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Chapter 316: 316

Rhode was quick in his movements . Ever since he detected Carody trailing him, he had been waiting for him to take the bait . Now that he finally attained this chance, how could he let it go?

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The ice-cold Crimson Blade arrived at Carody’s throat, and just a tiny inch more would be enough to make him bleed .

However, Carody dodged and Rhode wasn’t surprised by his nimble reflexes . In fact, he was prepared .

“Celia! Celestina!”

A glaring radiance of white and black erupted along with his summons . The Battle Angel flapped her graceful wings and descended from above with a silver, white sword in hand that was erupting with holy radiance . The darkness in the room instantly shrunk like the tide and exposed Carody entirely, and he desperately lifted his head and revealed a terrified expression .

Battle Angel?!

Although Celia couldn’t overpower him in terms of strength, he still instantly broke out in cold sweat . He realised that this young man named Rhode wasn’t that simple at all . Based on the fact he could summon a battle angel as his servant proved that he held a high status .  Damn it! What was the bunch of idiots from the intelligence group doing?! Easy mission? How can this be considered easy?

Carody cursed inwardly . Even though he seemed unwavered, he instantly realized that his assassination plan had failed entirely . His target had obviously set this up to eliminate himself, and it could still be considered a victory if he could escape . As for assassinating his target, Carody could only leave it for later!

Then, he realised that this thought would not even be in his wild dreams .

“You even need your lady, me , to handle such a lowly human?”

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After Celia’s holy radiance dispersed the darkness and forced Carody out, a proud voice rang beside him . Along with this voice, a pitch-black thorn whip whirled and whipped onto his body . The pitiful assassin had focused his attention on Celia above and Rhode behind him, so never did he expect that someone was hidden in the darkness around him . Although as an assassin, his reactions toward such situations weren’t slow, Celestina was still one step ahead!


The thorn whip lashed on Carody and just as he escaped, the thorns on the whip extending and transforming into vipers that bit him!


Carody couldn’t tolerate the penetrating pain . He yelled in pain and instinctively extended his arm . A smear of black, putrid liquid shot out at Celestina from his hand . But before they splashed onto the young lady, she dodged quickly and the venomous liquid lost its presence . At that moment, a huge shadow shrouded Carody entirely .

What’s this?

Just as this thought flashed through Carody’s mind, a whistling wind blew past him and a sturdy knight spear punctured Carody’s skull . At the same time, Celia slashed his body apart and the holy flames on her blade erupted and turned his corpse into ashes .

A Master Assassin lost his life due to the encirclement of summoned spirits without a chance to resist .

That is the true strength of a Spirit Swordsman .

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As Carody’s corpse burned into ashes, Rhode’s expression remain unchanged . If he had summoned his spirits during the afternoon matchup, even a person of Mobis’s caliber wouldn’t stand a chance against him . After all, even though the four guild leaders were masters, their difference in strength from a Swordmaster like Sereck was only around five levels according to the players’ explanation . Reality wasn’t a game and the natives couldn’t level up crazily like players . Therefore, four levels was considered a huge difference even though they meant nothing to the players .

Not to mention, there weren’t any settings in reality called “Health Points” and one wouldn’t need to worry about fighting a BOSS with thousands of Health Points and not injuring it one bit . Regarding this, Rhode had already realised it during his battle with Mobis . Of course, Carody was an assassin and not a class that engaged in frontal battles, which was an important point to note . If not, based on Rhode’s abilities, perhaps he would face difficulties .

But now, everything had ended .


Rhode shook his head and looked up . The flames had almost extinguished and darkness once again enveloped the place .

“Let’s go . ”

He took a glance at the corpse who had its eyes wide open and nodded at Celia .

“I’ll leave her to you . ”

“Yes, Master . ”

Celia unsheathed her sword and ambled toward the corpse . She spread her arms open and holy radiance emerged between her arms, enveloping the corpse . Subsequently, light dust flew from the corpse and floated into mid-air before vanishing . After the speckles were nowhere to be seen, only a pile of clothes was left on the ground .

Then, Celia laid her arms down and turned to Rhode with uncertainty and hesitation .

“Pardon my rudeness, Master . In order to reach your goal, you sacrificed an innocent life . That’s a little too . . ”

“That’s why I said you’re a dumb sister . ”

Before Celia finished her sentence, Celestina interrupted in disdain .

“She’s just a lowly human . Does it even matter if she’s dead? Besides, this chap wasn’t that easy for Master to handle, and if Master didn’t use this lowly human as bait, how could we even finish him off so easily? Or maybe, you had better ideas?”

“We can fight him upright and openly…” Celia clearly disagreed with her elder sister . She shook her head and explained . “As long as we work together…”

“There’s no cure for stupidity and you have exceeded my expectations . ” Celestina groaned .

“Since that chap was an assassin and murderer, how would it be possible for him to face you fair and square? You may not be afraid of death because you can’t die now, even if you wanted to, but what if Master died? We…”

“Big Sister!” Celia sulked .

On the other hand, Celestina seemed to have realised that she spoke something inappropriate and abruptly paused . She turned to Rhode with a look of dismay before revealing a proud smile .

“All in all, I don’t think that Master’s decision was wrong, dumb sister . Stop being so stubborn . All Master needed was to win, which is something glory and pride can’t gift him . ”

Celestina instantly vanished into a black mist and returned to her card, which hovered in mid-air and disappeared thereafter . On the other hand, Celia turned to Rhode worriedly and followed Celestina in returning to her card without saying much more .

“That’s interesting…”

After retrieving the hovering summoning cards and analysing their pictures and texts, Rhode said softly . As a matter of fact, he realized from Celestina’s remarks that things weren’t as simple as he had thought and their origins were the same .

Unlike a Master Summoner’s summons, all of a Spirit Swordsman’s spirits came from this plane of existence . In other words, the spirits that they summoned were beings that lived or once lived in the Dragon Soul Continent . But, honestly speaking, he didn’t think of it this way when he first met Celestina because from his understanding, Angels and Demons had always been archenemies with no exceptions . Celestina was a pure, high-level Demon whereas Celia was a Battle Angel . It would be impossible for both of their bloodlines to be mixed . However, looking at their relationship, this pair of siblings seemed so natural together… Celestina was a high-level demon, the elder sister of an Angel, and could say whatever she wanted to . On the contrary, Celia was an Angel and didn’t retaliate against the Demon . So, what was this all about?

Moreover, what did Celestina meant by “You may not be afraid of death because you can’t die now, even if you wanted to…”?

It seemed like there was a need to investigate their true identities .

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