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Chapter 794
Chapter 794: A Perplexing Journey

Lilian stood above the city wall and gazed at the battlefield . The fluttering snow wasn’t able to cover the aftermath of the battle . The corpses had been cremated and what remained was the pitch-black vestiges and blood .

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“Just as Mr . Rhode said, if I don’t look at the world personally, I won’t see anything . ”

The little girl said in her shaky voice without turning back .

“Due to our incapabilities, the flame of wars continue to spread across the land with countless people sacrificing their lives…”

Lilian held her hands together tightly and looked down as though it was unbearable to witness everything before her . Rhode shrugged in silence . There was only two of them here . The Light Parliament’s military representative had also intended to join them, but Lilian rejected his suggestion . Her purpose of coming here was to meet Rhode and she didn’t wish for others to interrupt them .

But now, she felt as though she made the wrong decision . This was the first time that she felt so powerless after witnessing the land that was perished in the flames of war . She heard the war reports earlier on and the Light Parliament constantly assured her that they were ‘properly handling’ the situation . Even though they sounded respectful, Lilian understood what they meant .

But what could she do? She didn’t know anyone outside of the palace . Apart from the Light Parliament, she had no other ways to receive any information and all she could do was hear from the Battle Angels . After Serene left, Lilian felt incredibly helpless . Casabianca was so huge, but she felt as though she was all alone .

“Lily . ” Rhode called .

Lilian had stopped him from addressing her formally and he complied . Anyway, to the players, it was the same no matter what they called her because they lacked the fear that the natives had . Shortly after, Rhode continued .

“… Even though I want to lie and say this isn’t your responsibility, I can’t do that . In fact, you should be responsible for everything . ”

“Mr . Rhode…”

Lilian turned around in astonishment . In fact, she disagreed that this wasn’t her responsibility . However, after hearing what he said later on, her heart started pounding . But this wasn’t due to sadness or anger . Instead, it was a sense of agitation . Lilian had been searching for her personal problems and their solutions . Should she continue to sit on the throne like a decoration? Or work hard to carry out her own will?

But… would her decisions always be right? The Country of Light was facing a crisis and if she acted on her own accord, would it cause the country to sink into further chaos and destruction? If that would happen, wouldn’t she be better off listening to the Light Parliament?

When Lilian opened the doors that she had never opened before, what presented before her wasn’t just brand new scenery . It was also a whole different path that she had never stepped foot on . The path was uneven and wasn’t as beautiful and clean as she had expected . Instead, countless vines and potholes obstructed her way . More importantly, it was complete darkness at the end of the path . She couldn’t see anything and didn’t know if she would fall over the cliff and sink into the endless abyss at any point .

Right now, Lilian stood before the door with her hands clutching the handles, gazing forward hesitantly . She knew that if she put her foot forward, she couldn’t turn back anymore . After she stepped out of the greenhouse, the door would shut tightly behind her and she would have no other choices apart from moving forward .

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“I’ve said that this is your problem and you have to make your own choice, Lily . ”

Rhode stared at her, which left her rather panicky because she had never looked face to face with anyone before . Rhode’s gaze was so sharp that it had as though penetrated into her heart and seen through all her secrets . She turned around instinctively, but quickly gritted her teeth and lifted her head bravely . Rhode revealed the trace of a smile in his eyes—it seems like my choice was right .

However, this wasn’t enough .

“I know what you’re thinking . You’re afraid and worried that your choice may bring terrifying consequences . But in fact, you have already made your choice . ”

Rhode extended his arm and pointed at the pile of burnt ashes on the battlefield .

“That is the result of your decision . ”

Lilian trembled, bit her lip, and lowered her head . After a short while, she looked up once again .

“B-But I can’t do anything alone!”

Lilian felt much more relaxed now . She had never spoken to anyone about her troubles and distresses before, not even Lydia . But now, for some unknown reason, she held the urge to confess everything to Rhode .

“I’m alone and can’t do anything! Rhode, do you know? In Casabianca, I can only think about Sister Lydia and you . Only both of you!”

Rhode widened his eyes in astonishment . He was truly surprised because he thought that Archangel Serene and Boulder would be around her no matter what . But now, it seemed like she was alone and helpless in Casabianca?

What are the two Archangels doing?

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Boulder…—forget it . Rhode couldn’t care less about that bastard . But what about Serene? He heard from Lydia that Serene was considered Lilian’s tutor and babysitter . Logically speaking, Serene had been watching Lilian grow and the latter should be closer with her than with Rhode . In all honesty, he had only met Lilian twice and didn’t make her consume any mind-controlling drug, so why?

Lilian would rather grumble to him than seek help from the two Archangels?

Rhode found this situation increasingly strange . He felt that the two Archangels maintaining silence might possibly foretell some unfavorable inside stories . As Archangels, wouldn’t they do their best to protect Lilian?

This strange thought emerged in his mind for a split second . Then, he quickly calmed down .

“You need to find your companions, Lily . Sometimes, if you don’t take the initiative…”

Rhode showed his palm to her .

“It will not grab anything for you because it doesn’t know if it should do it . ”

Lilian gazed at his palm and pondered for a few moments . Then, she lifted her head and saw his smile .

“Alright then, are you willing to hold my hand? Lily?”

Lilian didn’t reply . But she quickly placed her hand onto Rhode’s .

The path before her was still full of uncertainties, yet she felt like she wasn’t as unhesitant as before because there was someone by her side now and that person was holding onto her hand and whispering to her that he would be joining her journey .

She was no longer alone .

Sonia opened the door to her room . The celebration feast left her exhausted . She personally witnessed Andre receiving the blessings and conferment from Lilian . He was so thrilled and agitated . Sonia knew what this meant for him . But now, she no longer held the same feelings toward this man . She became unfamiliar with his smile and on the contrary, she was delighted with Rhode . Her master had finally seized her entirety and up until this moment, the thought of her being wantonly toyed with before Andre left her excited . Ever since she presented her entirety to Rhode, she felt that it was harder leaving his side .

Andre’s smile had been removed from her memories completely .

Just as Sonia took off her coat, she heard a voice from behind .

“Good evening, Sonia . ”

Sonia was appalled . She turned around and let out a sigh of relief after spotting Rhode sitting casually on the chair . Then, she approached him and lowered her head humbly .

“Greetings, Master . It’s late now, why are you…”

Sonia gazed with passionate desires in her eyes . Even though she still felt the aching from between her legs, it made her crave for more of his teases and ravages—just like that night when he ripped through her soul .

“I know what you’re thinking, but it’s a pity that I have official matters to discuss with you . ”

The corners of Rhode’s lips curled into a smile . Sonia felt rather disappointed, but quickly put her mood in order and asked .

“Please tell me your orders, Master . ”

“It’s simple . ”

Rhode stood up suddenly and gazed at her .

“Sonia… Are you interested in being the Light Parliament’s chairman?”


Sonia stared blankly . Indeed, she once held such desires . But… she had given up on them entirely . She realized that all that she wished for was just a pile of dog excrement with Rhode by her side now . The high-and-mighty parliament members were just so in her eyes, which was why her attitude towards the Light Parliament had taken a 360 degree turn . However, she didn’t expect that her change in attitude made her position in the Light Parliament even more stable . If it were in the past, perhaps she would have taken this chance to further her progression . But now, she was no longer interested .

“I’ve indeed had such thoughts in the past, Master, but I’ve given up on them now . As long as I can continue to serve you, I don’t care about the group of trash in the Light Parliament . Besides… Even if I wish to, it will be impossible because the Light Parliament has no tradition of making females hold power…”

“I know about that, but it’s fine . So… wWhat if this is my order?”

“No matter what you want me to do, I will do it for you, Master . ”

“Good . ”

Rhode nodded in satisfaction . Then, he lifted her chin with his hand and looked into her eyes .

“Alright then . I have a very important mission for you…”

Rhode said .

“A mission that is related to Her Majesty Lilian, the Light Parliament, and the Light Mainland… And you will be the only one doing it…”

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