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Chapter 754

The light column transformed into an enormous blade that streaked across the night sky . Even though Erin attacked with her moon rule powers, she didn’t dare resist resolutely . Besides, Mini Bubble Gum’s rule was the ‘light’, which was a tier higher than her ‘moon’ rule . If this battle took place in the day, Mini Bubble Gum could stand up against Erin without Canary’s help . But it was nighttime and the moon was hanging high above them…

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As the light blade brandished, numerous silver-whitish runes flashed around Erin . Then, they linked up one by one to form a barrier that collided with the light blade .


Even though the barrier split into half, Erin dodged swiftly .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The light blade struck the ground and thunderous explosions sounded while several meters-wide, bottomless fissures emerged on the surface . In the blink of an eye, the fissures extended to one of the hills and it crumbled completely .

“Ahh, this damn moon!”

Mini Bubble Gum wasn’t the least bit proud that she created a canyon out of a single strike . She yelled in anger and stared at the moon—even though it wasn’t the full moon, it was still illuminating brightly . If it was possible, Mini Bubble Gum wished to blast the moon away, which was why she grumbled while focusing her attention on casting her spell . Erin’s strength would fluctuate according to the shape of the moon . If it was the full moon, Mini Bubble Gum’s attack would only tickle Erin even if the latter didn’t cast any defensive spell .

But as a top player, Mini Bubble Gum definitely wouldn’t lose her mind to anger . Even though she constantly grumbled, her attacks didn’t stop as Erin quickened her pace and flew toward the fortress once again . Erin was aware that this wasn’t the time to mess with this little girl . Moreover, she realized that this little girl might possess a rule power that was a tier higher than hers . She was curious and astonished as to how such a formidable being came to the Munn Kingdom without the Country of Darkness knowing—if they were aware of it earlier, the Country of Darkness definitely wouldn’t allow Cullen to lead 150,000 Undead Creatures to their death .

But it was meaningless to think about this problem now . Erin knew that she wouldn’t be killed under the protection of the moon rule, which was why she might as well avoid Mini Bubble Gum and target the fortress instead . As long as she destroyed the fortress, her mission would be accomplished .

However, the situation wasn’t this simple .

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“Please stay . ”

Erin heard a crisp, gentle voice and what came next was a raging tornado .

The powerful, massive winds swirled to form a vortex that engulfed Erin entirely . She lifted her head in surprise and spotted another young lady hovering in midair—unlike Mini Bubble Gum, Canary triggered her rule power and four light bands constructed of runes spun around her arms and ankles . What left Erin even more astonished was that this young lady’s rule ritual was in an odd shape—countless, straight red and green lines with round solid dots flickered on her as though a diagram of an electric circuit on a humanoid robot .

“My apologies, Your Highness . We don’t wish to use violence . If it’s possible, I hope you can stay where you are . ”

Canary smiled and said in a gentle, elegant tone . If this was all, perhaps it might sound like they were negotiating . However, the violent tornado of flames enveloped everything as they spoke . No matter the Bone Griffins in the sky or the Skeleton Soldiers on the surface, all of them were burned to ashes instantly . This scene made it look as though Canary was threatening and not requesting .

This is… a double rule talent?

Erin’s eyes glinted, but she wasn’t worried about this situation . Instead, she was full of joy . It seemed that she had made a right choice to come to this battlefront . If not, she wouldn’t have witnessed such an interesting sight .

“Both of you are the overlord’s subordinates?”

Erin turned around and asked curiously while Canary and Mini Bubble Gum exchanged looks in surprise . Just like Rhode, they hadn’t battle Erin face to face before . However, they didn’t expect Erin to have such a reaction . Mini Bubble Gum lifted her head proudly .

“That’s right, we’re leader’s companions . ”

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“I see…”

Although Erin was trapped in the fire tornado, she didn’t seem to be in any discomfort . On the contrary, she murmured under her breath casually, which astonished Canary and Mini Bubble Gum . Even though they had unleashed their strongest attacks, Erin seemed to disregard them entirely . If it were the four legendary generals, perhaps they wouldn’t have behaved this way . However, before the two young ladies figured out the reason, Erin nodded slightly .

“I understand now . Thank you . ”

Then, Erin expanded her wings wide .

In an instant, Canary and Mini Bubble Gum sensed an invisible, massive strength erupt from Erin, which dispersed the fire tornado and tore the sky and ground as it blasted toward them . Mini Bubble Gum raised her arms hurriedly and along with her actions, one of the runes flowed along the silver-whitish magical trajectory to her side . Shortly after, countless hexagonal, golden barriers merged to form an unbreakable wall before them . But even so, the powerful blast crashed and released endless sparks . Erin seized this chance to fly above them and headed straight to the fortress with the speed of a jet fighter .

“Damn it!”

Mini Bubble Gum snarled after being played by the ‘NPC’ and gave chase quickly while Canary sulked and transformed into a dazzling green radiance that followed Erin closely .

In order to ensure that nothing went wrong, both of them had gone up to Erin as soon as she entered the Light Dragon Soul’s protection, which was why there was still a distance between Erin and the fortress . However, this distance was nothing more than a few flaps of her huge wings . Canary and Mini Bubble Gum refrained from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases . They couldn’t cast spells in the presence of the fortress to prevent disaster to the innocents, which was why they increased their speed to stop Erin as quickly as possible . Mini Bubble Gum struggled to keep up, but Canary was slightly better . However, the spell that Canary cast couldn’t stop Erin from advancing .

“This is bad!”

Rhode frowned . Strictly speaking, it wouldn’t be difficult for Canary and Mini Bubble Gum to stop Erin together, especially when the latter wasn’t an adult yet . Even with the protection of the moon rule, her strength was almost on par with them . However, Canary and Mini Bubble Gum were disadvantageous because they lacked understanding on Erin’s attacking style . Rhode also didn’t expect her to respond quickly and determinedly .

However, there was no use crying over spilled milk . If this happened in the game, they could still make up for their wrong judgments . But now, any mistake would lead to lethal consequences . Erin was getting increasingly closer to the fortress . Rhode turned to Orchid Heart . At this moment, she looked as though she was falling asleep . But lines of complicated text had emerged across the pages of her pitch-black book .

“How much longer do you need, Senior Heart?”

“At least five minutes . ”

“Five minutes… alright, I’ll leave it to you!”

Rhode gritted his teeth and turned around . Shortly after, a pair of green wings expanded behind him and he leaped into the sky .

In an instant, he saw the massive, pitch-black shadow closing in . Although he had entered the Legendary Stage, he was still 20 levels away from her . This level gap had predetermined that he wouldn’t hurt her at all even if he gave all his might .

But Rhode definitely wasn’t attempting to do the impossible .

[Talent Characteristic: Self-Affirmation (LV1) Activate]

[Please select the attribute to strengthen]

Swordsmanship—Essence of the Eternal Night . S Grade!

Rhode answered inwardly and raised his right arm . A holy, white sword emerged in his hand . The surrounding darkness slowly coalesced onto the blade . He clutched the sword hilt and swung his left arm across . Then, darkness rumbled .

He slashed the blade and the darkness before him split into half . Dark specks within exploded in invisible energy, which led the air to twist, tear, and blast countless fragments at the enemy .


Erin let out a curious shriek . She came to an abrupt halt and folded her wings around her . At this moment, the invisible energy arrived before her .


It struck her wings and time had as though stopped at that instant . Then, the surging dark energy from the collision spread to the Undead Army, where one of the enormous Skeletal Troll instantly shattered into bits .

Erin expanded her wings . But this time, she didn’t charge forward . Instead, she gazed at Rhode with a dubious glint in her eyes .

“This is Big Brother’s swordsmanship… who are you, Human?”

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