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Chapter 792

I’m finally here .

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 Lilian felt excited as she gazed at the castle under the fluttering snow . She laid on the window and felt the chilly wind blow against her tender face . As the Dragon Soul Heir, she naturally wasn’t concerned that the cold would make her ill . However, her mentality was still that of a little greenhouse flower . She wished to leave the ivory tower and personally experience the outside world .

 Before the commencement of the Dragon Soul Ceremony, the experience that she had gone through with Rhode and Anne gave her a huge realization . Previously, she had always cooped up in the Dragon Soul Temple and it was everything that she had . As for the outside world, she learned about them through books and reports from the Light Parliament . In the past, she didn’t think that this was anything bad . Or perhaps, the thought of heading outside didn’t occur to her . But after seeing it for herself with Rhode and Anne, her peaceful mind was disturbed . She was no longer satisfied with hearing the reports from the Light Parliament . Moreover, her experience told her that what the Light Parliament said might not always be true .

 But, these weren’t the most important . Instead, she held desires to meet Rhode and Lydia .

 Lilian had no friends in Casabianca and was used to leading such a life . But now, she couldn’t tolerate it any longer . She often recalled the scenes which she saw with Rhode’s and Anne’s company . Even though that outing left her with plenty of unpleasant memories, great memories still existed . She remembered how Anne gesticulated about the battles and interesting lives about mercenaries and the sceneries Rhode led her to . She had never heard about such things from others, not even from books . Everything was an eye-opener for her . Although she also had a close relationship with Lydia, this was the first time that she walked on the streets unrestrained and admired the picturesque views while chit-chatting with friends .

 But in the palace, she didn’t have such friends .

 Serene never chit-chatted with her and was only responsible for instructing her homework . Although the Battle Angels were respectful to Lilian, she felt that there was an invisible barrier between them and they just couldn’t be friends .

 Thereafter, the two Archangels left urgently to deal with the Country of Darkness’ invasion and she felt incomparably lonely . In the past, Serene was around to accompany her, but she was the only one left in the vast palace . She waited from day to night and no one spoke to her .

 Lilian felt incredibly pained and it was due to this reason that her eyes glinted with excitement when she heard from the Light Parliament that they invited Rhode to join the alliance in the Winter Castle . If it was said that she couldn’t meet Rhode because they resided in different countries, she could finally meet him in the Country of Light now! This was why Lilian decided to visit the Winter Castle personally, at the same time to boost the soldiers’ morale .

 In the beginning, the Light Parliament resolutely disagreed with Lilian’s decision to head to the Winter Castle . But this time, her desire to meet Rhode took the upper hand and she uncharacteristically refused their objection . As a result, the Light Parliament could only raise their hands and surrender to her request .

 Now, she was finally meeting Rhode .

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 As the chariot approached the Winter Castle, she grew increasingly excited . She clenched her little fists and adjusted her breathing . Previously, she was worried that the Undead Army would break through the defenses of the Winter Castle and feared that Rhode would be injured . Fortunately, the results let her heave a sigh of relief . The Winter Castle was secure and Rhode was safe . This was great news for her . She had also heard about the progress of the battle from the Light Parliament and they described the progress from a neutral point of view, which proved that they were sharp enough to realize that Lilian’s trust level in them had tumbled to the bottom . If they uttered rubbish to her, perhaps they might never gain her trust in the future .

 The chariot gradually came to a halt . Then, the door opened .

 She narrowed her eyes to the whistling cold wind . But shortly after, she opened her eyes wide and revealed a calm smile . At this moment, the Light Parliament’s military representative stepped forward and bowed deeply .

 “The Winter Castle welcomes your arrival, Your Majesty . ”

 “You may rise . ”

 Lilian nodded slightly . Even though she had always been a ‘mascot’, she didn’t forget about all the formal etiquette . She glanced at the representative, lifted the hem of her skirt, and slowly stepped down the chariot to the solid slate floor .

 The instant she stepped down from the chariot, the snowstorm suddenly weakened and snowflakes drifted gently in the air . It was all due to the existence of one person—the heir of the Light Dragon Soul—this delicate, petite little girl . Under this sky of light, all things including nature bowed down to her respectfully . Nothing would act brazenly before her .

 Lilian looked around her and spotted Rhode among the crowd . In an instant, her eyes glinted with joy and her mouth unrolled into a smile .

 “Leader, Her Majesty seems to be looking at us . ”

 Anne whispered into Rhode’s ear curiously . Even though Anne wasn’t aware of Lilian’s identity when they led her around Casabianca, she eventually learned about it after the Dragon Soul Ceremony ended . But even so, Anne didn’t change her attitude toward Lilian too much . But, this wasn’t surprising because she didn’t care much about status or rank, just like Rhode . He was now an Earl and overlord and his men addressed him as ‘Sir’ or ‘Sir Overlord’ . However, Anne was the only one who called him ‘Leader’ as though he was still the same mercenary leader she first met and not some prestigious overlord .

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 Rhode remained silent . He looked at Anne and nodded . This time, Rhode didn’t come to the Winter Castle to help the Light Parliament defend against the Undead Army . It was all for the sake of his goal and plan . Everything was for this moment .

 Lilian strode forward while everyone who was lined up in two rows stooped over to bow and show their respects . No matter how childish she appeared, she was the Light Dragon Soul Heir, after all . Even if the Light Parliament spared no effort in diminishing her influence, the shimmering light above them reminded them deeply that she was the reason why this continent survived .

 No matter how they denied the existence of the Light Dragon, they still had to show their respect .

 “Your Majesty . ”

 When Lilian approached Rhode, the latter placed his right hand on his chest and bowed . Anne and Gillian imitated him while Orchid Heart looked as though she had already fallen asleep .

 “Earl Rhode, long time no see . You look as good as ever . I’m glad . ”

 Lilian came to a halt . She gazed at the young man before her and revealed a dazzling smile . Although she was delighted to meet him once again, she had to control her excitement before everyone .

 “I’ve heard about your contributions in the Winter Castle, Earl Rhode . I represent the people of the Country of Light in thanking you for your selfless support . I admire your decision and willingness to come a long way to the Winter Castle and fight for the sake of the Country of Light and her people . In order to express my gratitude… You can request anything and as long as it is within my means, I will satisfy you, Earl Rhode . ”

 The military representative who was escorting her instantly felt awkward . After all, Lilian came here to represent the Light Parliament in conferring a title and giving rewards to military heroes . However, she appeared much more interested in this ‘foreigner . ’ But what could he say?

 Rhode smiled in response .

 “Thank you, Your Majesty . I was just doing my part . But since Your Majesty is so generous, I shall accept your kindness . I shall be as bold as to beg for your blessings, Your Majesty . ”

 Rhode stooped over . Then, as everyone watched, he held her tender hand and pecked .


 Everyone widened their eyes in astonishment . They knew that Rhode was a daring person, but they didn’t expect him to be this brave! She was the Light Dragon Soul Heir—the ruler of the Light Mainland! What did he just do?!

 The ashen military representative stared in silence .


 Lilian blushed to his ‘ambush’ . Then, after Rhode released her hand gently, the little girl retracted her hand and gazed in bewilderment . On the other hand, Rhode was exceptionally calm and he took a step back .

 “Your Majesty, I hope I didn’t offend you . ”

 “N-No, Earl Rhode . ”

 Lilian returned to her senses and said after lowering her head shyly .

 “I shall grant you supreme blessings, Earl Rhode . I hope that the light will guide you forward, the filthy darkness will stay away from staining your soul, and you will step onto the ladder leading to glory . ”

 Lilian nodded to Rhode, turned away hurriedly, and continued heading forward . Even though she appeared calm on the outside, Rhode saw the fluster across her face that lasted for a split second . He smiled and lowered his head .

 “Thank you, Your Majesty . ”

 He said softly, at the same time gazing forward at the distinct system prompt hovering before his eyes .

 [Race: Dragon Soul Heir]

 [Level: ?? (Locked)]

 Rhode’s brows twitched .

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