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Chapter 760
Chapter 760: Unwelcome Guests (3)

“Sir Overlord, I believe that there must have been some misunderstanding…”

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Aiken stood in the living room with a bitter look and said to the expressionless Rhode . Even though he had heard about Rhode’s brutality in Casabianca, this was the first time that he witnessed how terrifying the young man was . Thereafter, Rhode ordered his men to detain Sonia and the knights in the underground jail . However, he was kind to Aiken as he was a member of the church . Aiken thought that he would be captured and thrown straight into the cell by this crazy overlord like the others, but he didn’t expect Rhode to treat him courteously as a host . If the ‘misunderstanding’ didn’t occur, perhaps everything would be on the right track . But Aiken was scared witless after witnessing how Rhode ruthlessly imprisoned Sonia and the knights .

Aiken had been to many places as a priest and learned that many people in the Light Mainland criticized the Country of Light for their strong, overbearing attitude . Most of the people of the Country of Light was brainwashed into thinking that they were the strongest and most important country in the entire Light Mainland, and were provided peace and freedom . If they didn’t exist, the entire Light Mainland would fall into darkness . This explained why they were arrogant and acted superior over others . On the other hand, some of the other regions submitted to the humiliations while some appeared friendly, but cursed behind their backs . However, no matter where, no one dared to go against the Country of Light . It wasn’t because they were afraid of what the Light Parliament would do, but they were most fearful of the Light Dragon Soul . If they opposed the Country of Light, the Light Parliament would definitely take them down . No matter what, all the territories were under the protection of the Light Dragon Soul, so what else could they say?

The Country of Light was so arrogant that they treated their country as the only and most developed, glorious, beautiful, free, and prosperous land . Other than the Country of Light, the other countries were either located in uncivilized territory or barren land and their people lived under cruel dictatorship . Those people were barbaric, ignorant, and foolish, so they naturally had to accept their teachings . If they refused… they would need to understand why they ‘had to’ accept their ‘help’ because it was necessary to turn them into civilized people .

To the people of the Country of Light, the people of other nations were just undeveloped barbarians . Some of the extremists even believed that they were the only ones fit to be called humans . As for the others? Hahaha . They were nothing more than undeveloped barbarians . Therefore, Aiken wasn’t surprised when he witnessed the knights drive off the people in the queue . In fact, the knights were considered ‘courteous’ already . At least they harassed the people using their imposing presence and in the name of emissaries and didn’t lash their whips . Perhaps to the emissaries, they were considered to be extremely polite and respectful of the barbarians . If this happened in other regions, the people wouldn’t even dare to utter a word . After all, Sonia was right . This investigations team was an official diplomatic group sent by the Country of Light and any conflict would lead to a conflict between the two nations . Ordinary overlords definitely wouldn’t dare stir up trouble over such a small matter .

However, this overlord actually did . His gaze wasn’t filled with hatred, anger, or concern . Instead, it felt like he was looking at mice and pests in disdain which astonished Aiken . He had never seen anyone looked down upon the people of the Country of Light . After all, the Country of Light’s arrogance had been around for centuries and people of other regions would subconsciously lower their heads whenever they met . But this young man didn’t show any signs of such behavior . On the contrary, even though this young man appeared calm, Aiken felt like he was a beggar who had barged into a wealthy noble family and was discovered by the patriarch .

“… I know their actions were inappropriate . But Sir Overlord, we are the emissaries sent by the Country of Light, after all . If you do this…”

Aiken pondered and came up with an explanation . If he wasn’t facing Rhode, he would have pointed out that this would worsen the relationship between the Munn Kingdom and the Country of Light and might lead to a war . However, it was apparent that this young man wouldn’t take all of it down .

“… If it is possible, you can give them another chance . I think… they understand their mistakes now…”

“The Country of Light has never changed for centuries . I don’t think these idiots will repent anytime soon, Priest Aiken . ”

Rhode said calmly while Aiken let out a bitter smile . If the people of the Country of Light were present, they would have flown into a rage . But Aiken was sure that Rhode would surely kill whichever idiot did that without any hesitation .

“I know what you mean, Sir Overlord . But I represent the church as the third-party supervisor… The Light Parliament’s emissaries may have gone overboard, but… you’re also aware that there is immense tension in Light Mainland due to the influence of the war with the Country of Darkness . Although they were in the wrong, there isn’t any irreversible damage and no one lost their lives…”

Aiken carefully worded his sentence, at the same time cursed the Light Parliament inwardly .

Those shameless bastards are making me apologize for their troubles! Do they really think that the church is a pushover?!

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Aiken gritted his teeth and swore that he wouldn’t ‘side with anyone’ and would represent the church in making the most ‘righteous’ investigations .

Rhode shook his finger . After pondering for a few moments, he lifted his head and said .

“I understand your position, Priest Aiken . In fact, I’ve had a great time working with the church . However, one can be exemptible from the death penalty but hardly from punishment . These people need to be imprisoned for at least 15 days . If they behaved acceptably well in jail, I will release them . But if they challenge my authority…”

Rhode’s eyes glinted in an ice-cold radiance .

“Then that’s too bad, Priest Aiken . ”

“Yes, of course, of course . I understand . ”

Aiken nodded hurriedly . He had done his best to receive such a generous treatment from this young man so what else could he ask for? Moreover, Aiken believed that he was merely dragged into this trouble despite not doing anything wrong .

Why did I become the one who has to put up a smile and ask for mercy? Damn it . I wasn’t the one in the wrong!

Aiken also agreed to letting the bunch of idiots suffer from their mistakes . But…

“What about Miss Sonia…”

“There are no exceptions, Priest Aiken . She has to receive the same punishment . But don’t worry, I will lock her up in an individual cell . ”

Aiken let out a helpless sigh . The Lockos Financial Group was a huge, powerful force in the Country of Light and Sonia was one of the important figures . If there were any accidents, perhaps he would be implicated despite being from the church .

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“Hmm… Sir Overlord, I have to report to the higher-ups about the happenings since I’m the supervisor . So, if you may pardon my rudeness, can you allow me to meet Miss Sonia once per day to check on her situation? Perhaps you may not know, but Miss Sonia’s Lockos Financial Group is a strong organization in the Country of Light . If anything were to happen to her…”

“I understand . I agree to your request, Priest Aiken . ”

This time, Rhode displayed an ‘understanding’ attitude . Aiken acknowledged awkwardly and left the place . After all, he felt really unlucky today and hoped to settle down peacefully to think carefully about his next steps .

Although this unfortunate day was about to end for Priest Aiken, it was only the beginning for Rhode .

The underground prison was as ice-cold as always . Rhode pushed the large, heavy cell door open and instantly sensed a furious gaze projected on him . He spotted Sonia standing by the wall and glaring at him coldly as though he was the murderer who killed her father . However, Rhode wasn’t mindful at all .

“I hope you can explain your doings, Mr . Rhode . ”

Sonia said harshly . She clenched her fists and her eyes glinted in fuming flames .

“Do you know the consequences for unofficially detaining the emissaries sent by the Country of Light? Do you want to start a war between the Munn Kingdom and the Country of Light? I’m the third executive officer of the Lockos Financial Group and a member of the Light Parliament! Do you know what the consequences are?!”

“Stop finding excuses, Miss . Sonia . ”

Rhode shot a look at her .

“The Country of Light has always been looking to attack the Munn Kingdom . They would have come if they have the guts, isn’t it? But I’m aware that the useless trash in the Light Parliament is only great in barking . Would they come up with that many ridiculous reasons if they truly wished to attack Munn Kingdom? I will welcome them with open arms if they want to start a war . But… why would they dare to take on the Munn Kingdom based on their current situation?”


Sonia gritted her teeth and couldn’t utter a word—in fact, just like what Rhode said, the Country of Light was unlike the Munn Kingdom . They couldn’t defend against the Undead Army and crumbled until the two Archangels assisted them in stabilizing the defensive line . The Country of Light’s army was miserable and couldn’t even take care of themselves . If the Light Parliament were to start a war with the Munn Kingdom, the army would definitely not agree to it .

“It seems like you haven’t fully understood your position here, Miss Sonia . ”

Rhode let out a snort and approached her slowly . Sonia tensed up and as Rhode was only a few steps away, she drew her dagger and brandished .

Rhode had to admit that she was rather skillful judging from her posture—she was also around level 30 . If she faced one who didn’t learn any swordsmanship, perhaps one would be subdued by her completely . But Rhode was undoubtedly much more skillful than her . At this moment, a shadow with a shimmering dagger flitted by and clashed with hers heavily . Sonia shrieked and dropped her dagger . Then, Nell extended her arm, stopped Sonia from her next move, and held her down on the ground . Even though Sonia struggled, she couldn’t break free from Nell who was an expert in assassination .

“Your actions are the ones that will lead to a war, Miss Sonia . ”

Rhode swept a glance to the dagger by his foot . There was a layer of strange radiance above the pitch-black blade, which appeared like poison . He didn’t expect that this young lady was so vicious .

Sonia gritted her teeth and glared at him .

“You can kill me, but I will not give up . I don’t have any intention to return alive . You destroyed Andre . If it wasn’t for you…”


Rhode squinted and revealed a grin .

“I didn’t expect to hear his name here . It seems like he’s rather popular . How is his recovery? Is everything fine? I’ve been concerned about his health ever since the end of the Dragon Soul Ceremony . ”

“… Hmph!”

Sonia grunted and turned around in disdain . Then, Nell clutched her neck and looked at Rhode .

“Do you want me to kill her, Master?”

“No . ”

Rhode waved his hand casually . Then, he lifted Sonia’s chin with his foot and forced her to look at him . He showed an odd smile .

“I actually had such intentions . But now… I changed my mind . ”

“Have you decided to turn her into your slave, Master?”

Nell asked curiously . As one of Rhode’s slaves, Nell instantly recalled what he did to her—engaged in a soul sacrificial contract and turned her into his slave . However, Rhode shook his head to her surprise . He squinted and gazed coldly at Sonia .

“No, Nell . I think it’s about time for me to own a pet . ”

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