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Chapter 315: 315

Old Walker left the alley in grumbles . Rhode stood on the spot and observed in silence as the old man disappeared into the crowd . The Midsummer Festival hadn’t ended yet and Golden City, known as a city that never slept, had bustling nights while relaxing music played from the bars . Not only that, but the streets were also filled with vibrant, festive decorations .

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Rhode admired Golden City’s night scenery for a few moments before heading out of the alley . At this moment, a shadow flitted by behind him .

While exiting the alley, Rhode pulled up his hood to conceal his face . He reached a bar named ‘Midnight Beauties’ within a few minutes and without much hesitation, he pushed the wooden doors open .

Then, the melodious sound of music and clamor flooded him .

The spacious hall was full of people . Mercenaries lifted their cups and exchanged conversations with one another . There were female dancers swaying their slender waists and hips sexily in the middle . Half-naked mercenaries surrounded them and whistled sharply . Their laughter filled the entire bar . Rhode puckered his brows and moved to a corner where a drooling drunk was sleeping over the table . Rhode turned a blind eye to him and pushed him aside for his seat .

This didn’t start any commotion, just like how a small stone couldn’t show its presence in the face of a storm . Since the victim lay flat on the ground and didn’t respond, the others wouldn’t be dumb enough to stand up someone whose name they didn’t even know . Furthermore, a customer who had occupied a seat without spending money wasn’t welcomed by the bar . The drunk might even be removed from the bar and thrown into the ice-cold valley along with the trash .

The waitresses testified this explanation as they carried warm smiles while disregarding the drunk beside Rhode . They seemed to be around 25 to 26 years old . Their pretty faces were smeared with low quality powder and half their chests were revealed in a long dress which outlined their slender bodies . Gazing at this customer who was concealed under a cloak, one of them came to his side with a smile .

“Excuse me, Sir, what do you need?”

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“Give me your best alcohol . ”

Rhode placed a golden coin on the table and lifted his head to admire the woman’s fair, ample pair of breasts . He paused for a moment and continued .

“Keep the change . ”

The woman’s smile turned into a grin . She took the gold coin and looked at Rhode with an enticing smile . Then, she slid the gold coin into her cleavage . With her woman’s instinct, she sensed that the pair of eyes hidden under the hood was tracing her every movement, which rejoiced her . Then, she tossed a coquettish glance at Rhode before skipping away .

Only when she entered the crowd did Rhode withdraw his gaze . There really was still a difference between the game and reality . In the game, the waitresses wouldn’t be dressed as skimpily and their attitudes wouldn’t be so… Yes, open-minded .

Perhaps the gold coin had brought out its effect . After a few moments, the woman returned to Rhode’s side and placed a huge cup filled with astrong alcoholic drink to the brim before him . Then, she pulled up and adjusted the chest area of her dress . Rhode nodded and the woman turned around and headed down the corridor .

In such a small bar, naturally, there wouldn’t be any alcohol . Rhode looked into his cup of bubbling ale and stood up without drinking a sip . After checking his surrounding, he followed the woman .

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Unlike the bustling main hall, the corridor was unusually quiet . The clamors that infiltrated the thick walls were weakened a lot and due to this, the corridor felt much more unfrequented . As Rhode paced along the corridor, he lost sight of the woman . However, he didn’t spend much effort to find her because the wooden door left ajar had already pinpointed his target .

Like a walk in the park, Rhode headed to the door and spotted the woman inside the room . At this moment, she leaned on the wall and lifted her head to the sky . She revealed an enthusiastic and attractive smile . She pushed out her proud chest, padded to Rhode, and wrapped her dewy arms around his neck .

“I didn’t expect you to come here, my dear customer . ”

She licked her thick, red lips and winked her flirtatious eyes . She pushed her chest to Rhode closely . However, this didn’t seem wrong to her as she cheekily smiled and clung onto his body . On the other hand, Rhode extended both arms and roamed her soft, fleshy body . Under Rhode’s fondles, she revealed a blush, gasped for air, and let out a soft moan . She poured into Rhode powerlessly, at the same time wrapping her legs onto him .

“Sir, you are so generous with a gold coin… What exactly do you want me to do for you?”

She said in a slutty manner . She skillfully unbuttoned her chest strap to spill out its contents and rubbed his chest .

Rhode handily caressed and sneaked into her clothes to fondle with her soft, fleshy assets . The woman moaned increasingly louder and closed her eyes . She spread apart her legs and arms in preparation for deeper interactions .

And because of this, the woman didn’t notice the magical radiance emanating from Rhode’s right hand .

A sharp, pitch-black blade pierced her neck from behind and missed Rhode by an inch . In the blink of an eye, the assassin had almost accomplished his mission by putting both of them to their death beds . Then, Rhode pushed his hands forward and pulled a distance apart from the woman who had turned into a corpse . At the same time, he clenched his right hand .

Countless tentacles shot out from the shadows and caught the shadow lurking behind the woman . The woman’s corpse disrupted the assassin’s movements and stopped him from leaving instantly . It seemed like he had lost his chance .

The corpse collapsed to the ground, but the impact was submerged by the music and clamors .

“Willfully slaughtering the innocent shouldn’t be the way of an assassin, Mr . Carody . ”

Rhode’s action was faster than his words . As he spoke, a crimson sword blade flew out from his sleeve and streaked a glaring, contrasting arc in the darkness at the black-clothed man who was bound by the tentacles .

This was the first time Carody revealed a look of shock .

He was confident in this mission . Although the previous battle between Rhode and Mobis had displayed Rhode’s outstanding strength, it wasn’t threatening for a murderer . However, Carody still had to make certain adjustments to his plans . An angered Master Swordsman definitely wasn’t an easy target, so he gave up on his original plans and made amendments . Anyway, to Carody, he wasn’t concerned if Mobis’s guild was eliminated from the competition . Instead, this was the best opportunity for him to complete his mission . That young kid must be both mentally and physically exhausted from his battle with Mobis, and this was the best chance to strike .

And because of that, after Mobis left the arena, Carody had been trailing Rhode and waiting for an opportunity to strike . He initially thought that Rhode would return to his campsite and that would mean bad news . However, to his surprise, after everyone returned to the campsite, only Rhode made his way off to have a chat with an old man at the alley before casually going for a stroll .

This definitely served as an opportunity for Carody and he had no qualms of Rhode’s intentions . A young man who had defeated a huge figure like the Sky Sword Guild would naturally celebrate . Therefore, he had trailed Rhode while waiting for the right time to strike . Initially, when he spotted Rhode flirting with the waitress, he knew that it was the opportune time, but he never expected that when he struck, the hunter turned into the hunted!

Not good!

Carody’s complexion turned pale, but before he came up with any counteractive plans, dozens of pitch-black tentacles scuttled from the shadows and bound him tightly .

Only then was Carody finally convinced that this young man was harder to handle than he had ever imagined .

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