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Chapter 752
Chapter 752: Rumbling Gunfire

This situation isn’t looking good .

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Cullen felt breathless . He laid behind the hill miserably with a complete lack of grace . Large holes were blasted in his left chest and half of his skull . Ordinary Undead Creatures would have died to the attacks, but fortunately for him, as a Lich who was an expert in alchemy, he had many more ways to protect himself . But even so, he sensed his strength fading away quickly . Logically speaking, he should return to his campsite and heal himself immediately . However, he didn’t have the time for that . He gritted his shattered teeth and felt more anxiety and frustration than ever before .

Cullen was sure that the enemy didn’t just received the help of the Dawn Angels a few days ago and it was apparent from their plan to instantly eliminate his 300 Necromancers in a single wave of attacks . The Dawn Angels were the natural enemies of Mages . During the Creation War, countless Liches who were much stronger than Cullen harbored grudges against the Dawn Angels’ sacred arrows and Cullen counted himself as fortunate to survive . At this moment, he gazed ahead with his magic eye tool and realized that he made a huge mistake . It was obvious that it was premeditated and the enemy had sniped his Necromancers . If not, the Dawn Angels would have wiped out his air troops easily beforehand . Instead, the enemy mobilized the Dawn Angels to only launch their attacks after the Necromancers revealed themselves . This left Cullen baffled and another thought came to his mind .

Since the enemy has the Dawn Angels for support, does it mean that he still has other trump cards?

Cullen glanced at the battlefront . Just a few more steps and the Undead Army would arrive at the base of the city walls . Although he lost quite a number of troops to the holy spears, the Undead Army led by the Skeletal Trolls pushed forward determinedly . As long as they reached the city walls…

But why do I feel so uncertain?

Rhode gazed ahead .

Beneath his feet, the city walls rumbled and shook as the gigantic steel plates embedded on the city walls revealed their menacing, iron magic cannons .

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The magic cannons fired off without any warnings .

More than a hundred blazes streaked across the night sky and one would surely be blinded at the sight of the dazzling brilliance . The surging magical powers erupted out of the barrels and the scorching heat devoured and evaporated all obstacles in their paths . The Skeletal Trolls came to a halt and lifted their arms instinctively to defend against the artillery barrage . However, as more magical beams struck their bodies, their bodies shattered completely and the close distance left them without a chance to escape .

This was the first time the Undead Army was stopped in their tracks . There were catastrophic reactions for every magical beam that landed into the sea of darkness—the entire darkness shrunk, swelled, and exploded into flames that burst through the clouds .

But this wasn’t the end .

The Gargoyles and Vampires suspended in midair launched their ferocious attacks once more . This time, the Death Knights had joined them as they charged forward with their pikes .

At the same time, the Battle Angels finally emerged .

In a slogan of glory, the Battle Angels shimmering in holy radiance lifted their swords . They soared in the sky and clashed with the pitch-black forces . The Death Knights were fearless against the Battle Angels and the scarlet radiance in their eyes emanated brighter .

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Not enough!

Rhode stood on the platform . He could hear nothing around him no matter if it was the screams, snarls, commands, or weapon clashes . Everything had as though been submerged in the loud explosions and the ground shook like the end of the world was approaching . Scorching heat from the scarlet flames turned the pitch-black Undead Army completely into ashes . Enormous white light beams descended and proved the eternal powers in the rule of light . Rhode felt calmer than ever . The ear-deafening explosions were as though separated by an invisible wall . He stretched out his arm and the system interface emerged before him .

[Summon Phantom Mirrors]


The calm moat around the fortress surged into tall aggressive waves . Then, the streams of water twisted and transformed into mysterious creatures that resembled thin oval mirrors . Behind them were as though translucent, fluttering octopus tentacles .

[Phantom Mirrors summoned . Please select target to copy . ]

Battle Angels!

Suddenly, the momentum on the battlefield shifted .

The Phantom Mirrors tilted upward and their smooth mirrors flickered with the images of the Battle Angels . Shortly after, they transformed—their thin, oval bodies suddenly softened, and reshaped like plasticine .

In the blink of an eye, a thousand more Battle Angels emerged in midair . They didn’t seem any different from the real Battle Angels, but the only difference was their crystal-clear bodies . Rhode stretched out a finger . Then, this crystal army launched forward like sharp blades and punctured the shadow in the sky mercilessly .

Cullen watched in disbelief . At this moment, he felt like a strong man who thought that he could easily win this battle, but was forced into the corner, cowering and begging a skinny rascal to spare his life . The fortress became a ferocious beast with its jaws snapped open at its prey . The formation which he gathered to strengthen his attacks seemed useless now . Although both sides were in a stalemate, Cullen was sure that if this continued…

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dazzling radiances that streaked across the night sky disrupted his thoughts . He looked up frantically—a gigantic battleship gradually emerged from behind the mountain with its hull facing the battlefield . Shortly after, another string of glaring brilliance erupted .

The momentum has shifted .

Cullen understood clearly that he was guaranteed to lose this battle if this continued . The enemy was ready and had been waiting for him to take the bait . As a commander, he was aware that the Undead Army’s struggles were only instinctive . The emergence of the magic cannons and Battle Angel Army became the last straw that overwhelmed the balance . If he didn’t come up with changes, it would be almost inevitable that he would fail .

Almost… but it wasn’t for sure . If he held a powerful force to completely overwhelm the enemy, he might still stand a chance to defeat them and conquer the fortress!

Cullen turned around and gazed at the back . The spiritual flames in his eyes burned intensely as though he was making a tough decision . Finally, he gritted his teeth and pulled a Necromancer toward him .

“Report to Her Highness Erin that the situation is critical and we need reinforcements!”

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