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Chapter 495

Initially, Rhode had no intentions of starting any clash with the diplomatic group . After all, they were in Golden City and he felt that he had to respect Royal Highness Lydia . However, the rage in Rhode’s heart exploded as soon as Tres started shooting his mouth off . Rhode knew that the Country of Light’s Parliament would be throwing their weight around, but he had never expected that this bunch of bastards dared to cause a scene just outside Golden City . Did they really treat the Munn Kingdom as the countryside?

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Almost simultaneously, Rhode quickly realized that this was a great opportunity for him to understand Lydia’s attitude on this entire matter .

Due to this reason, Rhode let out a snort and responded without any hesitation as the soldiers charged towards him . He instantly recognized that the sword skill that the soldiers were about to use: the ruthless [Condemnation] . Moreover, they possessed the strength of an Elite and if Rhode was slashed by them, he would lose at least half of his life even if he had survived . At this thought, the rage in Rhode burst out suddenly .  Back then, I murdered your entire Parliament over a thousand times and just a few pathetic dogs like you dare to attack me?!

Tres observed with folded arms while the two Battle Angels darted forward to stop the soldiers with their pikes . However, they were too late as the soldiers had brandished their swords at Rhode .

The domineering soldiers had blocked off Rhode’s way of retreat from all directions . As the saying of ‘Double fists do not rival four hands’ goes, Rhode definitely wouldn’t be able to defend himself with just his twin daggers .

But it was a pity that there would always be a gap between reality and imagination .

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Tres was confident that this black-haired young man had nowhere to hide and was a definite goner as Rhode half-kneeled and placed his daggers above him in a cross . He pushed up and the soldiers attacking from all four directions had as though collided into an invisible wall and instantly recoiled . They rolled over a few meters before stopping and not only that, Tres realized shockingly that the soldiers’ swords had been shattered completely!

Tres was absolutely baffled and his contemptuous eyes dwindled as he gazed at the black-haired young man with a graze expression .

As a member of the Calvary Guard, Tres possessed swordsmanship of the Master Stage and he knew clearly what this scene meant . Rhode didn’t choose to avoid his men’s attack, but instead, he decided to block them upright and frank .

However, Tres wasn’t startled that Rhode had obstructed their attacks from all directions simultaneously because anyone could do that with sufficient speed and experience . Instead, it was his striking them away that bewildered him the most, since this meant that his attacking speed and experience didn’t just exceed his men, but his powers and ability in grasping his strength were astounding . Furthermore, it proved a lot that he was able to overpower four soldiers in the Elite Stage .

This young man must be in the Master Stage, or even stronger .

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And it was this point that made Tres feel strange and confused .

Tres had investigated on rumors about Rhode especially after the battle during the Midsummer Festival . This young man had defeated Barter, who possessed the strength of the Master Stage, and he had been considered to be in the Legendary Stage . However, Tres snorted disdainfully at this saying because he didn’t believe that a human could possess such talent . Not to mention, the emergence of Rhode was all too strange . He was like a meteor that suddenly appeared before everyone, which wasn’t logical . At this time, Tres scanned the young man from top to bottom and he didn’t detect any grandeur that indicated that he was in the Master Stage, which further supported his judgment . The people of Munn Kingdom must’ve been bragging about Rhode’s strength . Talking about an almost 20 years old powerful being in the Legendary Stage… Hmph, who were you kidding?

But now, Tres didn’t find this ‘joke’ funny anymore .

Although it was only for an instant, he sharply detected a burst of power which those swordsmen in the Master Stage possessed when Rhode defended against his men . Perhaps he would’ve thought that he was hallucinating if he hadn’t confirmed that he wasn’t dreaming .

But now, the bloody soldiers groaning on the ground around Rhode assured him that it wasn’t a dream .

Tres couldn’t be blamed for this misjudgment . After all, Rhode was only level 40 and his strength was still lingering between the standards of the pinnacle of the Elite Stage and the primary Master Stage . Tres had never expected Rhode to be such a freak . Even though he was only level 40, the level of his swordsmanship had reached level 60 and was about to transcend into the Legendary Stage . Not to mention, Rhode was equipped with three god-like equipment that Marlene had picked out for him . Just the strength level of +3 from the [Historical Wing] itself was enough to raise Rhode’s strength to levels equivalent to the giants . Moreover, the imprisoned human spirit of the [Spirit’s Prisoner] had +5 all of Rhode’s attributes . If Rhode didn’t take mercy on the four unlucky soldiers, perhaps they’d have already turned into minced meat .

“I shall repeat myself once more, Mr . I-don’t-want-to-know-your-name-and-I-am-not-interested-to-know . ” Rhode disregarded the four whimpering soldiers around him and turned his wrists around to sheath his twin daggers by his waist . He lifted his head and gazed at Tres with a pleased smile . “As a citizen of the Munn Kingdom, I am not obliged to listen to any decisions and opinions from a bunch of idiots around the roundtable from a thousand miles away . ”

Rhode displayed a brilliant smile and his smile was so charming that the two Battle Angels were almost bewitched . They had never expected that this expressionless man was capable of exhibiting such a warm, gorgeous smile . If Marlene and the rest were present, they would definitely have an extremely different opinion about that though .

“…” Tres knitted his brows as he had missed his chance to capture Rhode because the Battle Angels had readied their pikes while standing before Rhode . Even though Tres truly looked down on this bunch of Munn Kingdom barbarians, he had no intentions of resolving conflicts on the battlefield . Although he more or less understood the intentions of the diplomatic group’s visit, it would pose a huge trouble if they had an acrimonious falling-out right now . (Even though the backstabbing in politics was still fine, that is . ) Tres had initially thought that as long as he used the name of the Country of Light’s Parliament, Rhode would obey and leave with him obediently . And if Golden City had any objections, they wouldn’t possibly dare to brazenly deal with the Country of Light’s Parliament about it .

However, Tres didn’t expect that this young man would be so difficult to deal with and he even dared to cripple people of the Country of Light’s Parliament right in public! Furthermore, Tres couldn’t make sense of his expression . Even though Rhode was displaying a brilliant smile, Tres sensed the ice-cold disdain in his eyes . Tres was familiar with those eyes . When the people of the Country of Light spoke about the Munn Kingdom, most of them had that exact expression . However, this made sense as the Country of Light had larger land than the Munn Kingdom and their strength was stronger too . Moreover, the Munn Kingdom still had beliefs and were worshipping the Light Dragon . The people of the Country of Light thought they were out-dated and ignorant . The Munn Kingdom gave up their pride as humans, kneeled down to an Angel, and even worshipped a God that shouldn’t have existed . Didn’t they have eyes to see for themselves? In the Country of Light where the Light Dragon was, humans had overthrown the dictatorship of the Light Dragon and grasped the authority that they deserved . And yet, the Munn Kingdom was still bound by the past and didn’t wish to fight for their freedom and rights . Slaves like them who abandoned themselves weren’t worth their respect .

It was common for this expression to be reflected in the faces of the people of the Country of Light . However, it was rare to see it on someone from the Munn Kingdom . Tres had visited the Munn Kingdom with the diplomatic group multiple times and had more or less understood the people here . Tres had seen a mixture of fear, admiration, disdain, wrath, and hostility the people had towards the Country of Light . But it was the first time that Tres had met someone like Rhode, who despised the people of the Country of Light as maggots . Tres couldn’t figure out why this young man would be this contempt from the bottom of his heart towards a powerful country like theirs .  What rights does he have to look down on us? What authority does he have to look down on us? what reasons does he have to look down on us?

Tres didn’t feel that Rhode had been brainwashed by the fanaticism of the ancient beliefs . But no matter what, there was no point to be in a tangle anymore since his mission had failed . Tres had initially decided to take him away quietly and now that it had brewed into a storm, the damn Archangel would definitely lock eyes on him and it would cause another massive trouble .

Tres made a decision . “Let’s go!”

He let out a snort and left while the other soldiers struggled to get back on their feet . They glared at Rhode with hatred and limped towards Tres as they supported one another by their arms .

Dogs will always be dogs .

Rhode twitched his brows as he gazed at their slowly shrinking backs . Then, the smile on his face vanished entirely and his usual, aloof expression returned .

Through this probing, Rhode had gotten his answer to Lydia’s attitude on this matter .

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