now . All he could do was to watch from the sidelines helplessly .

 Although Gaya was quick, the Chaos Beings had always been experts in taking advantage of a crisis for personal gains . As a result, when the space of Order shattered, Gaya was struck heavily by the power of Chaos albeit her slashing the weapon onto Gloucester . Even though she wasn’t on the verge of death, the strong attack that she unleashed left her powerless at the moment .

 Rhode gazed anxiously at the twisted darkness before them . His spiritual powers had been completely diminished from maintaining the venue card and perhaps he couldn’t even summon a single spirit into battle now . On the other hand, Gaya also wasn’t looking great…

 “Heh heh heh, what a pity, both of you… It seems like Order is nothing in the face of Chaos . Hmm…?”

 Suddenly, he paused and broke out into cheers .

 “The spiritual path that I’ve yearned for has finally opened . Almighty Chaos!”


 Rhode turned around and saw the illusory vast wilderness projected before Sovann . He initially guessed that the Battle Mage Group might have possibly found the path that connected to the Astral Temple . But, after witnessing this scene for himself, Rhode threw the word ‘possibly’ aside .

 Those guys have actually found the way to the Astral Temple!

 However, the next scene stunned him . After the annoying cheers from the dark figure ended, it transformed into a straight black line in midair with pitch-black liquid oozing from it and dripping on the ground . Then, various disgusting-looking creatures emerged from the pitch-black liquid on the ground, howling and darting toward the altar .

 Damn it, Chaos Beings are indeed truly insane!

 Rhode cursed inwardly . He didn’t expect that this b*stard would forcefully transform into the Chaos door despite his injuries . This was the only passageway that connected Chaos and Order . Even if Gloucester was in perfect health, it would require a lot of spiritual powers to open the Chaos door within the Order Dimension . After suffering from Gaya’s attack, he still had the guts to do it?

 Forget it . Ordinary people shouldn’t be able to understand the Chaos Beings’ logic, anyway .

 However, now wasn’t the time to think about this . The omnipresent creatures of Chaos charged toward him . If Rhode could work together with Gaya to annihilate Gloucester who had completely turned into the Chaos door, they might have a chance to get out of this crisis . But the problem was that Rhode’s strength had completely depleted and Gaya couldn’t make any moves at the moment .

 The creatures of Chaos pounced on them!

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