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Published at 18th of June 2020 05:58:14 PM
Chapter 759

Chapter 759: Unwelcome Guests (2)

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It has been three days since we entered the Munn Kingdom .

Aiken rode his warhorse and gazed at the straight, flat ground before him, as well as the two rows of fully-armored knights . Even though it was also winter in the Country of Light, the temperature wasn’t as cold as it was in the Munn Kingdom . He was well prepared before arriving here, but the harsh coldness was unbearable . He took in a deep breath and grumbled for accepting this mission .

Aiken wasn’t a citizen of the Country of Light . Instead, he was born in a neighboring territory by the sea . Currently, he was serving as a priest in the church of Casabianca and was rather popular among the nobles . However, he didn’t expect that he would get caught up at the heart of the struggle—the Light Parliament found an excuse to dispatch an investigations team and needed a third-party ‘independent organization’ to supervise . In this case, it was the church, so they sent Priest Aiken as a representative .

If it was possible, he wouldn’t have come to this place . Even though the Light Parliament announced to the public that this investigations team was to ‘learn from the successful experiences on defending against the Undead Army’, he knew what they were secretly plotting . If not, why would they come to Paphield—Grenbell out of all places?!

Currently, almost everyone in the Country of Light knew who Rhode was, be it due to hatred, fear, or for the fact that he crippled the Mist Sword Saint and slaughtered the Magician Knights . The Country of Light had never been so humiliated throughout the decades and the terrible incidents that happened to them this year were all related to this young man . Although Aiken had never met Rhode, he was sure that the latter wasn’t one who was easy to deal with and lacked respect for the Country of Light .

Why must I be made the scapegoat since it’s the Light Parliament who wants to stir trouble? Oh my goodness . Am I really this unfortunate?

Aiken cursed inwardly, but his expression remain unchanged . He scanned the dozen of Holy Knights around him before shifting his gaze to the fluttering church flag which comforted him slightly . He heard from his companions that the church was somewhat related to the young man and he hoped that the young man wouldn’t behave too flagrantly toward him… If not, he would be in huge trouble .

Aiken turned to the chariot beside him and shook his head . This chariot was the most eye-catching among them—not only was there the symbol of the Country of Light, but there were also the crests of the Light Parliament and Lockos Financial Group, flaunting the identities of the passengers . The exceptionally luxurious appearance of the chariot and escorting knights around it made him rather uncomfortable as a member of the church—they put up solemn expressions as though their parents were wrongly killed and exuded an unapproachable, menacing aura .

What exactly is the Light Parliament thinking in those heads of theirs?

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As Aiken pondered on this question, they turned around the corner of the road and arrived at the mountain foot of the Land of Atonement’s fortress . He felt a chill down his spine at the sight of the majestic fortress . He thought that it was indeed strange that Rhode defended against the Undead Army successfully . But just a glance at this fortress convinced him that it was possible .

There were bustling crowds and chariots by the entrance of the fortress . After the war ended, many had returned and were lining up to receive checks before entering the fortress . The investigations team from the Country of Light was at the end of the queue .

Aiken didn’t mind since he held the modesty of a sacred personnel . However, the knights who led the way were getting impatient . They threw their weight about in the Country of Light and no one dared to stop them even after they entered the Munn Kingdom . But now, this bunch of country bumpkins disregarded them entirely as though the fluttering Light Parliament flag was nothing in their eyes .

Can’t this group of filthy country bumpkins see that we’re the emissaries of the Country of Light and make way for us? How uneducated!

Although the knights were dissatisfied, they didn’t hurl abuse at the people because it would only stain their mouths by speaking to these barbarians living by the border . However, this didn’t mean that they had no other means . Shortly after, the leading knight urged on his warhorse using a whip and headed forward .

The leading knight let out a strong snort and startled one of the chariot horses in queue . The horse lifted its front legs, neighed fearfully, and galloped forward to safety . The people hurriedly dodged and scattered to the sides, but the unfortunate ones were still struck by the scrambling horse . A pair of mother-daughter on the chariot burst into tears as they hugged onto each other and screamed at the top of their lungs .

A few of the knights burst into laughter while Aiken was speechless and puckered his brows . He knew that these knights from the Country of Light was an arrogant bunch . But for them to behave this way here… Sigh…

The startled horse galloped toward the entrance and soldiers stepped forward frantically . At this moment, a slender figure pushed them aside .

Anne darted forward with her lifted shield—the horse crashed into the shield and the powerful impact forced Anne back a few steps . The dazed horse came to an abrupt halt, staggered, and knelt on the ground . At this moment, the frightened crowd let out sighs of relief while soldiers supported the shaking pair of mother-daughter from getting down the chariot . Anne revealed a wide smile at the sight of their safety before turning and glaring at the unwelcome guests .

“What are you trying to do?”

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“We did nothing, young lady . ”

The leading knight lifted his head proudly, scrutinized, and let out a demeaning laughter . Anne gritted her teeth furiously .

“Stop pretending . Don’t think that Anne is stupid . Anne knows that it is your doing! Why did you do that!”

“I repeat, young lady, we did nothing and don’t know what you’re talking about . ”

The leading knight’s eyes glinted in surprise . He was in the Master Stage and all he did was coalesced his sword aura and blast it forward to startle the horse, which usually wouldn’t be seen through by ordinary humans . Of course, he didn’t know that Anne was nearing the Legendary Stage and sensitive to such auras, so she instantly spotted the ‘culprit’ .

The leading knight spread his arms apart and revealed a look of disdain .

“This only proves that this bunch of country bumpkins are receiving their just dessert for being rude and not…”

Before he finished his sentence, Anne’s emerald-green eyes emanated and she threw her shield forward—the shield swept a trail of afterimages as it broke the sound barrier and crashed onto his chest . The knight didn’t expect that Anne would attack straightaway . Moreover, the significant difference between their strength instantly propelled him off the warhorse . The other knights watched in horror as they froze on the spot . They had always been the arrogant ones and no one dared to lay hands on them . But now, they were attacked in this uncivilized territory? It felt as though they were noble patriarchs who were slapped by a lowly servant out of a sudden .

At this moment, an ice-cold voice pulled themselves together .

“Why are you guys in a daze?!”

The knights turned to their escorting chariot with its door opened and a young lady stared at them with menacing eyes from inside .

“She laid hands on the emissaries of the Country of Light . This is intolerable . Capture her right now and kill her if she defies!”

Aiken flustered . He didn’t expect a fight to break out even before they entered the entrance . He scuttled to the young lady, but the knights had already charged ahead .

Anne’s emerald-green eyes emanated increasingly brighter . She lowered her head and let out the deep growl of a wild animal . Then, she heard Rhode’s voice .

The knights witnessed a lightning-fast shadow lea down and in an instant, countless, dazzling blade arcs ripped through the air and enveloped them entirely .

Not only the knights were slashed in the blink of an eye, but their warhorses were also dismembered by the razor-sharp blade air streams . Even though the knights didn’t die on the spot, their severed limbs had fallen to the ground and grieving mourns filled the place .

The shadow vanished into thin air and at this moment, Rhode exited the entrance in large strides . This was one of the techniques of his Fantasy Daybreak . After upgrading his level, this self-made swordsmanship allowed him to project a phantom up to a certain distance and launch attacks—the knights just became his first victims .

Sonia clenched her fists, but Rhode disregarded her completely . He nonchalantly held his sword and approached them . He swept a glance at them before revealing a smile .

“Good . It seems like you haven’t figured out where this place is and whose soil is under your feet right now . I don’t mind letting you know that this is the Munn Kingdom and you’re stepping on my territory: Paphield—Grenbell . You’ve laid hands on my men, so I want you to drop your weapons and surrender . ”

Sonia said after taking a deep breath . Then, Rhode twitched his brows and…

A dazzling light beam from a magic cannon blasted above them and exploded in the empty field behind . Aiken’s knees weakened instantly . If he wasn’t riding on the warhorse, perhaps he would’ve collapsed to the ground in paralysis .

“I guess you understand now . I don’t mind staining my blade with blood, especially with blood from the Country of Light . ”

“… I advise you to think it through, Sir Overlord . ”

Sonia said in her ashen expression .

“This means you’re announcing war on the Country of Light if you do that! All your doings will drag both countries into war!”

“I’ve told you, young lady…”

Rhode lifted his head and his pitch-black pupils forced her to take in a breath of cold air . His eyes appeared so berserk, ice-cold, and terrifying as though a crazy person craving to kill someone to satisfy his urge .

“I don’t mind staining my blade with blood, especially with blood from the Country of Light . ”

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