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Chapter 332

It’s no wonder that Marlene was shocked; the Alanic surname wasn’t unfamiliar at all . That family had one of the top Foundations in the Country of Light, which was the Alanic Foundation . Their main business was firearms . They had power and authority in the entire Country of Light—even the weapons of their Justice of Light Army and Sword of Freedom Army were provided by the Alanic Foundation . Not only that, small countries under the Country of Light also purchased their weapons from the Alanic Foundation . However, in the Munn Kingdom, the name of Alanic Foundation wasn’t something that was well received because there had been rumors in the nobility that the Alanic Foundation had sent some weapons privately to the reformers . Even the riots that had happened several times before were plotted by them .

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At this time, Marlene immediately noticed that something was wrong . For the people from the Alanic family to appear here and want to do something towards her as the heir of Senia family, this fact itself could even turn into a major diplomatic problem . Although Alanic seemed to be only an ordinary foundation, anyone who was familiar with the Country of Light knew that in fact, the Top Five Foundations were the real rulers of the Country of Light . They dominated the country’s core resources: monetary, minerals, military, and grains . The members of the so-called ‘Light Parliament’ representing the people were merely their puppets .

One of the most powerful foundations was the Alanic Foundation . They monopolized all the firearms and grains of the Country of Light . They were extremely influential in the Country of Light and was even privately called the ruler of Country of Light . It was also evident that the Alanic Foundation had the ambition to dominate the entire Country of Light . Their foundation badge symbol was a sword that pierced through the center of a golden dragon . According to the interpretation of the people from Alanic Foundation, it was to pay a tribute to the Light Dragon, but some people could see the true meaning of the badge .

It was precisely because of this that the relationship between Alanic, the Guardian of Dragon Light, and the Munn Kingdom was not good . It was not only because the Munn Kingdom was not accustomed to the way of Alanic in trying to ‘take care of the ruler’s seat’, it was also because the Munn Kingdom had blocked their financial road . Originally, in order to expand its influence, the Alanic Foundation would embargo certain ‘unobedient’ territories, such as prohibiting them from buying or selling grain, weapons, equipment or even ores, thereby forcing those territories and small countries to the corner . However, at this time, the Munn Kingdom would lend their hand and even sell those resources at a lower price than Alanic Foundation, with no imposed condition, as a normal trade . This loss made the Alanic Foundation feel hatred towards te Munn Kingdom . Not to mention, the Munn Kingdom also didn’t impose any conditions, so it naturally had won the favor of many territories and small countries . Precisely because of this, most of the countries under the Light Dragon’s territory was an ally of Munn Kingdom . There were still a small number of people who had been standing firmly by the Munn Kingdom’s side .

It could be said that the Munn Kingdom was both an opponent of Alanic Foundation from a political and monetary perspective, so they had always been very dissatisfied with the Munn Kingdom . But now, Marlene was clear that their actions towards Munn Kingdom had surpassed the scope of being ‘dissatisfied’ . What they were doing was simply provoking a war!

Marlene was only surprised . On the other hand, that man was coldly glaring at Rhode .

He didn’t expect that Rhode could state his identity in just a sentence .

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This man was called Edward Alanic . It could be said that he was also one of the members of the Alanic family . However, there were not many people who knew about his identity .

His mother was a member of the Alanic Family and later married to the Hovanie family because of political reasons . But after marriage, she discovered that her husband didn’t have ‘that’ ability . Of course, for a woman, it was unbearable, but there was nothing she could do because it was a marriage without love . It was only for the sake of both families .

Debauchery was common among the nobles and she was also a political trader . She was not worried about any betrayal or guilt . But after all, she was a woman, and she couldn’t help but feel really lonely . However, she also had her own political mission; if she stole another man, a problem might occur . In the end, she finally found a solution .

In order to seek stimuli, she began to seek males outside the human race to fulfill her sexual pleasure . From pigs to horses, orc, to elves . From this point of view, it could be seen that this woman’s taste was really quite heavy . However, in the end, she was tired of it . There was a time when she brought back an orc slave from the auction . The orc’s ‘strength’ was too unbelievable, causing her to play with the other party for a long time . As a result, she realized that she was pregnant .

Although the orcs looked like beasts, they were similar to humans to some extent . Not to mention, there were also rumors in remote mountainous regions that orcs took away female humans for reproduction . Therefore, it was no wonder that she would become pregnant . However, this matter caused quite some trouble back them . Even though the man who married her was quite unhappy about this, but before the Alanic Foundation, he was only a small insect . Moreover, he himself did not have that ‘ability’, so he could only bite the bullet and get cheated on .

However, to the Alanic Foundation, it was still a bad scandal . That’s why Edward’s birth was regarded as a secret, so not many people knew about it . When he grew up, the Alanic Family discovered that he had inherited his father’s powerful ‘ability’ . He could make women abandon everything for him . Later on, they began to use Edward’s ability to secretly seduce other consortia and women from influential families, let them fall into his seduction and become his slave, thus providing information and even financial assistance for the Alanic Foundation .

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Because of that, not many people knew about Edwards’s existence . He was more like a behind-the-scenes existence; even if the other families and foundations found something wrong, it would still be difficult for those seduced women to spit out any information about it . With the help of the consortium, it was difficult to torture intelligence from a woman’s mouth . With the help of the ‘Fragrance of Seduction’, those women would completely surrender under him and would even offer their life to him . So Edward was never worried that his identity might be revealed . The others only thought that he was just a rich second generation of the Alanic Foundation who lived a life of idleness . No one knew that this prodigal son would be such a poisonous snake .

However, in the game, this man was famous among the players . Several chain quests in the Country of Light were ultimately related to him . Many players were commissioned by those families who suffered his treachery to investigate the incident . There were about eighteen, nineteen cases which were linked to him . However, the outcome of these quests differed . Some of the young girls that the players protected committed suicide after Edward was killed . There were even players who were almost killed by Edward because of they were lured into traps by those seemingly pitiful girls .

Many of the players were older otakus, and the young girls in the game were particularly beautiful . Naturally, they had a good impression towards them . In the end, when the truth was exposed, they finally found out that the girls they had always loved and admired were actually another men’s slave . A lot of players were unable to accept this fact . Edward was definitely one of the top three most hated NPCs in the game .

It was precisely because of this that Edward was stunned when Rhode called out his identity .

He was not a fool . Even in the Alanic Foundation, his own identity was only known by a handful of people, but this strange man could actually figure out his own identity . This man definitely wasn’t simple!

Thinking of this, Edward soon calmed down . His first reaction was thinking whether there was a traitor among his men . Otherwise, he would have succeeded already .  Where did this man come from? Does it mean that he has long noticed that the situation is wrong? But it didn’t make sense . If he really knew his plan, it was absolutely impossible for Marlene to come . If it was a trap to lure him, it still didn’t seem right either . Judging from Marlene’s facial expression previously, she was surprised to see him and if Marlene was really told in advance, then she would never be so angry and sad .

The only explanation was that there was a traitor! Certainly, there must be someone who noticed something was wrong and reported it to this man, destroying his plans . Otherwise, that place was so hidden . How could he have found it so quickly?

It was no wonder Edward would think so . He certainly didn’t know that there was a mercenary group stronghold system in Rhode’s body that could accurately track everyone’s location . Or else, even if he knew the place she was at, it would still be difficult for Rhode to find the exact position .

Who is this man actually?!

Edward stayed vigilant . He coldly glared at Rhode while quickly thinking who might be the possible traitor among his men . However, no matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t find any clue . He knew what position the Senia family held in the Munn Kingdom . Although he was only following instructions, he knew very well that if something happened to him, the Alanic Foundation would never admit it, so he was always careful . This time, he didn’t even inform his subordinates, but carefully tricked Ellenson to his side before directly went for Marlene . He was sure that he was not careless at all and didn’t disclose his plans to anyone . So, how did this man know all this?

“I will give you a chance now, Mr . Edward . ”

Rhode stepped back and said .

“Although I already know what you are doing and what you want to do, I still want to hear you confess your crime… in front of the lady who was almost offended by you . Of course, you can also choose to shut up, but at that time, please be prepared for the consequences . ”

“… I don’t understand what you are saying, sir . ”

Edward looked at the unconscious Ellenson not far from him . He gritted his teeth and said nothing, but it was to be expected .

“Is that so, then I shall use my own way to make you confess . ”

Rhode said, then he flipped his hand .

Not long after, dark fog emerged and Celestina appeared .

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