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Chapter 770

As the Floating Boat lowered from above, everyone witnessed the situation clearly . It was apparent that the first defensive line of Dragon Canyon had crumbled completely . The Undead Creatures were low-level troops and there weren’t any Death Knights or Skeletal Trolls present . The Bone Griffins and Skeleton Soldiers launched a pincer attack, which was sufficient to mess up the soldiers’ defense . Although they worked hard, their strength was limited, after all . The city walls here were also much lower than Rhode’s fortress walls, at about three meters tall . The Skeletal Trolls didn’t require ladders as they pushed their way through with the nimble Ghouls . At this moment, many Skeleton Soldiers had climbed over the city walls and several soldiers screamed and collapsed . Even though they held on, it appeared that defeat was heading their way sooner or later .

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Marlene sucked in a deep breath anxiously . She realized how sturdy and powerful Rhode’s fortress was after witnessing their plight . If it weren’t for the tall walls and wide moats, perhaps they would be as miserable as them . No, perhaps they might end up in a worse state . No matter what, Dragon Canyon had a defensive line that operated for years with 30,000 to 50,000 soldiers . This number was a few times more than what Rhode’s fortress could provide . Besides, unlike the new soldiers, these soldiers here were veterans and their top-grade armor and weapons were provided by the Senia Family . Although this was the case, they struggled in the face of this Undead Army with about 10,000 to 20,000 troops .

However, it was this army with less than 20,000 troops that caused the human soldiers to fall .

There was neither the support of the enchanted fields nor sacred powers . The Skeleton Soldiers that Marlene and Anne crushed displayed their true strength now . Although the Skeleton Soldiers appeared to be fragile walking skeletons, their bones were stronger than steel as they were shaped by spiritual flames . Furthermore, people usually wouldn’t know where the Skeleton Soldiers’ spiritual core was and blind attacks would bring them death . Marlene witnessed a soldier pierced his sword into the Skeleton Soldier and get it stuck between its ribs . Before he withdrew his sword, the Skeleton Soldier stepped forward instantly and brandished its menacing blade, killing the soldier on the spot .

Shortly after, a dozen magic cannons fired, but they were greatly insufficient before the might Undead Army .

“Those skeletons are so powerful?”

Anne widened her eyes in astonishment .

“Didn’t they shatter instantly when we hit them in the Land of Atonement?”

“That’s because the enchanted field weakened their spiritual powers, which is why they became so fragile in the Land of Atonement . In fact, this is their true strength,” Rhode stood on the prow and explained .

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“Not only that, but due to their pure spiritual powers, they also have strong resistance against magic spells . In such a situation, you can forget about causing damage to them unless you possess supreme magic spells . Besides, the spiritual powers that are maintaining the operations of the Skeleton Soldiers are relatively powerful . If you can’t diminish their spiritual powers in a single strike, the remaining spiritual powers will continue to control them . ”

Rhode pointed to the defensive line where a soldier brandished his sword at one of the Skeleton Soldiers . However, he wasn’t strong enough to defeat it . The Skeleton Soldier with only its upper body left crawled forward with its arms and the soldier wasn’t mentally prepared at all . He shrieked and was instantly pushed down to the ground, dying before their eyes .

Anne knitted her brows and grumbled . However, Rhode knew that the enemies weren’t threatening to her because she was level 50 . With her beast bloodline and wind element attribute, Death Knights might not even withstand her attack .

“Rhode, we should get ready soon . ”

Marlene was more concerned . No matter what, this was the Senia Family’s territory and the soldiers belonged to them . Even though she wasn’t the official matriarch yet, she felt worried after watching the soldiers suffer miserably .

Rhode calculated the rough range and timing and nodded . Then, he raised his hand and gestured to the captain .

The captain picked up the loud hailer and screamed . Shortly after, the entire Floating Boat transformed—the bottom of the cabin opened to the sides like an open wallet and revealed the Holy Maiden Statue that was suspended horizontally with magically-enhanced steel ropes tied across its head, body, and legs . At this moment, the ropes loosened their grip and the statue gradually erected . In the sound of gears cranking, the deck slowly opened and the statue stood majestically in the middle of the Floating Boat .

“Decrease speed . Get ready to stop—!”

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The Floating Boat slowed down gradually and fortunately, the Munn Kingdom had considered having the Magic Fleet as reinforcements when they first built their defensive lines and fortresses . This was why their locations were under the cover of the strong gales . If not, Rhode surely could only watch the fires burn across the river .

Rhode squinted and fiddled with the jade-like ring on his finger . He twitched his brows .

One of the veteran soldiers clad in armor brandished his flail and crushed a Skeleton Soldier to bits . Then, he followed through and swept the flail forward to strike a pitch-black Ghoul over the city wall . The veteran laughed heartily before turning around and swinging his weapon over the head of a young man who squatted in panic .

“Waaaa! Sir, are you trying to kill me?”

“Of course not . Do I look like I have the time to do that? I can’t even manage all these Undead Creatures!”

The veteran stared and berated .

“What are you doing here?!”

“S-Sir, this defensive line is crumbling . We should retreat to the second defensive line . Sir Kuba is ready and waiting for your…”

“Bah! Do you think I’m such a coward like Kuba? There are no cowards in our Heins Family and no failure in our dictionary! I’ve defeated these bastards 30 times and I don’t mind doing it again . If you have the time to surrender, why don’t you help me kill some of the Undead Creatures instead? Get moving . Be careful that I throw you down to feed them!”

The attendant hurriedly charged forward with his raised sword and joined the team who was defending the city walls . The veteran narrowed his eyes and scanned the situation . He already knew that this defensive line couldn’t hang on any longer . But was he about to give up?

What a joke . I will never give up! I will hang on as long as I can!

The veteran glared and brandished his flail in a snarl .

At this moment, a dazzling light streaked across the pitch-black night sky .

He turned to the glaring light and couldn’t recall Kuba having such a large-scale weapon in his defensive line, as even the flares of the magic cannons weren’t this bright . The stunning silver light beam spurted like the fountain, enveloped the sky and merged with the Light Dragon Soul’s protection as one . As the glorious radiance diffused, the air that was exuding with the stench of the skeletons turned clearer and pleasant in scent . Not only that, but his exhausted body also regained its strength!

“Oh my goodness, what’s going on?”

Not only did the humans felt recharged, but the Undead Army also slowed down their pace drastically . At this moment, the Skeleton Soldiers didn’t appear as terrifying and brave, and their movements became sluggish . Although the humans weren’t sure what happened exactly, it was apparent that this was advantageous for them . The veteran hesitated no more . He lifted the flail and charged forward in large strides .

“For the sake of the Munn Kingdom, attack with me!”

The soldiers were pumped up like the veteran as the light of hope had given them the courage and strength to defeat the Undead Army . At this moment, they realized that their enemies were much weaker now, where their solid, steel-like bones had turned into soft bean curds . Despite some of the soldiers suffering injuries from previous clashes, their wounds weren’t as ghastly as before .

At the same time, the Necromancer leading the Undead Army looked up at the omnipresent radiance . He was confident in taking down this defensive line today and tackling the enemies’ base camp . But now, it seemed that it was no longer possible . What left him even more terrified was that he realized that his magic spells were weakened dramatically under the radiance . Moreover, the entire air caused piercing pain to his soul!

The Necromancer sulked as he instantly recalled the intelligence that he received .

This shouldn’t be right . How is this possible? Shouldn’t that thing be in the Land of Atonement?!

Then, a phenomenon happened .

Golden rays whistled across the night sky and shaped into an incredibly gorgeous array of sacred runes . The Necromancer looked up in horror as he clutched his bone staff .

At the next moment, the torrent of light gushed and devoured everything in its path .

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