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Chapter 755

Sh*t… I forgot about it .

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Even though Rhode’s expression remained unchanged, he cursed inwardly .

This Essence of the Eternal Night swordsmanship was one of the spoils of war that he gained after defeating the Dark Dragon in the game . As this swordsmanship was high in damage output and the pure dark energy that it coalesced could penetrate all defenses, it became his most commonly used swordsmanship . When he first came to this world, he tried to activate this swordsmanship . However, as an ancient swordsmanship inheritance, he needed 20 Skill Points to activate it . Even though he could receive two Skill Points for every increase in level thanks to the system, he needed to grow 10 levels to gather 20 Skill Points in a short period of time, which was impossible for him at that point in time . Thereafter, he held other priorities to focus building his Skill Points on . If he was a pure Swordsman, perhaps he could grind for the Skill Points . But, he was a Spirit Swordsman, after all, and the strength of his spirits were still the most essential . It was only after he had transcended into the Legendary Stage and attained [Self-Affirmation] where he had other ways to unlock swordsmanships—but there was still a time limit .

In the face of danger, he instinctively recalled this swordsmanship which he had mastered in the past . But he had totally forgotten that this Night Wyvern was the younger sister of Dark Dragon Ion .

What should I tell her? Tell her that I killed her big brother and learned this swordsmanship from the spoils of war?

This thought only flashed in his mind for a second because Mini Bubble Gum and Canary had quickened their pace and arrived at his side . The two young ladies didn’t seem to be in a great mood, but they couldn’t be blamed since they were fooled by an ‘NPC’ in front of so many people, which was utterly humiliating .

“Leader, leave her to us . I guarantee she won’t slip away this time!”

Mini Bubble Gum said fumingly while staring at Erin . Although Canary remained silent, it was apparent from her extended arms that she was ready .

Erin looked at the two young ladies leisurely . She blinked, gazed at Rhode in silence, and let out a sigh .

“So you’re the overlord… I didn’t expect you to be a woman . ”

“I’m sorry, Miss Erin . I’m a man . ”

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Rhode said coldly as the corner of his lips twitched . Erin widened her eyes in astonishment and scrutinized him . After a few moments, she nodded slightly and answered .

“I see . My apologies for being rude…”

At this instant, Erin extended her claws and swept at Canary and Mini Bubble Gum fiercely . This time, they were ready . Mini Bubble Gum’s hand shone brightly in radiance and in the blink of an eye, countless, inverted triangular light wings bloomed behind her and wrapped around her completely . On the other hand, Canary waved her arms and a berserk vortex emerged before her to stop Erin’s attack .


The large, pitch-black claw crashed on their shields and sparks splashed in all directions . Canary and Mini Bubble Gum didn’t flinch to her massive strength . Instead, they chanted in harmony and their defensive vortex and light wings launched forward and swept across the night sky—the razor-sharp airflow of the vortex ripped through every Undead Creatures in its path while spurting scorching flames . On the other hand, the shimmering light wings exposed their sharpest edge like those of broken glass and darted forward—after their previous clash, the two young ladies had learned that they shouldn’t follow her rhythm, which was why they attacked decisively this time in order to take charge of the battle .

Erin had no choice but to dodge their linked attack and quickly draw a distance apart .

But that was only a feint .


As soon as Erin backed off, Rhode sensed a strong gale from behind and turned around almost instinctively . Then, a slender, pitch-black tail swung from above, brushed him, and drew a perfect arc before lashing at Mini Bubble Gum . Mini Bubble Gum dodged swiftly, but Erin stretched out her dragon claw and struck off the former’s light blade . Then, she turned her claw for Rhode!


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He didn’t expect Erin to be this sly—he dodged and tried to blend into the shadow . But he felt his body became heavy as the illuminating moon radiance dragged him down like shackles locked on his limbs .

This damn moon rule!

Rhode cursed inwardly, at the same time swept a glance above .

The sky was cloudless and the moon shone brightly in this pitch-black darkness .

He didn’t expect that Erin’s moon rule would be this insane, where the invisible moon light could be manipulated in this manner .

Oh lord, no wonder the players couldn’t even touch a strand of her hair under the moon .


Rhode yelled and Mini Bubble Gum turned around swiftly . She swept a glance and understood the plight that he was in . Shortly after, she folded her palms together and chanted under her breath .

“Light rule . Unlock!”

Rhode felt his heavy body restored to its usual weight instantly . At this moment, Erin’s claw had arrived above him . He stared at the menacing claw and brandished his sword upward—two streams of pitch-black aura exuded from his blade . The invisible, twisted berserk energy blasted on her claw .

Erin retracted her right hand quickly . However, she didn’t give up attacking . She flapped her wings and spiraled in the night sky .

This was a scene that no one had ever witnessed—in the night sky, the enormous dragon flapped its wings and launched its attack while Rhode, Canary, and Mini Bubble Gum encircled it . Whirlwinds and flames like giant serpents snarled and widened their mouths at Erin . On the other hand, countless white light blades drew dazzling trajectories in the darkness as they headed for their target . The energy twisting in midair exploded in silver-whitish radiance from time to time and collided with the dazzling blade air .

The Undead Army around them was less fortunate . Canary’s flame tornado sucked the surface like a vacuum cleaner while Mini Bubble Gum’s light blades wreaked havoc across the surface mercilessly, which caused fissures all over . Meanwhile, almost no ordinary humans could resist Rhode’s Essence of the Eternal Night swordsmanship . No matter what, it was a swordsmanship that had reached the Legendary Stage .

One minute!

Rhode brandished, but Erin agilely dodged and the powerful impact crashed the mountains . In a deep explosion, the triangular mountain peak shattered and boulders that were as big as houses rolled and were trampled . However, Rhode didn’t have the time to admire the destruction that he caused . After missing his target, he swiftly retreated . Erin blasted a silver-whitish light beam that struck one of his afterimages . On the other hand, hundreds of fireballs struck her and erupted in a series of explosions on the silver-whitish barrier around her . Shortly after, she swung her huge tail and struck Mini Bubble Gum’s light barrier .

30 seconds!

Rhode turned around and hid behind Canary and Mini Bubble Gum for protection . Even though it was tough for Erin to capture him alive with his current strength, it still wasn’t impossible . But he couldn’t retreat because he sensed that Erin had focused her attention on him and gave up attacking the fortress . If he retreated, there was a high probability that she might target the fortress instead . But he sensed that this battle was getting tougher . Canary’s and Mini Bubble Gum’s attacks didn’t deal too much damage while Erin had diminished their strength quickly . Rhode finally understood why players failed to defeat her . Apart from the enhancement of the moon rule, her ability to cope with combat was also impressive . She searched for an attack style that suited her best in the shortest time possible and wouldn’t launch uncalculated attacks like other BOSSes, which was similar to the players’ battle tactics . In fact, what left Rhode baffled was that if Erin possessed such strength in the game, perhaps he and his men wouldn’t be able to defeat the Dark Dragon if she wasn’t drawn away by the other guilds . Moreover, based on this battle alone, he felt that she was much harder to handle than her older brother!

10 seconds!

Rhode brandished his sword once again to force Erin away . But he felt extremely exhausted . Even though [Self-Affirmation] could appoint an attribute and enhance the holder, he couldn’t handle the pressure from using a powerful swordsmanship like the “Essence of the Eternal Night” . He calculated the time inwardly, at the same time sweeping a glance to the fortress behind .

Is it not ready yet, Senior Heart?

The battle continued .

The Undead Army wasn’t defeated yet—only 50,000 troops were left from the 100,000 . After the waves of ‘cleansing’ from the magic cannons and holy spears, the Undead Creatures that came into battle were much more experienced and lethal . Orchid Heart stood above the city wall quietly . A shattered Skeletal Troll had collapsed beside her while the city wall had caved in deeply . However, she focused her attention on the book in her hands and mumbled words with a speed ordinary humans couldn’t accomplish . Complex, ancient text emerged in rows on the white pages slowly as though one was writing calmly .

Five, four, three, two, one…

Finally, the final rune appeared and marked a full stop at the end of the page . At this moment, Orchid Heart lifted her head, slid her finger over the pages, and pointed forward . Several circular, silver-whitish runes emerged and expanded with her in the middle .

“That is…”

Erin gazed in astonishment . She stretched her neck and turned to the fortress—a silver ray descended from above . Then, three mysterious, yet familiar runes emerged .

“Mony sta gir . ”

“Attack . ”

At the same time, Orchid Heart pointed her right hand forward .

Hundreds of silver-whitish rituals lined up behind her in rows . Shortly after, dazzling, surging magical radiance spurted—the energy of destruction that represented the supreme moon rule had merged in the blast of the magic cannons .

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