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Chapter 494

I’m back here again .

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Rhode was dazzled by the stunning city as he admired it through the chariot window . He knew what troubles he would be facing in Golden City and didn’t bring anyone with him to avoid unnecessary conflicts . However, Rhode was never battling alone as a Spirit Swordsman .

Rhode received plenty of information regarding Golden City from Marlene before he left the Fortress . Confusion broke out in the entire Golden City after the diplomatic group from the Country of Light’s Parliament arrived . All the shady characters began to reveal themselves with their own schemes . According to Marlene, the diplomatic group from the Country of Light’s Parliament was somewhat overbearing after they arrived and there was even a malicious rumor spreading amongst the nobility: the diplomatic group would dismiss Lydia from her rank as a Duchess .

This rumor sounded outrageous, but Rhode knew there were high chances of it happening . Even though it seemed like the relationship between the Country of Light and the Munn Kingdom had reached a stage where there were no compromises and they were like two different nations, the Munn Kingdom still served the Light Dragon Soul . Of course, Lydia wouldn’t be abolished this easily since she was one of the three Archangels . However, if the Light Dragon Soul gave its nod of approval, it wouldn’t be anything unfathomable .

Rhode wasn’t that confident in the Light Dragon Soul because history had proven time and time again that the Light Dragon Soul was definitely unreliable . It couldn’t control its own fate and it even turned into a bargaining chip for the Country of Light’s Parliament’s treason . In fact, it was extremely rare to see an heir of a Creator Dragon Soul in such miserable and disastrous state . Perhaps, it could even be considered the one and only—Rhode had never seen such a useless ruler .

If the rumor amongst the nobles were true, what would Lydia do? Rhode had been considering this question throughout his journey and from his understanding of the Archangel, he knew that even though she seemed untrammeled, she was conservative and loyal to the bone . Although she had been backstabbed by the Country of Light’s Parliament continuously, she had always resolved the contradictions and resisted their conspiracies and never betrayed the Light Dragon Soul . Many players of the Munn Kingdom admired her sentimentally while some expressed their disappointment because they expected that this unconventional Archangel wouldn’t choose to suffer in silence to the Country of Light’s Parliament under such circumstances… But Rhode could understand their views on this .

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They felt as though the target that they worked so hard to protect was trampled and betrayed .

Those players didn’t understand why Lydia chose to suffer in silence . To them, Lydia didn’t wish to betray the Light Dragon Soul and wanted to protect her own people . Furthermore, with her style of work, she could have invited the heir of the Light Dragon Soul to the Munn Kingdom and used her rank and authority as a ruler to command it . Even though this was highly disrespectful to the Light Dragon Soul, she should also be aware that the heir was like a stuffed animal that lost its authority and position under the Country of Light’s Parliament’s control . So wouldn’t it be better if Lydia brought it into the Munn Kingdom instead of being manipulated like a doll of the Parliament? In the Munn Kingdom, at least the Light Dragon would still be respected, right?

However, Rhode knew clearly what Lydia was concerned about . Players were nothing more than transient guests in this world and besides, they were humans who didn’t have psychological burdens regarding such matters . But as one of the three Archangels, Lydia wasn’t only responsible for things that players deemed as important . Indeed, Lydia could have chosen as the players wished . However, this would cause a war to break out in the entire land protected by the Light Dragon Soul and the Country of Darkness wouldn’t let this opportunity slip . Therefore, Lydia didn’t choose to resist for the sake of this continent . But the world eventually ended up following the direction she had tried to avoid .

Was Lydia really unaware? Or was she helpless even if she knew the truth?

Rhode shifted his attention to the current and more crucial question . If the Country of Light Parliament had gotten the Light Dragon’s approval and ordered Lydia to step down, would the Archangel agree while considering the bigger picture?

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The answer didn’t seem optimistic .

The only thing that Rhode was relieved about was that the Light Dragon’s nod of approval wouldn’t be that easily gained . If not, the Country of Light in the game wouldn’t have chosen such a risky approach to weaken and destroy the Munn Kingdom .

However, it was different this time . If the issues of Soraka Mountain weren’t handled and resolved appropriately, it would become the fuse that would lead to Lydia stepping down . And if the Country of Light’s Parliament used this matter to threaten her, perhaps even the Light Dragon would agree obediently .

If that were the case, there was only one thing Rhode could do .

The chariot slowed down gradually as soon as Rhode arrived at Glenmont Avenue . This was also the rule in Golden City: in order to express respect to the Archangel, everyone had to proceed on foot through the snowy-white avenue to enter Golden City unless there was an emergency . As a player that was extremely familiar with the Munn Kingdom, Rhode understood this rule more than anyone else . He exited his chariot and tidied his attire . At this moment, two Battle Angels clad in silver armor greeted him with a smile and saluted him before leading him into the majestic castle . “Good day, Mr . Rhode . Royal Highness Lydia sent us here to welcome you . You must be tired from your long, arduous travel . We’ve prepared a guest room for you in Golden City…”

“When can I meet Royal Highness Lydia?” Rhode asked without batting an eyelid .

“Don’t worry, Mr . Rhode . Royal Highness has everything prepared . She will speak to you personally tonight . ”

“Got it…” Rhode nodded in agreement . He had intended to meet Lydia as soon as he arrived in Golden City . However, it seemed that the Duchess was still as prudent as ever .

As Rhode and the two Battle Angels passed through Glenmont Avenue and arrived at the plaza before Golden City, a huge figure blocked their path . “Please wait a moment . ”

A man in white, shiny armor stood before them with an arrogant expression . Then, four to five soldiers in identical armor surrounded them as the man gestured .

The two Battle Angels’ expressions sunk suddenly . “Mr . Tres, what is the meaning of this? This is our guest that Royal Highness Lydia has invited . Do you know what you’re doing?”

“Of course I do . ” The man glared coldly and pushed the Battle Angel to the side before striding towards Rhode . He lowered his head and gazed at the black-haired young man . “You must be Rhode . I am Tres . Malman of the Country of Light’s Parliament . From now on, you will be protected by the Country of Light’s Parliament until the start of the hearing . Is there any problem?”

“Mr . Tres, this is the Munn Kingdom . ” The Battle Angels spoke with ashen expressions . “Here isn’t the Country of Light and the Country of Light’s Parliament doesn’t have the jurisdiction to do so!”

“I have nothing more to say to hens with wings . ” Tres let out a snort and disregarded the Battle Angels’ resistance . He beckoned and two soldiers extended their arms forward to subdue Rhode immediately . However, two white radiances flashed out of the blue and all Tres heard were mournful screams . The two soldiers collapsed and grabbed onto their severed wrists as they howled in grief . Their palms landed and stained the snowy-white ground .

“I’m sorry, Mr . I-don’t-want-to-know-your-name . ” Rhode flicked the blood off his daggers and gazed at the man before him with a gentle smile . “I don’t have the hobby of being pushed down by dogs . As for those crazy dogs that bite, I don’t mind teaching them a proper lesson . This is the Munn Kingdom and isn’t the conference hall for a bunch of dumbasses in the Country of Light’s Parliament . So, pardon me as I won’t be listening to any instructions from outside of the Munn Kingdom, not to mention from a barking dog . ”

“You’ve got guts to attack the Country of Light’s Parliament!” Tres howled furiously . As representatives of the Country of Light’s Parliament, they were used to being respected everywhere and their words were always final . The other soldiers witnessed the pitiful plight of their fallen companions and they charged towards Rhode with their raised swords .

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