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Chapter 761
Chapter 761: Pet Feeding Manual (1)

Sonia trembled instinctively . But shortly after, she realized that her behavior would show weakness to the enemy, so she restored her initially stern expression, lifted her head, and glared at Rhode .

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“Shameless man, do you think you can make me yield so easily? You can lay hands on me, but I will never give in!”

“Haha . ”

Rhode let out a laughter, stooped over, and scrutinized the young lady in arrogance and ridicule . He curled his lips and showed a look of disdain .

“Miss Sonia, you’re overconfident . I have no lack of women around me, so why would I lay hands on a pet? Besides…” Rhode squinted as his eyes roamed her body . “… You don’t appear beautiful . I have so many beautiful young ladies around me who are much better than you . Even Nell is so much prettier than you . But you’ll perform outstandingly as a pet, so I can consider giving you a reward . ”

As though to prove his words, Rhode winked at Nell .


Sonia knitted her brows tightly . The biggest blow to a woman was comparing her to other women . If one were an ugly or average-looking woman, one would suffer humiliation and cry in the corner . However, Sonia wasn’t ugly and was even the dream girl of many nobles in Casabianca . At this moment, she was fuming in rage as Rhode remarked upon her appearance and even compared her to other women . Moreover, even though Nell looked rather pretty, she was still lacking in comparison to noblewomen like Marlene, Lize, and Sonia . If Rhode were to use Marlene or Celestina as a comparison, Sonia would merely be speechless . But it sparked rage in her after Rhode mentioned Nell .

“What rubbish are you uttering . A woman like her…”

“Everyone has their own interest, Miss . Sonia . ”

Rhode waved his finger .

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“Some prefer large breasts while others favor smaller breasts . Some like older women while some love younger ladies . This is about interest, at least to me . Or perhaps, you want to show me your charm to prove that you’re better than Nell? How do you intend to do that? Strip naked like a bitch in estrus?”

“You… How is it possible that I’ll do such a thing!”


Rhode shrugged .

“This is why I said some women are troublesome . I’m interested in you, but you think that I’m up to no good . And when I’m not fascinated by you, you accuse me of not appreciating your beauty . What do you want exactly? Give me a clear answer, Miss Sonia . If you don’t crave to seduce me, why do you care if I think that you’re beautiful or not?”

“You… You… You…”

Sonia was so furious that she turned pale . She glared at Rhode and if it weren’t for Nell who held her down, perhaps she would have pounced on him and choked him to death . Besides, even though Rhode didn’t speak any obscenities, he was rather apparently humiliating her . After Sonia let out a snarl, she finally decided not to retort so he couldn’t use her words against her . However, she also wasn’t easy to deal with .

“… You’re right, Mr . Rhode . I’m not as beautiful as you . Yes… As a man, your looks make the hearts of many men waver . If you lived in Casabianca, perhaps you would receive a pile of love letters from the wealthy nobles…”

Before she finished her sentence, the temperature in the cell dropped drastically . The bone-piercing chills struck, infiltrated, and disrupted her body wildly . This was the first time Sonia felt this horrified . She lifted her head in fear and saw Rhode’s vibrant smile .

“Thanks for your compliment, Miss Sonia . But it seems like a wild animal isn’t easy to raise and needs to be educated . ”

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Rhode lifted his head and gestured to Nell .

“I’ll hand her to you . She can do anything apart from fleeing and committing suicide . ”

Rhode shifted his gaze to Sonia and showed his gentle, elegant smile .

“Alright then, have a good rest today, Miss Sonia . We will be busy from tomorrow onward . ”

Rhode nodded politely, bent over with a perfect bow of the nobles, and left the room . It was only until the heavy door slammed shut and the ice-cold, pressurizing aura finally dispersed did Sonia let out a sigh of relief .

After leaving the cell, Rhode didn’t return to the stronghold immediately . Instead, he turned into the other narrow, pitch-black corridor where it suddenly lit up in cyan—those were the spiritual flames . Read more chapter on NovelFull

As the spiritual flames burned, the pitch-black corridor was smeared in a layer of white and blue radiance . There was a heavy, steel door at the end of the corridor . Rhode stood before it and it gradually opened . Then, Sara emerged from the darkness and bowed respectfully upon lowering her head .

Rhode entered the circular cell that had turned into another look . Various alchemical equipment and tools were laid by the walls . The boiling alchemy pot above the cyan spiritual flames exuded a strange smell . In addition to the alchemy ingredients placed on the shelves, it looked just like a home where an evil witch captured and cooked children . In fact, this was Sara’s alchemy workshop . After the Battle Angel Army pulled back, Rhode was no longer as careful . He restructured the underground prison and divided a space for Sara’s personal alchemy workshop to produce things that weren’t suitable for Lapis . The reason was simple as to why the underground prison was chosen—there were sufficient ingredients and experimental products . Besides, this was much better than sentencing the offenders to death since they could ‘benefit society’ with this punishment .

Simply speaking, Sara’s and Lapis’s workshop was similar . The latter was responsible for creating magic tools, healing and strengthening potions, and antidotes . On the other hand, the former was in charge of creating lethal poison and menacing cursed items . Even though Sara’s alchemy technique wasn’t as great as Lapis’s, the former couldn’t be considered weak . It was only because Lapis inherited the godlike alchemy techniques from the Behermes Family that Sara couldn’t be compared to her . If Sara were in the Alchemist Association, her alchemy mastery would definitely place in the top few .

Besides, the alchemy mastery that she cultivated from Cullen was also powerful . After all, Cullen was responsible for contributing to the magic equipment and techniques of the Undead Army and Sara naturally learned a lot from him . Moreover, Rhode had spoken to Sara a few times and realized that she held outstanding comprehension abilities, which explained why Cullen was impressed by her . However, in terms of creations, Sara was lacking . She couldn’t be blamed because as a Corpse Slave, her duties were to focus on fulfilling Cullen’s every task and not to think about creating new techniques . Corpse Slaves had low self-awareness and unless Cullen ordered Sara to produce new potions or equipment, she definitely wouldn’t consider it . This had nothing to do with the spiritual contract and was totally the instinct of a human who survived in the Country of Darkness and behavior from after long-term slavery .

Magical equipment…

Rhode let out an inward sigh . Although the previous war ended well from an overlord’s perspective, he felt that it was a complete failure from a player’s perspective . There were 150,000 Undead Creatures, but the EXP he gained was only one-tenth due to the system level restriction . He couldn’t gain too much EXP from overly low-level creatures . Currently, he was level 60, which meant that he could only gain up to 10 points of EXP for each creature killed . Previously, Cullen sacrificed 30,000 troops in 10 days but he only received 50,000 EXP . Although he relied on slaughtering elite creatures like Vampires and Skeletal Trolls and gained a huge amount of EXP, it amassed to only about 550,000 EXP . In total, he received 600,000 EXP .

But the problem was that… after transcending into the Legendary Stage, players needed an astronomical amount of EXP for each upgrade in level . Rhode used 350,000 EXP to go from level 59 to 60 . However, he needed 500,000 just to upgrade from level 60 to 61!

In other words, after he fought hard and annihilated Cullen’s 150,000 Undead Creatures, he only leveled up… once .

In fact, this wasn’t too strange . In the game, players didn’t rely on defeating armies to gain EXP after they reached level 60 . Instead, they accomplished war missions and cleared dungeons which didn’t take too much effort nor time . The players participated in wars with the identity of mercenaries . In other words, after the war began, players would receive a mission from the commander and be responsible for defense or offense . If they won after the war, they could redeem their reward and huge amount of EXP from the commander . As there were endless wars between players in the games, it wasn’t too difficult for them to accept war missions .

However, there weren’t such conditions here .

This system interface with random behaviors didn’t hand out a mission to Rhode when he defended the fortress . Therefore, he didn’t receive additional rewards or EXP after the war ended . Not only that, but he also couldn’t keep clearing the same dungeon repeatedly . If not, he would have led Canary and Mini Bubble Gum into the Saint Monastery and cleared it a 100 times back then and transcended into the Legendary Stage a long time ago…

Although it was possible that due to this reason, the system was modified to increase the BOSS EXP multiple times to compensate for the non-existent war mission, the problem was that… Rhode didn’t kill any creatures that were of the BOSS tier . Cullen had escaped, so he didn’t receive any EXP . On the other hand, he didn’t take down Erin either . Although he received some worthy EXP after Celestina defeated Duran, she didn’t know the concept of looting corpses . She tossed Duran’s corpse to the side instantly and when Rhode received the news, the corpse was long gone .

This left him speechless . He put in so much hard work and finally defeated a 150,000 troops army . As a result, he only leveled up once without killing a single BOSS tier creature or receiving any great equipment . If he defeated Erin, he would undoubtedly receive an EXP amount so huge that he could reach level 70 instantly . However, the problem was that… he failed to kill her .

The only benefits that he received were the ‘spoils of war’—Sara and Nell .

“How does it feel?”

“Good, dear Master . I’ve arranged everything according to your instructions . If you need anything, I will do my best to fulfill your requests . ”

“Good . ”

Rhode’s eyes glinted with traces of smiles . Then, he turned to Sara .

“Alright then . I have something that needs your help . ”

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