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Chapter 771

Chapter 771: Excellent Value for Money

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Thereafter, the battle swiftly ended .

The enemy commander was wiped out in the first wave of attack . In a short while, the weakened Undead Army turned into ashes under the effects of the enchanted field and bombardment of the holy spears, which led the battle into its end . As the final Skeleton Soldier collapsed, the soldiers above the city walls burst into cheers . Previously, they felt helpless as it was apparent that their defensive line was failing . Their only hope left was to delay so the next defensive line could get ready for the second wave of the Undead Army . They were prepared to die, but as the dazzling radiance emerged, a miracle happened .

Some of the soldiers stood blankly above the city wall and couldn’t believe their eyes . The skeletons almost killed them, but they were all gone now?!

The omnipresent golden array of runes and torrent of light gradually vanished . Shortly after, the silver light beam shrunk and disappeared before them .

Rhode fiddled with the ring on his finger and nodded in satisfaction . This was considered a ‘preview’ for the Holy Maiden Statue and it seemed that they worked excellently like the ones in the Land of Atonement . No matter the operations of the rule power or enchanted field, everything seemed normal . Rhode let out a sigh of relief . It seemed that Gillian was right that it could be used anywhere .

Rhode gestured to the captain who was dumbfounded .

“Get ready to dock and unload . ”

The captain came to his senses abruptly and answered humbly, yet frantically . After all, he had never seen the might of the Holy Maiden Statue and the immense strength that this legendary artifact released left him in unprecedented awe . The thought of him being fortunate enough to transport such a legendary weapon made him incredibly proud .

As a border defensive line under the strong gales, a port for the Floating Boats was essential . After the captain sent out the signal, the people around the port guided the Floating Boat into the specialized platform built by Dragon Canyon . At this moment, several generals and commanders of high ranks already stood there . They thought that it was yet another new weapon developed by the Royal Fleet and were astonished when they witnessed that it was just a merchant boat .

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What exactly is going on?

The veteran stroked his beard and stared at the massive merchant boat with wide eyes . He recognized that it was the Senia Family’s merchant boat .

Shortly after, the Floating Boat came to a halt on the platform . The veteran strode forward and greeted the passengers .

“Miss Marlene? Isn’t this Miss Marlene? Why are you here?”

“Greetings, General Anton . ”

Marlene smiled and nodded slightly .

“Long time no see and you’re still looking as healthy as ever . I’m glad . ”

“Aiya… You’ve grown up… You were still a little girl the last time I saw you . Back then, I said that you would become a beauty and look at yourself now…”

Anton shook his head and exclaimed . Then, his gaze turned curious .

“But, Miss Marlene, why are you here? Is anything the matter with the Senia Family?”

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“This was what happened . ”

Marlene kept her smile and beckoned to Rhode .

“Allow me to introduce to you the overlord of Paphield-Grenbell, Mr . Rhode . ”

Anton shifted his gaze to Rhode and was speechless after looking at his beautiful face . However, Marlene shot a look at him, to which the latter shrugged and changed his thoughts .

“Greetings, Sir Overlord . I’m the commander of the Dragon Canyon defensive line, Anton Heins . Welcome to Dragon Canyon . ”

Even though Anton sounded respectful, his eyes continued to wander to Marlene dubiously . As a relatively close subordinate of the Senia Family, he was slightly aware of what Marlene had been up to all this while . However, he knew that they weren’t here just for a chat .

“This was what happened, General Anton . ”

Rhode let out a cough after sensing his doubts .

“We’re here for a business transaction with Dragon Canyon . ”

General Anton knitted his brows with a puzzled gaze . At this moment, his young adjutant sneaked up to him and whispered into his ear . “General, you’ve forgotten about it . Didn’t we receive news that Dragon Canyon will be renovated…”

General Anton came to a sudden realization . About ten days ago, he had indeed received news from the headquarters that they purchased a secret weapon to defend against the Undead Army . The reason why he remembered this matter was solely because the secret weapon cost 3 million gold coins . Back then, he smacked the table and chided the group of brainless idiots who purchased this broken toy . He would rather they invested the money into the defense facilities and soldiers’ armor and weapons . But now… His eyes glinted .

“That’s right, General Anton . The first Holy Maiden Statue has been built, which is why we’re transporting it here . Based on the negotiations, this statue will be placed in the center of the first defensive line . We will leave its specific position to you . As for its might…”

Marlene paused and let out a chuckle .

“You’ve seen it for yourself . ”

“Miss Marlene . The statues that you mentioned are the ones we wanted?”

Anton stared at Marlene . He naturally knew how formidable the massive light beam that descended from the sky and torrent of light was . He stood above the city wall and witnessed how the light beam turned thousands of Undead Creatures into ashes within seconds!

Oh my goodness . Such a powerful strength is about to be mine?

Anton became excited at this thought like a child getting a new toy .

“Where is it? Miss Marlene . Where is it at?”

Marlene and Rhode revealed bitter smiles at each other and led General Anton to the Holy Maiden Statue . The statue had been shut down and wasn’t emanating silver-whitish radiance like before . However, light dust like fireflies fluttered around and brought a sense of sacred tranquility .

Not only General Anton, but his subordinates also widened their eyes in astonishment . They circled and scanned the statue . If they didn’t witness its might, they would have never imagined a statue could possess such powers .

General Anton stood before it and scrutinized while Ann promoted its abilities, range, advantages, and flaws . Rhode had specially written an instruction manual based off on his system and given it to her beforehand, so she had no problems remembering the details . However… Although Ann’s explanations were clear and logical, somehow Rhode felt as though she was promoting multi-level marketing instead…

“Did you teach her that?”

Rhode puckered his brows and turned to Marlene . He was certain that he wasn’t the one . The instruction manual was written in an official format and wasn’t as extravagant as Ann made it out to be .

Could it be that her talents in negotiations are finally blooming? But this is a little too much…

Marlene revealed an awkward expression .

“… Miss Gillian was the one who taught her . She said it was a compulsory business course…”

Rhode and Marlene whispered behind General Anton’s back, but the latter wasn’t in the mood to entertain his precious guests . He caressed the statue in awe after hearing that its enchanted field could envelope a radius of up to ten miles, weaken the Undead Creatures drastically, and turn all water sources into holy water .

Oh lord! I didn’t expect something so powerful to exist in this world! With this in my defensive line, do I even need a second or third defensive line at the back? I swear that with this, the skeletons can’t get past me!

If this happened in the past, perhaps Anton would have asked for a discount . However, he had no doubts now after personally witnessing its strength! He had the urge to punch his brains out after thinking of his previous complaints . Back then, he was disgusted with the group of idiots who spent 3 million gold coins on a piece of useless junk . Now it seemed that not to mention 3 million, but 30 million gold coins were still worth it!

The other generals revealed delightful expressions while listening to Ann’s explanations and Rhode nodded in satisfaction .

Everything’s going great .

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