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Chapter 753
Chapter 753: World’s Number One Princess (1)

The situation is looking critical for our army…

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Erin lifted her long neck and gazed forward in silence . Even though she wasn’t an expert in war studies, she was taught related knowledge as a royal . In fact, anyone with a keen eye could see that the Undead Army was in a disadvantageous situation . The Magic Fleet and magic cannons that filled the city walls wreaked havoc on the battlefield . This couldn’t be considered a battle . It was more like a massacre . In the sky, the Battle Angels completely overwhelmed the Ghouls, Bone Griffins, and Vampires while the Death Knights continued to put up a strong fight . However, they couldn’t last for much longer .

Erin’s eyes glinted curiously at the sight of the ‘crystal angels’ soaring in midair . They weren’t as formidable as the true Battle Angels, but there were so many more of them . At this moment, the ‘crystal angels’ leaped from the moat into the sky, which disrupted the Undead Army . Even though the Undead Army resisted and tried to gain the upper hand, they were only heading towards a path of destruction .

Big Brother is too impatient .

Erin shook her head slightly . She was neither a pacifist nor a militant and didn’t hold any sympathy for the mortals and undeads that perished . But even so, she wasn’t optimistic about her big brother’s plan . She thought that Ion was overly-impatient and shouldn’t have blindly attacked . However, Ion didn’t heed her advice and she knew that his self-confidence was both his greatest strength and weakness . He was convinced that everything in this world would act according to his will . No matter what accidents might occur, the final result would be as what he predicted . This kind of self-confidence was the power that allowed the entire Country of Darkness to abandon previous disputes and gather their forces together . But at the same time, Erin thought that this was her big brother’s biggest flaw . What left her in a headache was that Ion wasn’t blindly arrogant . Instead, he considered situations carefully before finally making a decision . It was also due to this that it was nearly impossible for her to persuade him .

At this moment, Erin received a call for help from Cullen .

He wants me to lend him a hand?

Erin didn’t respond immediately . Instead, she narrowed her eyes and pondered for a while . If it was possible, she didn’t wish to join this battle . Currently, their attack was in a state of stagnation . Even though she couldn’t get involved in politics, she actually hoped that her big brother would reconsider his decision . Time and patience weren’t their enemies, but Ion just couldn’t understand this point . If she were to attack personally, this fortress would likely crumble and she wouldn’t reach her goals… Erin shook her head at this thought .

She was royal of the Country of Darkness, after all . As the princess, she held neither the choice nor the right to interfere with the decisions and trends of the entire empire . Since that was the case, her only choice was to display utter loyalty . No matter what, since the commander requested for her help… She could only nod in agreement . Besides… she wished to personally see how exactly did the human who spoiled her big brother’s plans time and time again looked like .

Erin lifted her head, expanded her huge wings, and flew into the night sky in deep, strong gales .

In an instant, she arrived at the edge of the battlefield . The dazzling explosions were as though celebrating a grand festive night . She shifted her gaze to the majestic fortress and magic cannons and let out a sigh . Then, she widened her mouth .

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In an instant, her loud, resounding roar stunned the entire battlefield and the menacing artillery barrages had as though been softened . Not only that, but her roar also swept the place like an invisible blast . The soldiers looked up to the source of the voice and some fearful ones even fell to the ground weakly .

That was the fear that mortals portrayed instinctively when they perceived a stronger existence .

“She’s here!”

Rhode felt a shiver down his spine even though he was mentally prepared for this moment . Indeed, it was the Night Wyvern . She expanded her wings, spiraled silently in the sky, and emanated a bright radiance from her eyes . Although she was still a distance away, her massive presence left him trembling .

“Canary, Bubble, attack! Keep her away from the city wall!”

Rhode commanded immediately . He knew that it wasn’t his weak mentality that caused his trembles . Instead, it was due to the effects of the dragon’s prestige . As the spokesperson of the moon, Erin’s dragon’s prestige wasn’t only just the dragon’s prestige . Instead, she also held high-level privileges which suppressed low-level privileges . Even though Rhode wasn’t affected too hard by it, he was sure that if Erin approached the city walls, the others would surely raise their hands and surrender under her dragon’s prestige just like how one’s footstep was enough to scare a mouse even though one wasn’t doing anything . When that happened, all his hard work in shaping a great ending would be wiped out completely .

Rhode swept a glance to the battlefield and gritted his teeth . The Undead Army was indeed stubborn . If it were the human army, they would have crumbled a long time ago . On the contrary, even though the Undead Army staggered, they continued to advance like thousands of moths flying into lamps . Although the lightman could easily crush the moths, the endless moths wouldn’t avoid him and would continue to pounce on their target . Such troublesome enemies were the most annoying!

“It’s time for us to attack, Bubble . ”

This was the first time Canary kept her smile back and put up a stern expression as she gazed at the Night Wyvern . Mini Bubble Gum nodded and unlike Canary, she revealed an excited expression . She clenched her fists and looked ahead in anticipation .

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“No problem, Big Sister . Haha, I’m dying to see if a top level 85 player can defeat a Night Wyvern!”

“Alright then, let’s begin . ”

Erin lifted her head and gazed at the night sky—the silver-whitish round moon illuminated a gentle radiance that shrouded her entirely . Then, silver-whitish rays emerged from her body which formed sacred, circular rule runes . Just like how the Holy Maiden Statues connected their light rule, Erin had also connected with the moon rule .

“Mony sta gir . ”

Three mysterious runes flashed before her . Then, she raised her head high . The empty void around her set off waves of ripples and hundreds of ritual circles emerged around her . Shortly after, dazzling magical radiance blasted forward .

This was the most powerful attack coalesced from the rule power . Each light beam contained the same strength of an enormous magic cannon . A wave of such an attack could shatter the fortress into ashes completely .

Well… If the attack hits, that is .

“I announce in the name of supreme privilege—light barrier!”

A tender voice sounded .

In an instant, the air around the fortress trembled—a single dot of light emerged above the fortress and it shone shimmering rays in all directions to form pictures of tree-shaped structures that brimmed with large, mysterious patterns . Shortly after, a hundred meters-wide rectangular barrier appeared out of thin air . Then, the silver-whitish light beams struck this thin, transparent barrier .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Within a few seconds, peace was quickly restored . Erin widened her eyes in astonishment because a petite young girl hovering in midair was looking at her proudly .

Mini Bubble Gum suspended in midair with four dazzling light wings behind her . However, unlike the angels, the halo behind her was made up of silver-whitish lines which resembled the main circuit of this tree-shaped structure and divided into branches . The little girl appeared more like a CPU at this moment .

What is this strength?

Erin sensed the presence of pure light from the barrier, but she had never seen such a strange-looking rule ritual that resembled a vascular pattern made up of straight silver-whitish lines . Not only that, but the silver-whitish lines were also split into different tiny branches which was totally unlike the usual circular rituals . On the other hand, some text that she couldn’t recognize was written behind the horizontal lines at the end . The texts were as though made up of several squares: mysterious, fascinating, and strangely attractive .

“Phew… finally stopped her . ”

“How are you doing, Bubble?”

Mini Bubble Gum wiped her sweat as Canary arrived at her side . The former let out a casual shrug . Even though in terms of privilege level, Mini Bubble Gum and Erin were in the same tier, the former almost couldn’t withstand the latter’s moon rule attack . If it wasn’t for the light rule that merged into part of Erin’s attack, Mini Bubble Gum wasn’t confident of defending against Erin’s attack .

“She’s the princess alright . So hard to deal with . Big Sister, let’s do it!”

Mini Bubble Gum lifted her head with a smile .

“I’m sorry, princess . I don’t hate you, but since Leader has given his order, don’t ever think that you’ll get by us so easily!”

She swung her right arm .

“Privilege . Light Judgment!”

One of the ‘runes’ at the end of the tiny branches shimmered in a dazzling radiance . Then, it coalesced into a dot of light which swiftly flowed along the branch and into her . In the blink of an eye, the dot of light merged with her and countless runes flashed across the tree-shaped structure . Then…

The ground rumbled .

A warm energy like the scorching sun rose and pounced on its enemy .

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