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Chapter 493

As the two girls gazed at Rhode, he was astounded that he couldn’t sense their line of sight at all, which was really rare .

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Even though he might not be in the best of health after the battle with the Duke Fiend, his sharp senses didn’t disappear because of that . This was enough to prove the capabilities of the two girls .

They were indeed ‘Elves of the Wind’ .

Rhode gasped in admiration . If he wasn’t gazing at their faces, he definitely wouldn’t be aware of their existence and react accordingly . They were the most powerful assassins of the Elf race . Rhode had once read about the Elf Assassins on the forums and he had to say, the Elves had the perfect qualities for assassins . They were agile, quick, experts in camouflaging themselves with the terrain, and skillful in bows and arrows, as well as ambushes . Perhaps there would be more Elf Assassins if they weren’t proud in nature and hated these insidious practices .

Back in the days, players in the game dug out the intelligence data regarding the ‘Elves of the Wind’ because they wished to restore the ancient classes . There was a tradition in the gaming world of the Dragon Soul Continent where many advanced classes required the players to experience trials or unearth the information themselves . Especially for the legendary classes of the ancient era, the players could become the one and only heir of the class if they were able to excavate them from the historical ruins . The temptation to players was huge and as a matter of fact, the classes that were excavated by the players generally possessed rare, unmatchable strength .

Taking the ‘Elves of the Wind’ for example . This class was sealed and forgotten after the massive war . Not only that, the ‘Elves of the Wind’ possessed a skill that the players declared as cheating .

Stealth .

In simple terms, an Elf Assassin with the Stealth skill could blend into the air entirely and one wouldn’t be able to sense its presence no matter its body temperature, health status, line of sight, or murderous intent . If these Elf Assassin truly wished to conceal themselves, they would be as perfect as non-existent . According to the forums, this Stealth skill wouldn’t obstruct one’s senses or use an eye-masking spell to conceal themselves . They would as though disappear from the surface of the earth and even though they were standing right there, one wouldn’t be able to deal any damage to it with one’s sword or spell .

This skill could almost be considered as invincible . Moreover, it was a passive skill and wouldn’t require any spiritual energy . There were players that announced that as long as one used Spatial spells to blast the location where the Elf Assassin was standing, this Stealth skill could be easily countered . However, based on the data in the forum, this Stealth skill could be said to have destroyed the balance of the game .

However, no players were able to restore this Elf Assassin class and become an heir successfully . Just as its name suggested, this class was almost purely imaginary without any actual traces . There were players who thought that the ‘Elves of the Wind’ had some relations with the Dark Elves and spent six months in the underground . In the end, they couldn’t find any clues at all . Even though the Dark Elves were also experts in assassination skills and concealing themselves, it was like the difference between an amateur and a professional when they were compared to the Elves of the Wind .

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As Rhode recalled his memories regarding this superb class, the two girls leaped off the table silently . Their snowy robe vestured their stature while their pulled-down hood covered their youthful, adorable faces, exposing only their smooth chins . They arrived at Rhode’s feet without speaking a word .

“Uh…” The atmosphere turned awkward quickly . Lapis gaped and gazed at the two girls nervously while Rhode sized them up from head to toe without saying a thing . After a few moments, he said with some hesitation .

“Gracier? Madaras?”

“…” The two girls nodded in acknowledgment almost simultaneously . There were no differences in their height, looks, and costumes and they looked like the reflections of each other . Even when they were in the form of weapons, Rhode couldn’t differentiate them clearly too . Perhaps Rhode would’ve mixed them up if it weren’t for the label descriptions .

Before Rhode asked more questions, the two girls stepped forward and grabbed both of his arms each . Soon, Rhode felt a warm, comfortable source of power flowing from his palms . The pain and fatigue of his body lessened greatly and he felt that his spiritual energy was replenishing at an amazing rate .

Are they doing this to treat my wounds?

As this thought cropped up in his mind, Celestina’s voice sounded out of a sudden . “Ah… I can feel Big Sister’s powers… Ehhh! Big Sister Gracier? Big Sister Madaras?! How are you two awake? How is it possible? What did that scheming bastard human do this time?”

Rhode knitted his brows as soon as he heard Celestina’s words . Even though this Demon lady never disobeyed his command, her harsh views on Rhode never lessened and she would still ridicule him frequently . Although Celestina was truly a beautiful young lady, Rhode eventually wasn’t a masochist and this caused constant sneering between the two of them . Celestina seemed to have a strong opinion about an ordinary human like Rhode obtaining the Holy Sword Card Deck . However, Rhode wasn’t aware of what exactly she was against him for .

“I didn’t do anything, Celestina . We may be close, but I will still sue you for defamation if you continue to utter rubbish . ”

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“Who defamed you? I am the higher nobility and you are just a human . Do you think you’re worth my stature? I’ve followed you for so long; how would I not know how perverted you…” before Celestina could finish her sentence, Rhode felt Gracier and Madaras clasping his palms slightly . Even though the strength was not worth mentioning, Celestina’s non-stop blabbering stopped abruptly . When Celestina tried to shoot her mouth off again, instead of her high and mighty tone, it sounded as though a shuddering lamb was backing away from a hungry wolf with sharp teeth . “… I-I’m very sorry, Sisters . I-I didn’t mean to offend Master…”

Wow . There indeed was always something to conquer another .

Rhode scanned the girls before him curiously . He realized that the relationship between these sisters was obvious—Celia had a determined, yet stubborn personality . But she wouldn’t refute Celestina’s words no matter what and would always obey her . Right now, this arrogant Demon lady behaved like a mouse that had seen a cat while facing these two girls that seemed younger than her .

Celestina disconnected her spiritual communications after apologizing while Gracier and Madaras let go off Rhode’s palms and took a step back . They placed their right hands on their chests and performed an odd bow . All of a sudden, a dazzling, warm white radiance bloomed from their bodies and shrouded themselves thoroughly . In a blink of an eye, the two girls vanished in the brilliance .

Rhode expected that they would turn into Holy Sword Cards after they disappeared . But instead, the two daggers hovered plainly in midair . There were no other changes apart from the seemingly inexhaustible magical radiance that indicated their recovery from severe damage .

What’s going on?

Rhode thought that Gracier and Madaras would turn into summoning spirits in card forms after the transformation . Rhode checked on the system interface swiftly and indeed, the Holy Sword Card Deck was still indicating 2/10 . In other words, the two daggers weren’t added to the ranks of the deck .

Rhode puckered his brows and grabbed the twin daggers . This time, Rhode noticed a difference in them . Previously, Rhode was able to use them in combat smoothly and now, he was also able to feel their vitality distinctly . It was the same feeling as though when he first held onto Succubus and Star Mark . It was a wonderful feeling that could only be understood and not described .

At this moment, when Rhode once again examined the two weapons, he realized that there was an additional attribute that he had never seen before .

[Spirit Weapon — Contact Status]

Rhode eventually couldn’t figure out why these two weapons had taken up human shape but didn’t transform into cards thereafter . He had once asked Celia and Celestina about this, but Celia had always been unwilling to answer . As for Celestina, Rhode didn’t even receive a response from her .

But Rhode didn’t spend more time to investigate this matter because two days later, a gilded letter was delivered to his desk . This letter was undoubtedly from Golden City and its content left Rhode frowning . Lydia had invited him into Golden City to report on the happenings in Soraka Mountain .

This request was within Rhode’s expectations . However, he was surprised that it wasn’t only Lydia and the King’s Party that he would be reporting to . The diplomatic envoy of the Country of Light’s Parliament would also be present .

Lydia didn’t explain much in the letter . But Rhode figured out the hints in the content that the Country of Light’s Parliament seemed to have engaged in investigations to a certain extent about this matter and he didn’t know if they would ask for an explanation or stir trouble in the Munn Kingdom . It definitely wasn’t a good sign no matter which .

Even though Rhode tried to gather intelligence and delayed the meeting with an excuse, he couldn’t come up with another excuse . According to the letter from Lydia, it was apparent that the diplomatic group of the Country of Light’s Parliament had paid close attention to this matter . Besides, Lydia clearly indicated that this invitation was proposed by the diplomatic group of the Country of Light’s Parliament .

Rhode tensed up immediately .  Are the Country of Light Parliament aware of the truth? How do they know? How much do they know? Old Walker’s intelligence gathering was still on-going, but there were no rumors that Rhode or the Munn Kingdom were related to the event . That went to show that the rumors didn’t spread so extensively yet . However, if the Country of Light Parliament is aware, how much exactly do they know about it?

“It seems that I have to head to Golden City soon,” Rhode announced as he gazed solemnly at everyone .

Lize questioned hesitantly . “Mr . Rhode, I don’t understand . Why would the diplomatic group of the Country of Light’s Parliament request for you? The mission that we carried out was ordered by the King’s Party and there shouldn’t have any relations with them . Besides, your injuries haven’t recovered fully yet . Why not… I can speak to my Sister and arrange for another meeting…”

“Lize . Even though that’s the case, the truth isn’t this,” Rhode shook his head . “Even though the Munn Kingdom has always been disassociated with the Country of Light on the surface, the Munn Kingdom is actually the vassal state of the Country of Light . The Light Dragon had personally delegated authority to the Country of Light and in other words, the Country of Light’s Parliament is higher than Royal Highness Lydia in terms of ranking . Therefore, Royal Highness Lydia can only execute their requests and this has nothing to do with Royal Highness Lydia’s willpower . Besides, our relationship with the Country of Light is tense and it will bring terrible consequences if Royal Highness Lydia rejects their request or if I don’t head to Golden City . ”

Lize’s expression turned gloomy as she bit her lips . Marlene gazed at her close friend and let out a sympathetic sigh before raising her spirit to gaze at Rhode . On the other hand, Anne was scratching her head with a look of doubt . “Leader, Anne still doesn’t understand . Why is the Country of Light always finding trouble with us everywhere?”

“Hmph . Because they’re a bunch of arrogant people . ” Old Walker let out a snort and grumbled as he knocked on the wine pot beside his hand . “They are a bunch of bastards who think that they are above all . They look down on other countries and it has been two years since they began to mess with the Munn Kingdom . Don’t forget about the Myriad Flowers Battle from 50 years ago . Damn it… Just thinking about it makes me mad!”

The ‘Myriad Flowers Battle’ that Old Walker mentioned happened in the border region between the Munn Kingdom and the Country of Light . It was a small-scale military exercise which involved the Country of Light’s army . Due to unknown reasons, the soldiers crossed over the border and had got into a conflict with a local nomadic tribe . The Country of Light claimed that the tribe had threatened them first which caused their army to retaliate . None of the 400 people in the tribe survived the devastation from the fully-armored Country of Light’s army .

This incident shook the entire Munn Kingdom . When the then-Duke headed to the Country of Light’s Parliament to question about it, they said that it was just an error in their judgment that had caused this and sent him off immediately . Not only that, they punished the commanders that had given the commands but didn’t sentence them to death . Moreover, they put on an act to go through the trials and released them afterward . This matter caused a huge uproar in the Munn Kingdom and there were nobles that suggested severing ties with the Country of Light . However, this incident was left unsettled in the end .

After this incident, the relationship between the Country of Light and Munn Kingdom began to rupture and worsen all-around until Lydia took over the throne and cleared off the effects that the Country of Light had on her country vigorously .

This was also the reason why the North and South opposed each other so seriously within the Munn Kingdom . The Northerners viewed the Country of Light as a bunch of executioners who trespassed into the Munn Kingdom 50 years ago and butchered their civilians . Furthermore, it was this group of bastards that was worshipped as saviors by the cowardly Southerners . The Northerners could never, ever forgive them for it!

“Rhode, who will you be bringing into Golden City?” Everyone exchanged curious glances after Marlene asked . However, Rhode gave a shocking answer .

“No, I won’t be bringing anyone . ” Rhode answered without any hesitation at all . “I have a rough idea of what the Country of Light’s Parliament is plotting and to prevent any accidents, I will go there myself . All of you just need to focus on the matters within the Fortress . ”

Rhode revealed a gentle smile . “This time, I will give those honorable lords of the Country of Light a huge surprise… I hope they won’t reject my generous gift . ”

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