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Chapter 815: 815

The silver flames gradually extinguished as the pitch-black liquid vanished within .

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 Without its controller, the Spirit Warriors came to a halt like robots that ran out of power . They stood still, melted, and vanished into thin air . Everything returned to peace . The surging flames on the altar became much dimmer . Rhode heaved a sigh of relief after witnessing the Spirit Warriors disappear entirely . But this wasn’t the time for him to feel relaxed . Even though the lackey had been completely annihilated, Rhode wasn’t that naive to think that he was the final boss in this area . His final goal was to complete the mission and make his way back safely!

 “Sovann, complete the ritual!”

 “Ah! Yes, Sir Overlord!”

 Sovann returned to his senses . Even though he didn’t understand why Rhode was so anxious after Lennon was nowhere to be seen anymore, he knew that time was of the essence . He darted to the altar with the staff in hand, while Rhode put away his summoning cards and followed Sovann closely with the group .

 But suddenly, an ear-piercing sound forced everyone to cover their ears . Rhode gritted his teeth . This unbearable sound was as though rubbing a sandpaper to one’s head . On the other hand, Nell was much more unfortunate because she held sharper hearing abilities than humans as a Dark Elf . At this moment, she couldn’t continue to conceal herself in the shadow anymore as she stumbled out and half-knelt on the ground . She covered her ears and her face was as white as a sheet of paper .

 At the same time, the entire place trembled while the tall sculptures collapsed one by one . A crack began to form on the flat ceiling . Then, a lightning bolt struck the ground before them, raising billows of filthy dust and a human figure emerged from behind .

 “Miss Gaya?”

 Rhode gazed at Gaya in astonishment because she didn’t seem as steady and calm . Instead, she was miserably covered in filthy stains all over her body . The strange-looking sword in her hand had also lost its usual brilliance and turned into a dull object .

 “Cough… Cough… Hmm?”

 The young lady choked on the dust and gazed ahead after hearing Rhode’s voice . Rhode, Anne, and Lize were equally surprised . Even though they didn’t meet Gaya too many times in the past, Gaya had left them a deep impression where she was always a clean and calm young lady, unlike this miserable-looking girl . Rhode and Lize attempted to conceal their surprise, but Anne’s emerald eyes glinted at the sight of her, which made Gaya incredibly awkward . She blushed in embarrassment and let out a cough .

 “It seems like this is the personal matter that you’re up to, Mr . Rhode?”

 Gaya’s attempt to divert their attention apparently didn’t work because Rhode continued to gaze blankly . Then, he puckered his brows and scanned her from head to toe . After detecting the Chaos manipulation in the Spirit Warriors, he knew that something was amiss with this Undead Army that had dominated the Falcon Peak . Even though the Country of Darkness and Munn Kingdom were in the state of war, the Chaos Beings were totally unrelated . But now that they were here, it meant that the Undead Army that had occupied the Falcon Peak had been infiltrated by the Chaos Beings .

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 However, Rhode wasn’t overly concerned since Gaya was around to oversee the situation, so even if the Chaos Being’s BOSS were to attack, they would target her instead of himself . This was also the reason why Rhode only came to the altar after Gaya launched their attacks on the Falcon Peak . He wasn’t afraid even if the BOSS were to appear because Gaya’s strength was second only to Lydia in the Munn Kingdom . Although she wasn’t in the Peak Legendary Stage yet, she was still formidable in the Intermediate Legendary Stage . According to his observation, she should be around level 75 now, where not anyone could defeat her no matter the Undead Creatures or Chaos Beings .

 Initially, Rhode hoped that Gaya would garner all the attention from the BOSS while he completed the mission and quickly return to the fortress . However, he didn’t expect that Gaya had to escape .

 What kind of joke is this? Shouldn’t she be able to defeat any one of them easily? Could it be that the situation took a turn?

 Only a figure at the standard of the Duke Fiend could make her this miserable . But the problem was that if the Duke Fiend were here, he wouldn’t have not realized it . Back then in Soraka Mountain when the Duke Fiend emerged, Rhode’s Order Dimension instantly gave out a warning . But he hadn’t sensed any issue at all . The power of Order continued to operate normally without any signs of invasion by Chaos .

 These thoughts emerged in his head, but shortly after he thought of another question!

 Hold up!

 Rhode sulked!

 Question One: Why did he head to the altar only after Gaya attacked?

 Answer: In order for Gaya to attract the BOSS’s attention .

 Question Two: Who was Gaya fighting with that left her in this state?

 Answer: BOSS .

 Question Three: Where is the BOSS now?

 Answer: …

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 At the same time, a deep, loud growl rang in their ears while shadows around the altar distorted and the flat ground trembled violently . Rhode gulped at this sight .

 Damn it! Not only did my plan not work out, but I’ve also gotten myself into trouble!

 Gaya turned to the altar, stroked her fingers across the strings on the blade, and brandished the blade .


 Before Rhode finished his sentence, a powerful sound wave erupted from her blade and shattered the slab above the altar .


 The altar was completely shrouded in dust .


 At this moment, a piercing voice rang while gales rose and dispersed the dust . The altar was still in perfect condition, but a mysterious dark figure that resembled a shadow stood in the middle above it . Its presence flickered with the dancing flame torches on the wall as though a shadow on the wall, but at the same time, it was a 3D figure on its own .

 What the…

 Rhode’s stomach turned to ice when Gaya launched her attack on the altar because the mission would be gone if she destroyed it . If that happened, wouldn’t all their hard work in coming to this place be wasted?

 This was the first time that Rhode felt this BOSS was an amusing one . But come to think of it, if it weren’t for the emergence of this BOSS, perhaps Gaya wouldn’t have attacked the altar…

 It seems like BOSSes are nothing but trouble!

 Rhode cursed inwardly and the dark figure said .

 “I didn’t expect you to be able to escape from me, Miss Gaya . I admit that I’ve belittled you… But now, you’ve nowhere to run anymore . As for you people…” The dark figure turned to Rhode’s group . “I’m really surprised that you’re capable enough to destroy my chess piece . But this is the end, my lovely prey . ”

 The dark figure raised its arms high, coalescing a dense, massive shadow on the ceiling above him . Then, two fierce-looking shadow creatures emerged . They snapped their jaws and let out a deep growl .

 Gaya lifted her sword in silence . She swept a glance to Rhode’s group and bit her teeth .

 “Leave this to me, Mr . Rhode . I will drag it into my Order Dimension . This guy seems to have the same target as you . I hope you can use this time and beat him to it . ”


 Rhode gazed at the young lady . This was a risky gamble . Even though formidable figures in the Intermediate Legendary Stage possessed their own Order Dimension, almost no one dared to activate them in the face of Chaos Beings because an Order Dimension was the materialization of power and rule . On the other hand, Chaos Beings were experts in corrupting and destroying Order . Even if Gaya managed to kill some of the Chaos Being in her Order Dimension, it would still be substantially contaminated by Chaos . In the worst circumstances, not only would she lose her strength, but she would also turn into crippled human . This was a dangerous risk!

 Rhode knew that Gaya wasn’t favorable towards him . Besides, it was true that his identity was indeed strange, so he couldn’t blame her for having doubts about him . But now, he gained a favorable impression of her after she was willing to use such a risky gamble to stall for time and allow him to complete his mission . However… he wouldn’t let Gaya do it because he already knew who the dark figure was after witnessing the two shadow creatures .

 “It isn’t necessary, Miss Gaya . ”

 Rhode responded quickly . He knew that Gaya was one whose actions were quicker than her words . If he didn’t stop her, perhaps she would have already dragged the creature into her Order Dimension .

“I know how to deal with it . Besides, it doesn’t need to be that troublesome and dangerous . It’ll be fine as long as you coordinate with me . ”

 Rhode said without looking at her . Then, he gazed at Christie who was in Anne’s arms and lifted his head .

 “Anne and Lize . Take good care of Christie and assist Sovann . Then, seal this spiritual path!”

 “What about you, Leader?”

 Anne asked anxiously .


 Rhode stared at the dark figure .

 “It would be a waste if I don’t spend some time with the deacon from the Chaos Church, right? ‘Phantom Tamer’ Gloucester?”

 “You are…?”

 Even though the dark figure didn’t move, its high-pitched voice revealed its surprise . However, before he finished his sentence, Rhode pointed his right index finger forward—a blue halo shot out from the ring and instantly created a space made up by blue rays that enveloped the dark figure and its two shadow creatures . The two ferocious shadow creatures instantly cowered as though they were facing a horrifying monster . On the other hand, the dark figure shrieked in terror .

 “This is… the space of Order . What did you do! Human!”

 “You will know it soon . ”

 Rhode shrugged . Then, a card emerged and spun above his palm . It was a card pictured with a bright full moon illuminating an endless horizon of prairie .

 [Activate: Casali under the Night Sky]

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