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Chapter 769

Chapter 769: Choice of Freedom

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Everything seemed to have returned to normal thereafter .

Sonia led the investigations team and Priest Aiken for the official inspection . Of course, Sonia was no longer interested in searching for clues that related Rhode to the Undead Army . She followed through the process, probed on the previous battles, and didn’t find trouble on purpose . The entire matter ended successfully and after ten days, they accomplished their mission and left the Land of Atonement .

Canary stood on the Mage Tower and gazed at the investigation team that disappeared around the corner of the mountain path . She twitched her brow and smiled at Rhode cheekily . As his ‘old companion’, she naturally knew what he had been doing to her all this while . In fact, it was Canary who personally made the collar that consisted of the illusionary effects…

“You finally got your hands on that young lady and you’re letting her leave just like that?”

“She doesn’t belong to me yet, Canary . ”

“I’ve given her a test and told her to make a decision . If she’s willing, she will continue to serve me . If not, it’s better to let her go,” Rhode curled his lips nonchalantly . “I’m not afraid even if she tells the truth to the Light Parliament . I’ll be more than happy to welcome them if they arrive at our doorsteps because I’m itching for an opportunity to kill them . ”

Canary didn’t respond too much to the second half of his words . As a player, she loathed the Country of Light as much as Rhode did . However, the first half of his statement piqued her curiosity .

Rhode whispered into her ear and the latter revealed an astonished look which turned complicated . Then, she gazed at him with a bitter smile .

“Indeed . This is your style, Rhode . I have to say… You’re so naughty . Did you learn all this meaningless stuff in university?”

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“Of course not . I’m just doing research based on my personal interest . Besides, you’re wrong in saying so, Canary . ”

Rhode shrugged innocently .

“I only gave her a chance to make a decision . You see… It isn’t nice to take things too far, right? Or I should say that I merely opened a door to another world for her and made her enjoy the scenery . It is ultimately still up to her to decide if she wants to enter the new world . ”

Rhode narrowed his eyes and they glinted with traces of smiles .

“You see, Canary, I respect the choice of freedom, don’t I?”

“You’re better off lying to the young girls . ”

Canary rolled her eyes helplessly .

“How long do you think we’ve been together, Rhode? Come to think of it, what if your plan fails?”

“Everything is based on her choice of freedom . Just let her be then . ”

Rhode shrugged without a care in the world . Then, he turned toward the stairs . “After all, this has nothing to do with us anymore, right? Canary, we still have more important things to attend to . A casual game is just a game, after all . ”

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Canary sighed and turned to the sky . The game was a game, after all, and they had more important things to attend to . As for the broken young lady who Rhode had played with… Canary shifted her gaze to the mountainous path . They were no longer there .

Let her be then, since she isn’t the first woman Rhode has broken .

Just as Rhode mentioned, even though Sonia was a chest piece that he planted into the Country of Light, no one knew how effective she would be . Therefore, it was for the best if she succeeded and failure didn’t matter at all . The next most important matter was…

The ‘transaction’ of the Holy Maiden Statues .

Within five days, the Senia Family had prepared three of the largest Floating Boats for Rhode, which were massively different from the ones that he had seen in the past . They possessed exceptionally hard shells and wide spaces . Their hulls were even enhanced with defensive enchanted fields and equipped with arrow launchers that could fire continuously . It seemed like the Senia Family spared no efforts in his request . They also provided 15 million gold coins and magic crystals . It was apparent how wealthy the Senia Family was .

However, Rhode didn’t instantly produce three Holy Maiden Statues for them . Instead, he made them wait for a while longer . Although they were pressed for time, he didn’t wish to reveal his secret . Even though many within the fortress knew how remarkable this young man was to build majestic buildings in the blink of an eye, it was still too unrealistic for the outsiders . Unless they saw it for themselves, who would believe that it was possible? If they knew that something illogical existed in this world, what would they think about it? The noble higher-ups weren’t as uncivilized as the crude mercenaries and farmers . They definitely wouldn’t simply exclaim in awe like lower-level civilians saying “Wow, this Sir Overlord is amazing! He’s capable of everything!” without taking action .

Therefore, in this period of time while Rhode ‘educated’ Sonia, he had been finding excuses to drag time . He wasn’t worried that their forces would be affected . After all, apart from the Land of Atonement, the other regions had held on so long without the help of the Holy Maiden Statues . Although damages were inevitable in long wars, they still wouldn’t crumble entirely, which was why Rhode wasn’t concerned that dragging time would lead to any problems .

After Sonia left, Rhode’s ‘time dragging’ strategy came to an end . However, this didn’t mean that he wasn’t concerned about it . Gillian promised him confidently that the objects created from the system could be used anywhere . However, he was still doubtful because the objects used real materials to create, after all . So just in case, he decided to step up and observe the situation personally because it would be troublesome if any accidents were to happen . Based on Marlene’s trust in Rhode, the Senia Family paid all the money in one go without delay . If the Holy Maiden Statues turned into useless rocks after leaving his territory, he would be utterly embarrassed .

However, Rhode wouldn’t be heading there alone .

The chilly wind blew and struck the invisible magic barrier around the hull . It was currently dusk and the radiance on the ground had dimmed . Rhode stood on the prow and gazed ahead at the last warm, golden rays of the setting sun shining through the clouds .

“We’re reaching the Dragon Canyon soon, Rhode . ”

Marlene’s voice sounded from the back . Rhode turned around and nodded .

“No problem . Everything is fine . ”

Rhode let out a sigh of relief . He lowered his gaze to the system interface and clearly saw the status icon of the Holy Maiden Statues in normal conditions .  It seems like Gillian was right .  But he couldn’t let loose yet . After all, no matter what, he couldn’t let his guard down before confirming that they would work in actual scenarios . At this moment, he heard a crisp voice .

Anne pounced on Rhode like a kitten . She embraced tightly, ‘purred’, and rubbed her cheek on his .

“What are you doing here with Sister Marlene? Anne is so bored . When will we reach there? Can Leader play with Anne for awhile?”

“Anne, now isn’t the time to play . ”

Marlene sighed helplessly . This time, Rhode had brought Anne, Marlene, and Ann along . Ann was Marlene’s representative who was responsible for business negotiations, so she naturally had to tag along for the work of “acceptance” and “verification” . The others remained in the fortress since Canary, Mini Bubble Gum, and Gillian were around to hold down the fort . If the Undead Army were to attack, they wouldn’t succeed anytime soon . For the sake of safety, Rhode gave half of the management rights to Canary, so even if he wasn’t present, she could activate the magic cannons and Holy Maiden Statues . Moreover, if necessary, Rhode and the others could return to the fortress straightaway with the teleportation door .

Anne pouted, let go of Rhode, and grumbled .

“Sister Marlene is so unfair . You had so much fun with Leader last night, but you don’t allow Anne to have fun too . How petty . ”

Marlene blushed instantly . Anne’s personality was different from Marlene’s and Lize’s . In fact, not only did she not mind Marlene’s and Lize’s relationships with Rhode, but she was also actively trying to get involved, which was a huge headache for them . After all, Marlene and Lize had been childhood friends, so they accepted each other’s deepest side to some extent . On the other hand, even though Anne had a great relationship with them, it was an entirely different thing for the matters in bed… However, it was apparent that Anne held different views .

At this moment, the Floating Boat pierced through the clouds, descended slowly, and headed into the Dragon Canyon . Anne leaned on the railing, pointed forward, and yelled .

“Leader, Sister Marlene, look! It seems like there’s a battle there!”

Rhode and Marlene turned toward the direction where Anne pointed . It was far away, but they could clearly see a group of Undead Creatures swarming toward the fortress . Although the fortress hadn’t crumbled completely, Rhode knew that it was going to be a tough battle for them after witnessing the Undead Creatures leaping and climbing on the city wall .

If the Holy Maiden Statues weren’t here, that was .

It seems like we’re here right on time .

Rhode twitched his brows and a cheeky smile glinted in his eyes . Then, he turned to Marlene .

“Marlene, get ready to move the statues . ”

Marlene asked in surprise .

“But Rhode, we haven’t reached our destination yet . Besides, we haven’t found a suitable location to place the statues…”

Rhode let out a chuckle and gazed at the Undead Army below them .

“We shall attack from above . ”

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