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Chapter 333: 333

“Can’t you even manage this small thing by yourself, Master?”

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Celestina, who appeared out of nowhere, proudly lifted her chin and complained . She then noticed Edward’s gaze fall on her and she immediately frowned .

“Lowly creature! Who allows you to look up!”



Along with crisp slapping sound, Edward screamed fiercely . He shook his head and looked down . There was a trace of a long, bloody, whip wound on his face . A whip suddenly appeared in Celestina’s hand out of nowhere .

“But doesn’t it seems like you are more skilled in doing this kind of thing?”

Rhode crossed his arms as he coldly watched this scene . Celestina only snorted in disdain .

“Even so, there’s no need to bother this noble lady just to handle this low-class b*stard . It will only dirty my hand . But… since it’s Master’s order, I can’t help but agree to it . I hope next time you can consider the situation first before summoning me, Master . ”

Hearing Celestina’s answer, a glimpse of a sharp glare flashed through Rhode’s eyes . However, Rhode decided not to dwell on this boring topic in the end . That’s why he only pretended as if he didn’t hear any complaint from her and once again looked at Edward .

“Now, I hope you can consider your current situation, Mr . Edward . I know what you are thinking, but don’t forget, you’re just a disposable dog of the Alanic Foundation . You and I clearly know the Senia family’s position in the Munn Kingdom . Just for you alone, do you think that it is possible for the Alanic family to have the strength and guts to challenge the Senia family? I remember…” Rhode lowered his head as he quickly recalled the current powerful authorities in the Country of Light, then he continued . “If I remember correctly, the Hurdbat and Yamia Foundation have been waiting for this kind of opportunity . For a half-human, half-orc descent like you, is the Alanic Foundation willing to take this risk? I believe you also know that your life and death are not their concerns . Then why are you being loyal to them?”


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When he heard Rhode’s words, Edward lowered his head and snorted . But this time, he was finally being more obedient and didn’t lift his head . It was just that his attitude was still very tough .

“Indeed, just as you said, this gentleman, I’m just a dog of the Alanic family, but so what? If I tell you guys, will you even spare me? Since both outcomes bear death, why should I satisfy your wish? Not to mention, I still haven’t repaid the gift that you gave me . ”

Hearing this, Rhode shrugged his shoulders and exchanged a strange glance with Marlene . Rhode was a little bit surprised, not because Edward was aware of his current situation, but it was because of his reaction . It was no wonder, taking into account that he had destroyed his happiness as a man smoothly . It was not surprising that Edward was not being informative . This was his ‘revenge’ .

However, it was as he had expected .

“Celestina, I’ll leave the rest to you . ”

Rhode nodded towards Celestina and walked to the side .

“Hmph . ”

Hearing Rhode’s words, Celestina snorted with dissatisfaction . Then, she stretched out and threw out some spiky thorns to pin Edward’s body . After that, she swung her hand and whipped him hard .


Followed by the screaming sounds, a bloody wound immediately emerged on Edward’s body . Celestina’s whip was also decorated with small, spiky thorns . This whip was an extreme torment to anyone . However, Edward was already used to similar torture . That’s why he only screamed . Then he turned around to look at Celestina and revealed a smile .

“Hey, missy, try to use more power, I’m a hard nut . This level of torture is nothing to me…”

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“How dare you!!”

Hearing these words, her expression suddenly sank . An invisible chill and murderous intent emanated from her body . Then the whip once again heavily fell on Edwards’s body . Now there was a shocking scar left on his fragile body .

At this moment, Marlene couldn’t help but to turn around and look at to the side . However, Rhode remained unchanged . He knew what Edward was relying on . Not only did he inherit his father’s strength in ‘that area’, but he also inherited the orc’s strong vitality . He might look weak and fragile, but in fact, his body was pretty strong . Of course, compared to Rhode’s legendary bizarre vitality, he was still lacking a lot . But there was no problem for him to resist those ordinary whippings .

Rhode didn’t stop Celestina’s actions, only quietly watching this scene from the sidelines . Edward didn’t know that Celestina’s whip wasn’t an ordinary whip . As a high-level demon, Celestina’s thorny whip was made of the agony vines that grew in the depths of hell . When these agony vines touched one’s skin, the pain would be doubled . This was also the most commonly used item when a demon was torturing the enemy . Players who had been beaten by this thorny whip in the game would get an ‘extra double damage’ debuff . In the beginning, the damage of this attack was not high, but this debuff would stay . After ten or twenty hits… . It was enough for the player to consider escaping from this attack .

So now, Rhode was only watching and waiting for the other party to give in . In Rhode’s opinion, it would be just a few minutes .

Things were going according to Rhode’s plan .

“Ugh . . Ah!!”

Edward’s body shuddered .

His body felt really uncomfortable now . In the beginning, Edward thought it was just an ordinary whipping . However, following Celestina’s actions that were speeding up, he felt that it was getting more and more painful . He couldn’t believe it because according to his vitality, being hit by a whip should be nothing to him . But he could feel that things seemed a bit strange .

Logically speaking, after being tortured this much, his nerves should have gradually become numb and used to the pain . To the contrary, it was getting more and more painful for him . Even when the tip of whip only lightly swept by him and didn’t even leave a scar on his face, he still felt an indescribable pain of being pierced by thousands of sharp blades, mercilessly tearing and crushing his body .

Although the pain quickly went away, he still broke out in cold sweat . He had never felt such pain before . This time, Edward finally realized that something was wrong . But even so, he still bit his lip, resisted stubbornly . Not only that, he looked towards Celestina in disdain .

“Only this much, b*tch?”

“Hmph! You’re looking for death!”

Hearing that Edward still had the energy to offend her, Celestina’s eyes turned cold as she kept whipping him .

“Let’s see how long you can endure!”

Followed by her angry shouts, the thorny vines on her whip changed its shape . They formed into a barbed spike and began to wander around Edward’s body . The sharp part pointed straight to Edward’s buttocks and Celestina snapped her finger .

Snap .

Along with the snapping sound, the thorny vines that originally wrapped around Edward’s body swiftly retreated . After that, he fell down and sat on the barbed spikes .


Edward’s piercing scream split the air .

The barbed spike was the size of a small fist and half of it had entered Edward’s buttocks . Even an ordinary person couldn’t afford to suffer such a blow; moreover, currently, he was on an ‘extra double damage’ debuff . His eyes widened, and two of his eyeballs were poking out . His screaming sound filled the entire prison . At the same time, blood kept flowing out of his buttocks, followed by the barbed spike that fell to the ground .

Gillian couldn’t help but blow a whistle as she watched the scene before her . Rhode frowned his brows and said nothing . As for Marlene, she couldn’t bear watching such a terrifying scene and lowered her head .

“Ara? You can’t endure anymore? Where’s your energy from before, lowly creature?”

Right now, Celestina finally revealed her evil side as a demon . Edward kept screaming and trembling as he ‘sat’ on the barbed spike . Celestina stepped forward and proudly stretched out the whip in her hand and lifted up Edward’s chin to look at his expression . He was no longer calm, and his body shuddered and tears flowed down from his eyes mixed with his saliva . His originally handsome face had become distorted and ugly at this moment .

But Celestina didn’t stop until then . Looking at Edward, she chuckled and stepped back . The thorny whip began to transform once again, softening and turning into small snakes . They swam all the way in from Edward’s intestines and traveled around his body .

“Ahhhhh… Uuu…”

His screams had turned into a bizarre sound . Everyone could see several slender objects were walking around his skin . Edward suddenly lifted his head up, and five or six black snakes spat out from his mouth . They looked at Edward’s face and hissed .


Marlene could no longer watch and vomited in the corner . However, Gillian and Rhode’s expressions seemed indifferent . Although the current scene was indeed disgusting, but this scene could only be considered as boring B-level horror movies that were still within his range of acceptance . It was a lot better than to see something indescribable coming out from his stomach… right?

At this moment, Edward finally felt extremely frightened . The pain that Celestina gave him was both physical and psychological pain . He felt as if his buttocks were pierced by a sharp blade . The snakes that were swarming in his intestines made him feel nauseous . Originally, Edward thought that there was nothing more terrifying than living a life that was not his own . But now, he finally understood that he was completely wrong .

For a moment, he even felt deep hatred towards his strong orc lineage . If he was just an ordinary human, then he would have died a long time ago and there would be no need for him to endure such nightmarish pain . He couldn’t even commit suicide .

On verge of despair, a voice echoed in his ear as if it had come down from heaven .

“How is it? Are you willing to confess now?”

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