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Chapter 334

Edward thought that he could endure all the torture in this world, but now he completely surrendered in less than ten minutes . After the torture stopped, he fell to the ground and cried, sobbing like a five-year-old kid, completely ignoring his image . The demon’s torture had fully destroyed Edward’s defense . After which, even without much effort, Rhode learned the whole story from Edward’s mouth .

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As Rhode had expected, they had been planning to kidnap Marlene for a long time . They were looking for opportunities to insert a spy in the senior ranking officials in the Munn Kingdom, but it was difficult since Lydia was there . Originally, they planned to control Marlene through drugs and turn her into Edward’s slave to provide them with information from the Senia family . Alanic’s plan was very cautious—they didn’t choose to directly control the Senia family . They were very clear that the mages of the Senia family were very strong and doing so would likely arouse too much attention . On the other hand, as the sole heir of the Senia family, Marlene would become the head of the family sooner or later . Therefore, the Alanic family wasn’t in a hurry . They wanted to bait them with a big fish and hollow out the entire confidential information in the Munn Kingdom, then destroy it from the inside .

Edward had only arrived in Golden City a few months ago . He originally intended to repeat the usual trick he used in the Country of Light . It was by approaching Marlene through a dance banquet and finding an opportunity from it . He didn’t expect that Marlene was famous for disliking to participate in these banquets . Not to mention, she even left Golden City to go on her own adventure . Edward, who was a nobleman from the Country of Light, naturally had a sensitive identity and didn’t dare to act rashly . So he chose to get close to Marlene through her schoolmate, Ellenson . His plan went very smoothly at first . Ellenson easily became his slave and even provided him with information regarding her family, as well as some parts of their family’s secret agreement with the Senia family . Of course, to avoid any trouble, he didn’t dig too much into it . He was very clear that his ultimate goal was Marlene . If he was too deeply involved in other aspects and alerted the enemy, it wouldn’t be good .

In the end, his patience paid off . Because of the Midsummer Festival, Marlene returned to Golden City . Afterward, Edward instructed Ellenson to invite Marlene . As for what happened next, there was no need for him to say more .

When Edward was telling them everything, Marlene’s face had been dark and gloomy . She clenched her fists and slightly trembled . A burning flame of anger flashed through her red eyes .

But after Edward confessed everything, she calmed down . Then, she looked at Ellenson next to him and asked, “Is there a way to cure EIlenson?”

“There’s no way . ”

This time, Celestina firmly replied before Edward spoke .

“Unlike you, that human girl has already tasted that man . Just like a sugar fused with water, if you want to disperse it, you can only evaporate the water and to that human girl, it will be the end of her life . ”

Marlene was surprised to hear her answer . She leaned back against the wall, lowered her head, and looked at the ground .

“Then… What will become of Ellenson?”

“She will probably become a sl*t . ”

Celestina disdainfully looked at Ellenson who was still asleep .

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“Master has already castrated that man; without him, she will definitely crave the taste of other males instinctively . At that time, she will lose all her senses and become a sex addict . But judging from her looks, perhaps there will be a noble who will accept her as their own private pet . ”

“Really… Is there no any other way?”

“At least, there’s none in my opinion . But if Master isn’t disgusted by her, then he can also take her in, right? Of course, the above is just my personal suggestion . If you feel dissatisfied with it, you can look for that Behermes descendant; as an alchemists race, she may be able to come up with something . ”


Rhode was surprised to hear this name . Indeed, this would be a good idea . Even if ‘Fragrance of Seduction’ was a demon’s potion, it was still a potion, after all . As the head of the Behermes family, Lapis should be able to create a detoxifying potion .

Rhode finally felt relieved . But soon, he quickly recalled another problem .

Why did the Alanic Foundation want to go against the Senia family at this time?

“This… I’m also not too sure . ”

Edward who was lying on the ground murmured and replied with difficulty,

“When I received the order, I was not told of the reason . But… cough… from the rumor that I heard… the Senia family has a big secret… that can change the situation of the entire Munn Kingdom…”

A secret that can change the situation of the entire Munn Kingdom?

Rhode was even more puzzled . He knew that the Senia family held all power regarding magic in the Munn Kingdom and was also a loyalist of the King’s party . To say that they had a secret that could change the situation of the entire Munn Kingdom, they definitely did have one . However, this level of ‘secret’ was no longer news among the upper-class nobles . Such a big family certainly held an influential trump card . But why did the Alanic Foundation choose the Senia family? Was it because they found out that the ‘secret’ of the Senia family was very special?

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Rhode carefully thought about it and didn’t notice that Marlene’s body was slightly trembling at this moment and a trace of panic flashed in her eyes .

“Ms . Marlene, how should we dispose of them?”

It was useless to think about it if he couldn’t figure anything out yet . Rhode shrugged his shoulders and looked at Marlene . She looked down in panic and sighed after pondering for a while .

“… If Mr . Rhode allows it, I hope to hand him over to our Senia family . As for Ellenson… I’ll also personally explain it to her family . ”

“Sure, no problem . ”

Hearing Marlene’s answer, Rhode nodded . Her decision was understandable . After all, this was the Senia’s family problem . It was better if he didn’t interfere and left everything to them . From what he had heard, this case seemed to also involve the secret of the Senia family . In the game, Rhode and the Senia family did not deal much with each other . So, he knew very little about them, and he was also very clear that curiosity killed the cat . If he didn’t want to become enemies with them, then it was better to avoid offending his potential allies with his frivolous curiosity .

At this time, Gillian, who had been watching from the sidelines, moved her ears and said .

“Master, it’s noisy above . It seems like someone is coming . ”

“People? Who? Is it those angels?”

Hearing Gillian’s report, Rhode had gotten nervous . Edward’s screams were so loud, Rhode even thought that half of Golden City might hear it . If the patrolling angels outside noticed something was wrong and came to explore the situation, it would be troublesome .

“It’s not… this voice… It seems there’s a problem?”


After hearing Gillian’s report, Rhode frowned and walked out of the room .

“I’ll go up and see . ”

When Rhode left the cellar and walked to the hall, he couldn’t help but feel surprised to see the situation before him .

It was a mess in the hall . Starlight’s mercenaries rushed in and out, lifting three to five injured people . Among them, there were Christy, Shauna, and Kavos . Shauna and Kavos’s injuries were the most serious, but Christie was also not much better . The others were only slightly injured, but their condition looked pretty bad .

Rhode quickly walked next to Christie . She was unconscious, and deep scars could be seen on her shoulders and arms . Beside her, Shauna’s chest and shoulders were slowly seeping out blood . Kavos was stricken with scars all over his body and it looked very terrifying .

“How’s their situation?”

Rhode frowned and looked at Lize next to him . Lize looked up and nodded . Her forehead was currently covered in sweat .

“Fortunately, Christie only suffered external injuries . She will be fine as long as she receives good treatment . Mr . Kavos and Sister Shauna’s injuries are more troublesome… but with Lapis’s potion, I think it shouldn’t be a problem . ”

Hearing until here, Rhode breathed a sigh of relief . Then he immediately turned around and looked at the other mercenaries .

“What is going on here?!”

Rhode coldly asked . Hearing his voice, the mercenaries exchanged glances with each other . Then, a thief walked out from the crowd and said, “It’s like this leader . We’re suddenly attacked on our way back . ”


Hearing this word, Rhode’s brow twitched .


“On the street not far from here… When we are sending Ms . Christie to the Evening Square, I didn’t expect that a group of masked people would suddenly come out of the small alley and launch an attack on us . Those guys are really strong and we were unable to fight back . It seemed like they were targeting Ms . Christie, but Sister Shauna and Mr . Kavos protected her with their own body so those masked people did not succeed and they quickly retreated before the patrolling angels arrived . ”

“How many people were they? What kind of weapons did they use?”

Upon hearing Rhode’s inquiry, the mercenary recalled .

“Probably… five to six people, they look very strong, but most of the weapons they had were standard weapons, nothing too special . ”

Five to six people, standard weapons .

Hearing until here, Rhode looked a little distressed .

The opponent actually dared to attack his people in the Golden City, and even in public .

Who were they actually?!

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