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Published at 18th of June 2020 05:58:14 PM
Chapter 762

Chapter 762: Pet Feeding Manual (2)

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Sonia wrapped her arms around and shivered in the chilly winter . The entire cell was quiet, cold, and dark without heating facilities like a fireplace . Not only that, but the damp moisture in the cell was also unbearable . Sonia was still wearing the clothes that she wore in the chariot and the wet clothes stuck on her skin . She cowered in the corner and was no longer as high-spirited as before .

She looked up blankly, but the cell was in total darkness . She could vaguely see the flickering flames through the gap below the door, but people were completely numb to time in this place . Not only did she feel cold, but she was also famished . After the young lady named Nell left, Sonia felt as though she had been forgotten by others . No one visited, spoke, or delivered food to her . The endless darkness, silence, and coldness were her only companions .

There were a few times when Sonia felt like she had been completely defeated . But she gritted her teeth whenever she recalled Rhode’s annoying face and pulled herself together .

That’s right . I can’t back down . I can’t admit defeat . That man is gonna use shameful ways to make me surrender . He won’t get away with it!

At this moment, footsteps broke the silence and Sonia tensed immediately . She widened her eyes at the steel door and bit her lips tightly . Then, she straightened her posture proudly and stood up . She definitely couldn’t reveal such a miserable sight to her enemies .

The footsteps became louder and a shadow emerged before her cell door .

The door opened and a slender figure clad in a robe emerged .

“Please follow me, Miss Sonia . Master wants to see you . ”

The voice was cold and plain . Sonia let out a snort .

“Master said that he doesn’t like women who waste his time . If you refuse, he will kill your knights—one every 10 minutes . If you don’t turn up, he will kill them all and feed them to the dogs . ”

Sonia sulked, clenched her fists, and glared at the person . However, the latter didn’t respond and simply turned aside to make way for Sonia with an inviting gesture . Sonia bit her teeth . She knew that the man was threatening her, but it was clear that he was capable of doing so . She took in a deep breath and stepped out of the cell with her chest stuck out .

Sonia thought that she would be led out of the underground prison, but she was entirely wrong . They passed through pitch-black tunnels, went down a flight of stairs, and turned a few corners . Sonia didn’t know if they were heading up or down . After a few moments, they reached the end of a corridor where a heavy steel door stood before them . The young lady who led the way pushed it open gently . The door creaked and a dazzling radiance shone from within . As the door opened halfway, the young lady beckoned to Sonia .

Sonia hesitated and couldn’t see what was happening behind the heavy steel door . However, she instinctively felt that something bad was awaiting her . But since she was already here, how could she back down? No, she couldn’t! No matter what that shameless man wanted to do with her, she would never surrender!

Sonia lifted her head and tidied her clothes . Then, she stepped into the room nonchalantly .

Warm air blew in her face .

It wasn’t a terrifying torture room that she imagined . Instead, it was a strangely luxurious, warm, and comfortable-looking room . Not only did the fireplace chase the harsh cold away, but it also provided warmth and illuminated the room with signs of life . Sonia saw huge sofas, delicate wooden tables and drawers, and a large silk bed . If it weren’t for the manacles and fetters hanging on the walls, Sonia would have believed that this was an luxuriously decorated guest room .

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Is this prepared for me? Is that man trying to rope me in with this method?

The warm air in this harsh weather made her comfortable . Then, she detected a shadow from the corner of her eye and Rhode emerged before her .

Rhode presented a smile, but this made her even more nervous . She instinctively sensed that even though Rhode was smiling, he actually wasn’t delighted at all . The temperature also dropped drastically .

“Good, Miss Sonia . I’m glad that you arrived on time . ”

Rhode approached her while she instinctively backed off . But, shortly after, she realized that her behavior was shameful . She let out a snort and lifted her head proudly .

“What’s there to be glad about? If it weren’t for your threats, do you think I’d be willing to come here? You’re a despicable man who bullies women, Mr . Rhode . I never expected you to be this shameless!”

“Thanks for the compliments, Miss . Sonia . ”

Rhode’s smile widened into a grin .

“I don’t think that what I’m doing is wrong . But, Miss Sonia, you’re in the wrong for saying one thing and doing another . Why don’t you admit it?”

“What… What did you say?”

Sonia knitted her brows while Rhode maintained his smile .

“It’s simple . You can say that I threatened you, Miss Sonia, but you should be sick of living in that chilly, damp cell too, right? Could it be that you don’t intend to come out of it?”

Sonia’s blood boiled because Rhode’s words were as though sharp daggers that pierced her truest thoughts . But shortly after, she regained her ice-cold expression .

“Rubbish . You can say whatever you want since anything that I say is useless . But don’t you ever think that everyone will harbor such filthy thoughts like you! If it weren’t for your threats, why would I obey your orders? I would rather freeze to death in the cell and not let you manipulate me!”

Rhode twitched his brows .

“It seems like wild animals aren’t easy to tame . To think that it disobeys its master… But, whatever . I have all the time I need to teach you the right attitude a pet should have toward its master . ”

Rhode swung his right arm out of a sudden .

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A shadow flitted across and an immense shock wave struck Sonia . She flew back and crashed into the wall behind her . But before she returned to her senses, the manacles and fetters moved on their own and locked her wrists and ankles, raising her arms above her . She glared in terror at the young man strolling toward her with a pitch-black whip .

“What… What are you trying to do!?”

“I’ve said it . To teach the right attitude that a pet should have toward its master . ”

Rhode strolled toward her, extended his arm, and held her collar . Then, Sonia seemed to understand what Rhode was trying to do . This was the first time she revealed such horror in her eyes .

“What are you trying to do? You can’t . You can’t…”

Sonia’s coat was instantly ripped apart and tossed to the fireplace . Only a thin undershirt was left covering her delicate body .

In the radiant flames, Sonia’s silk undershirt reflected a gentle luster and accentuated her well-rounded chest . She shivered—her spotlessly white lace panties and sling stockings that wrapped her voluptuous figure let off a pure, gentle charm .

Sonia gritted her teeth and turned away from Rhode . No matter how determined she was, she was a young lady, after all . Her precious body that was reserved for her beloved man had been seen entirely by a shameless scum . If it weren’t for her stubbornness and arrogance, perhaps she would have cried her eyes out .

“Hmm… Your body isn’t bad . ”

Rhode scrutinized from her head to toes as though selecting a slave from the black market . He caressed her hair and skin . Sonia shivered instinctively, but where could she hide?

“You’re a wealthy young lady indeed . You’ve maintained your skin so well that it’s soft to the touch . Your hair is silky smooth too . ”

After a few moments Rhode retracted his hand and his comments were as though a merchant evaluating his goods . Sonia had never been so insulted all her life . She was neither an object nor animal! But shortly after, she felt a wave of tremendous pain .

Sonia shrieked instinctively as a glaring, scarlet mark emerged across her tender chest . The thin undershirt had been ripped apart and exposed her soft, dewy skin . Read more chapter on NovelFull

Rhode didn’t stop . He gazed at her amusingly and the whip in his hand transformed into several shadows that enveloped her entirely .

The final defense on Sonia’s upper body finally fell off .

Sonia gritted her teeth stubbornly . Her body was filled with stinging pain all around . Rhode twitched his brows, but said nothing . Then, he lifted his right arm .

Sonia couldn’t hold it in anymore . She looked down and found a glaring scarlet mark on her inner upper thigh . Her gaze was filled with traces of horror .

The pitch-black whip was as though a viper slowly infiltrating her . Every lash was inching closer to her most private area . She couldn’t hold it in any longer and screamed in horror—the immense pain, numbness, and ice-cold sensation manipulated her .

Suddenly, the immense pain turned into a strange numbness like a flow of electricity running through her senses and changed the tone of her screams .

Rhode laid down his hand while Sonia gazed at him blankly . Not only did the scream not sound like a howl in grief, but it also sounded like a moan .

Did I yell in that way? Why did I do that?

Sonia’s head was blank . She couldn’t understand why this happened .

On the other hand, Rhode revealed a cheeky smile .

“I didn’t expect you to be a masochist, Miss Sonia . ”

“What… What did you say?”

Even though she didn’t understand what he meant, she instinctively felt that it wasn’t something good . Rhode didn’t respond immediately . Instead, he caressed her body gently and said .

“Alright then, can you tell me how you felt just now?”

Sonia puckered her brows and tolerated the uncomfortable sensation from his touches . She forced out a look of disdain and reprimanded .

“What can I possibly feel? Did you think that I would feel good, treated this way?”

“You can’t be too sure about that . Why did you moan just now?”

Sonia was speechless . Then, Rhode stroked his fingers from her chest to her belly where the stinging wounds, soft touches, and warm air stimulated her . However, she quickly realized that the situation was far from good . She tightened her legs together subconsciously, but was restricted by the fetters .

“P-Please put me down . Please . I-I…”

Sonia said palely with traces of panic in her eyes .

“I-I need to… Please put me down . Please . Please let me…”

“How dare you order your master as a pet?”

Not only did Rhode not agree to her request, but he also raised his right arm where another shadow flitted by and lashed her body .

Compared to the painful lash, the urgency in her lower body was much more intense . She gritted her teeth and finally revealed a pleading look .

“I beg you . Please let me go, Mr . Rhode . I only need one minute…!”

“I will never listen to my pet’s request . If you’re finally willing to yield, kneel down and beg for pity like an adorable pet . I will then consider if you do that . ”

This was the first time that she was trapped in an impossible situation . Her pride disallowed her to do something like that . But…

Rhode lashed out—the immense pain engulfed her entirely and she screamed in grief . At the same time, a strange numbness like electricity flowed through her body once again .

A golden, smelly stream of liquid spurted from between her legs and splashed on the floor . Sonia’s self-esteem was instantly shattered .

“I didn’t expect this wild animal would be so uncultured to pee all around . ”

Rhode gazed at Sonia in disdain . The young lady had lowered her head and sobbed pitifully . The liquid dripped down her thighs to the ground . She had as though lost her senses and didn’t respond at all .

It seems like this is for today .

Rhode snapped his fingers .

Sara reemerged in her cloak .

“Clean her up and give her a change of clothes before throwing her back into the cell . ”

Sonia couldn’t remember how she left the room, got cleaned up, and returned to her cell . Thereafter, she felt as though her head was in a complete blank and couldn’t respond to anything . When she returned to her senses, she was already in the cell and clad in a relatively ordinary cotton robe . There was also a cup of water and a piece of black bread before her .

Her stomach rumbled with hunger . She stared blankly at the food and after a few hesitant seconds, she extended her arm, grabbed the hard cold bread, and forced it into her mouth .

Her indistinct sobs resounded in the cell before slowly vanishing into the darkness .

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