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Chapter 791


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 Andre opened his hazy eyes and groaned to the tremendous pain in his head . He looked up and realized that he was lying above the table . Everything was in a mess before him with a tray, bottles, and wine glasses splattered everywhere .

 What happened?

 Andre knitted his brows and the painful hangover was like needles piercing his head, to which he ground his teeth . After a few moments, he gazed blankly at his surroundings . It was his room, but there was no one else .


 He recalled that he received the award from the Light Parliament and went drinking with Sonia . Then… he stood up at this thought and discovered a cloak over his shoulders .

 It seems like I’ve drank too much…

 However, it had indeed delighted him because he didn’t expect to receive a chance for rebirth so soon . Everything was due to the support from Cheryl and Sonia . If it weren’t for them by his side and encouraged him, perhaps he would still be sinking in oblivion .


 Andre reached out for the cloak . It must have been Sonia who covered it over him . His heart skipped a beat as soon as he thought about her beautiful face . They used to not get along well when they first met, but now, this young lady had become such an important person in his life . Last night, he almost confessed under the influence of alcohol . But in the end, his final trace of rational made him give up on this thought .

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 Am I right to do that? Sonia has a bright future, but what about me? I’m a failure who finally got the chance to start anew . What rights do I have to confess to her? Besides… Cheryl is also around…

 The thought of this Elf young lady who had been following him around complicated his emotions . In the end, he decided to keep the thoughts to himself .


 Andre stretched his aching body and let out a sigh . This messy sight before him astonished him . He didn’t recall getting wildly drunk last night, but the mess, dried water stain, and stink of the room made him doubtful .

 It seems like I have had a crazy night…

 Andre opened the windows and chilly winds whistled into the room, freshening everything including his hazy head up . He clenched his fists, nodded firmly, and turned to the door . He heard that Lilian would be arriving at the Winter Castle soon and couldn’t possibly meet her in this manner . He needed to wash up, have a change of clothes, and prepare himself . At this moment, he swept his glance to the floor where there was a crimson stain on the navy blue floor tile .

 What is that?

 Andre puckered his brows, shrugged, and threw this matter to the back of his head . Perhaps he had drank too much last night and spilled the wine on the floor… He pushed the door open and closed it . The entire room restored its usual silence .

 The Undead Army was completely annihilated and the Winter Castle was peaceful momentarily . In fact, it was peaceful for most of the time . Back then, after Charlie was restrained by Archangel Serene and Boulder, he dispatched an army to launch an attack on the Country of Light in order to continue applying pressure on the front lines . Charlie did so with the mindset of ‘better than doing nothing’ and it didn’t matter much even if he lost, which was apparent from the absence of a single high-level troop . However, it was surprising that the Light Parliament managed to perform this badly and gave an opportunity for this temporary Undead Army to overwhelm the Winter Castle . If they managed to take down the Winter Castle, they could launch their attacks on the Country of Light through this opening . When that happened, it would become Charlie restraining Archangel Serene and Boulder instead .

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 Therefore, it was extremely important to the Country of Light that the Undead Army was stopped . Due to the human supremacy of the Light Parliament, there weren’t many Battle Angels in the Country of Light and most of them had gone to the Munn Kingdom as Lydia’s subordinates . A long time ago, Battle Angel Armies existed in every territory of the Country of Light, just like the Munn Kingdom . They didn’t get involved with territorial affairs, but would strike when territories were faced with threats . If the overlords did something that threatened the people, the Battle Angels would also stop them . However, they basically didn’t have any sense of presence apart from this .

 However, after the Light Parliament wielded political powers, they were concerned that the Battle Angel Armies in every territory would threaten their actions on the entire nation . But this wasn’t surprising because the Battle Angel Armies were powerful and devoted to the Light Dragon . One day, if the Light Dragon wanted to gain her authority back from the Light Parliament, the Battle Angel Armies would completely suppress any objections and the Light Parliament wouldn’t stand a chance in retaliating . Therefore, they spared no efforts in disbanding all the Battle Angel Armies of all territories while the Battle Angels had no choice but to leave the Country of Light and continue their mission under Lydia in the Munn Kingdom . The only Battle Angel Armies that remained were those under Archangel Serene and Boulder and the guards who were responsible for protecting the Light Dragon .

 From the start, the Light Parliament had also come up with ways to make up for the loss of their high-end forces . Even though humans didn’t live as long as Battle Angels, they could ‘level up’ quickly and the Light Parliament recruited many legendary figures . However, humans held many more desires than the Angels, which gave the Light Parliament huge headaches . As a result, the number of legendary figures that they recruited had gotten fewer . The Light Parliament hoped to gain devotion from legendary figures who were willing to die for them and the Country of Light . However, how many humans who had transcended into the Legendary Stage would be willing to abandon their pride and be tail-wagging dogs?

 On the other hand, civilian forces like the Mage Association and Dark Brotherhood also rose in strength . Moreover, Rhode had even crippled two of the Light Parliament’s legendary figures, which was why the Light Parliament had a hard time dealing with the Undead Army .

 If it were the Munn Kingdom in their position, Lydia would only need to send out a team of Battle Angels and the matter could be resolved immediately . However, due to the lack of high-end forces, Archangel Serene and Boulder had no choice but to deal with the Fallen Angel Army that Charlie led . Not only that, but there also weren’t any available Battle Angels to support the Country of Light, so the Light Parliament had to form an alliance with great fanfare and even invite Rhode over .

 However… it could be considered as the Light Parliament enmeshing themselves in a trap of their own devise and wasn’t worth any pity at all .

 It was due to this that after annihilating the Undead Army that attacked Winter Castle, the threats on the battlefronts had finally ended . In a short period of time, it was unlikely that Charlie would mobilize another army to attack the Winter Castle again . Now, with the threats dispelled, the other problem was also resolved—the matter of Lilian heading to the Winter Castle .

 As the Undead Army’s pace was too quick, the Light Parliament had to stop Lilian from coming to the Winter Castle for safety’s sake . Back then, Rhode doubted that it was part of their scheme to weaken Lilian’s influence on the nation . But he learned from Sonia the puzzling truth . He didn’t spend too much time thinking about it because he would be meeting Lilian personally soon and nothing was more important than that .

 Snow drifted in the wind

 Rhode stood silently on the plaza before the Winter Castle and gazed ahead . Anne wrapped her arms around his elbow excitedly and scanned the place . Her soft, ample chest pushed against him, amd he glanced at the people around her . Last night, he had a wonderful time with Sonia and only stopped after she fainted . Then, he carried her to her room before discovering Anne waiting for him like a loyal dog in his room . Anne expressed her rage and dissatisfaction and in order to appease her, he had to hand his remaining night to her…

 Two long battles in one night left him rather exhausted, especially the second battle . Sonia was still a human, after all, and it was her first experience, which was easy for him to handle . However, Anne was a half-beast with great stamina . Moreover, she had also ‘hung out’ with him for a few months during her estrus and they were already familiar with each other . Therefore, in order to appease her, Rhode had to give his all and only until midnight did he make this little rascal sleep in satisfaction… Fortunately, Rhode had a strong constitution . If he were an ordinary human, perhaps he would have been squeezed dry like a mummy .

 After a night of ‘nourishment’, Anne’s face glowed as she energetically looked around . On the other hand, Rhode appeared rather sleepy . Even though he had also washed up and changed his clothes… He still felt rather tired .

 “This is terrible, Master . Don’t you think you went overboard last night?”

 Gillian chuckled and whispered into his ear . Orchid Heart stood behind her with her usual sleepy look . She hid behind the group with her arms hugging the heavy book . Perhaps even the whistling snowstorm wouldn’t be able to wake her .

 Rhode twitched his brows .

 “Don’t belittle me . I can still go on even for 300 more rounds . ”

 “Wanna prove it to me? Here?”

 “Here? That’s not a good idea . ”

 Rhode turned around and a team of shadow emerged from behind the fluttering snow .

 The first to appear before them was a dozen royal soldiers clad in golden armor, holding lances and shields in their hands . Then, it was a white chariot with golden edges escorted by four Battle Angels . On the chariot was an emblem of a dragon outline by golden lines—only one person in the entire Light Mainland held the rights to use a dragon as the symbol of the emblem .

 The symbol of the Light Dragon .

 Rhode’s eyes glinted with the trace of a smile as he recalled Sonia’s report where it mentioned that the Light Parliament had advised Lilian to give up on this trip to the Winter Castle . However, not only did she not listen to their suggestion, but she also persisted to come . This left the Light Parliament extremely discontented . But on the contrary, Rhode felt glad that Lilian reacted that way because it proved that his hard work wasn’t wasted .

 The bugle sounded .

 Everyone including Rhode stepped forward and lined up into two rows to welcome the Light Dragon . The chariot slowly came to a halt in the plaza and before the Winter Castle .

 Then, the chariot door opened and a petite figure stepped out .

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