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Chapter 793
Chapter 793: Rhode’s Doubt

The meeting between Rhode and Lilian was only an interlude and everything went back on track thereafter . Lilian commended the soldiers who fought bravely in the battlefront and prayed for the souls of the deceased, hoping that they found peace in their afterlife . Then, she represented the Light Parliament and conferred the honor that Andre and his men deserved and hosted a grand celebration feast . Rhode had to admit that Lilian performed rather earnestly in public .

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Even though Lilian knew that Rhode was most deserving of all the credit in this battle, it was already obvious that the Light Parliament was hostile toward him and he was also from the Munn Kingdom, so she couldn’t put in good words for him . However, she expressed her gratitude to Rhode for bringing the effective Holy Maiden Statues and Magma Guards into battle . Of course, this upset the military, but what could they do to her?

But Rhode and his men were unmindful . There was only delicious food in Anne’s eyes while Orchid Heart symbolically attended the feast and yawned her way back to her room shortly after . This was fine too, since Rhode could focus his thoughts on some other problems .

The biggest doubt in his mind was the line of system prompt which emerged after he touched Lilian’s hands .

In the game, it was essential to receive information and statuses of NPCs . However, the Dragon Soul Continent was rather unlike other games . In other games, players could read the NPCs’ name, race, and other information with a click of the mouse button . However, the Dragon Soul Continent was known as a real virtual game and wasn’t as simple as the other games . There were many times when players relied on NPC traits and clothes to identify their race, identity, class, and level . From the start, many players had made jokes out of themselves when they confronted NPCs who appeared weak, only to realize that they had disguised their true selves . On the other hand, some NPCs might seem superior, but the players didn’t expect that the silvery spear points were actually made of pewter; impressive-looking but useless . But, thereafter, the players had gotten used to observing the NPCs . An experienced player could instantly detect if NPCs were poisoned, injured, or cursed judging from their complexions and actions . However, it wasn’t merely observation because if one could detect these problems and interact with the NPCs, they might trigger a series of hidden missions and gain remunerations . In the mid-stages of the game, there was a simple mission named ‘Pure Flower’, which required players to retrieve a flower from the deep Moon Forest to cure a rich young lady of her illness . For most of the players, they simply accepted the mission, found the flower, and handed over the flower to complete the mission . However, there was one player who sharply detected that the young lady wasn’t merely sick judging from her complexion and symptoms . Instead, he suspected that she suffered from some sort of curse .

Of course, the Dragon Soul Continent had no intention of turning every player into deities of observations since it was just a game, after all . Therefore, the game added a feature where the players would receive a system prompt that informed them of the NPCs’ status whenever they touched one . If the NPC was lower in level than the player, there wouldn’t be any secrets kept hidden from the player . On the contrary, if the NPC was higher in level, the player could only find out the name or race while other information wasn’t revealed . However, there were also other ways to detect an NPC’s status . Many classes had specific skills that could examine the NPC’s status and some needed special conditions . Taking the ‘Pure Flower’ mission as an example, when the player realized that there was something wrong with the rich young lady, he informed her of his doubts, requested to conduct a medical examination, and received a line of system prompt after getting into physical contact with her…

[This lady appears weak and pale . But you sharply detected the evil presence flowing inside her…]

It was due to this reason that the player activated the hidden mission of the ‘Pure Flower’, defeated the secret fiend, and received a huge amount of EXP, legendary equipment, and special techniques .

Thereafter, the player posted his experience in the forum with screenshots and videos as evidence and broadened the purpose and importance of observations in NPCs . Many players had even tried to re-trigger the ‘Pure Flower’ mission, but it was a pity that this mission was only a one-off .

As a top player and ‘walking library’ of the game, Rhode was an expert in observation . There were many times when he didn’t even need to touch the other party and a glance from him was enough to see through their level, class, and skill mastery . Back then, he swept a glance at Marlene when they first met and instantly realized her battle style . This time, the so-called ‘blessing’ was just an excuse for him to touch Lilian and it provided much more information than he expected .

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It was the information that he received that troubled him .


Race: Dragon Soul Heir

Level: ?? (Locked)]

Rhode wasn’t surprised that everything turned out to be ‘question marks’ because as the Dragon Soul Heir, there was no doubt that Lilian’s level was at the maximum . According to the system setting, players couldn’t find out the NPC’s level if their level gap was more than five . Therefore, it was understandable that her level wasn’t indicated . However… he just couldn’t understand the (Locked) status in the back .

In fact, the [Locked] status was common in the game, just like Rhode’s race or some legendary weapons that were sealed for centuries . On the other hand, some players’ strength was also sealed due to various reasons . Therefore, even though they held high levels, their strength was even weaker than lower-level players . This wasn’t uncommon for the players, where they had also met powerful beings with their strength sealed and needed help to escort them to certain places and unlock the seal . While the NPC unlocked its seal, the players would need to protect them from harm… The players were already sick of completing such missions .

However, it was too strange for this situation to happen on Lilian…

She’s the Light Dragon, so how can her strength be sealed?

Rhode pondered on this question throughout the entire feast . He realized that he might have possibly triggered a crucial point that he didn’t in the game . This was the key to the Munn Kingdom’s collapse and the Country of Light’s failure and the turning point of the entire Dragon Soul Continent’s history .

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Why is the Light Dragon so useless?

Many players had pondered over this question and debated several times, but they just couldn’t reach a conclusion . Not only that, but they also couldn’t figure out why the Light Parliament offered the Light Dragon as a sign of peace because this was simply courting disaster . Besides, the Light Dragon was one of the Creator Dragon Soul, so why was she so obedient? Could it be that the Light Dragon was just a puppet?

Rhode seemed to have found the correct answer . It wasn’t because Lilian wasn’t aware of her position—if not, she wouldn’t have come to the Winter Castle despite the Light Parliament’s discouragement . It was completely because… She didn’t have the strength to resist?

Her strength is sealed? Who sealed it?

Rhode gazed at Lilian who was under the protection of the Battle Angels and knitted his brows . Ever since they first met, he felt that Lilian was unlike all the other Creator Dragon Souls he had met . Rhode could be said to be one of the rare players who had seen all the Creator Dragon Souls . He was familiar with the Judgment & Ruling Twin Dragons while he annihilated the Dark Dragon and Void Dragon . However, these four Creator Dragon Souls weren’t as low-profile as Lilian .

The Creator Dragon Souls were no different from gods under their own Dragon Soul protections . It was due to this reason that when the players fought them, they sensed their incredible prestige and mighty presence . However, Rhode sensed none of that from Lilian . It seemed that it was due to her strength being sealed .

But… why is the Light Dragon’s strength sealed?

Rhode couldn’t figure out the reason . However, he couldn’t be blamed since the Light Dragon had never emerged before the players unlike the other Creator Dragon Souls . Even in the legends, the Light Dragon had never launched an attack after the Creation War ended .

If they didn’t meet during the Dragon Soul Ceremony, perhaps Rhode would have never believed that she was the heir of the Light Dragon .

Judging from her behavior, it appeared that Lilian also wasn’t aware that her strength was sealed . But before that… the most important question was… who is powerful enough to seal the strength of a Creator Dragon Soul?

Currently, Rhode only thought of the Light Dragon herself as the possibility . After all, she even dared to hand her authority over to the Light Parliament, so what was difficult in sealing her own strength? However, Rhode felt that she wasn’t that moronic . Back then during the Creation War, it was entirely a conceptual struggle between her and the Dark Dragon and not due to her idiotic ideals . If not, the Country of Light would have lost and wouldn’t be able to hold onto such a huge plot of land .

Could it be the Light Parliament?

This thought amazed Rhode . If the Light Parliament was capable of sealing the strength of a Creator Dragon Soul, wouldn’t they have conquered the entire continent? Besides, if they dared to do so, did they really think that the Battle Angel Armies and three Archangels didn’t exist?

Rhode leaned on the wall and gazed at the military representative and Light Parliament’s supporters who were speaking to Lilian . At this moment, Lilian seemed to sense his gaze and turned around swiftly . She blushed slightly while Rhode nodded in response .

It seems like my hard work isn’t wasted .

Rhode also learned from Sonia that Lilian didn’t have a great time in the Country of Light and hoped to receive some assistance, which was perhaps the reason for her arrival here .

It will be a waste if I don’t make use of this chance .

At this moment, one of the Battle Angels approached Rhode quietly .

“Mr . Rhode, Her Majesty hopes to inspect the Winter Castle with you after the feast ends . May we hear your answer?”

She’s finally making a move .

Rhode smiled . “As a person of the Light Mainland, it is my obligation . Please inform Her Majesty that it would be my honor . ”

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