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Chapter 317

Although Celestina’s last words had piqued his curiosity towards the siblings’ identities, but he still had a lot of things to do and couldn’t be bothered by it .

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He was currently sitting in the arena . He furrowed his brows as he watched the intense battle below .

After the battle between Starlight and Sky Sword ended, it was Liberty Wings and Cole Falcon’s turn next .

Even though, in many people’s opinion, their strengths didn’t differ by much and the winner couldn’t be judged, but after everyone watched the match, they were dumbstruck because the battle was completely one-sided!

The Liberty Wings had five consecutive wins . They completely eliminated Cole Falcon . No matter how hard the Cole Falcon struggled, they were still unable to overturn the situation .

Rhode was looking at the most eye-catching member of the Liberty Wings .

He was a white-haired old man who was about 60 years old . However, he seemed to be full of vigor . Not to mention, he was holding two fine shields behind him . Obviously, this old man was a shield warrior and a very strong one, on top of it .

Rosen Stein .

In fact, when Rhode saw the list of participants of the Liberty Wings Guild, his first reaction was the same as Barter’s . They both took a deep breath and felt troubled . Rosen’s existence was equivalent to cheating!

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As a representative of the Liberty Wings, Rosen was very strong . He was once the leader of the Liberty Wings, but because he was tired of the power struggle, he retired and became second-in-line, no longer taking care of those troubling and complicated matters . Among the people in the Four Major Guilds, he was considered the strongest . According to the player’s evaluation, he’s supposed to be Level 50 and was five levels higher than the other Four Major Guilds’ leaders . He was also closest to the Legendary level among them .

In addition, he was also a shield warrior .

In the game, Rosen was very hard to deal with . He had strong durability and high HP . Even a group of five Level 50 players had faced difficulties when facing him . He was born with a monstrous strength and was able to wield two fine shields at the same time . Right now, Anne couldn’t even be compared to him . It had to be said that Anne was a half-beast and Rosen was a pure human, but he actually could do something that a half-beast and half-barbarian couldn’t do . This was enough to imagine how powerful he was . In the game, it was impossible for ordinary players to confront him directly . His strength was enough to kill the opponent MT when they collided with each other . Even if the players wanted to use the ‘kiting’ tactic, it was still nearly impossible to drain his HP since he had a strong defense . That’s why almost no ordinary players could pass through the Level 50 dungeon . Many players were abused by this old man in this dungeon . Usually, they would come back to take their revenge after they reached Level 70-80 . Only players who were the elites among the elite were able to defeat him . It could be seen just how difficult this boss was .

If reality was the same as the game, then there would be no other choice for him but to give up . If Rosen’s durability and HP were the same as in the game, then not even he could handle it . Fortunately, after observing the competition continuously, he had realized that rather than PvE, the competition itself was more like a downgraded PvP . Both parties had the same amount of HP; the only differences were their physical attributes, skills, and equipment . This was also the fighting style that was closest to the reality .

Because of that, Rhode had the confidence in beating Rosen and came to the arena early in the morning to observe the battle .

And the result was just as he had expected .

Liberty Wings didn’t choose the universally acknowledged fighting method . Instead, they chose to brawl . Rosen went up, taking the advantage of fighting the five of them at the same time, and easily beaten them . It seemed like Viktor was already mentally prepared, so when he lost, he did not seem to be angry or upset . As he watched this old monster fight, the only thing he could do was to surrender .

In this battle, Cole Falcon had lost miserably, but since the Sky Swords had lost before them, they didn’t receive many ridicules from the audiences . In addition, Rosen was a famous public figure in the Munn Kingdom, and there was nothing shameless about losing to him . To the contrary, the Sky Swords lost to Starlight . Cole Falcon had not been eliminated until the second day . This counterbalanced Cole Falcon’s loss, and at most, they only got ridiculed by Liberty Wings supporters . “We have such a powerful person as a backing, while you don’t…” and so on . Such a ridicule was not a big deal for Cole Falcon .

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“That old thing is really powerful, isn’t it?”

When Rhode looked at Rosen silently, a voice sounded beside him . He looked up towards the person who sat not too far from him . It was Barter, the leader of Purple Lily . Barter was smiling as he looked at him and Rhode also nodded without hesitation .

“Indeed, he’s very difficult to deal with . ”

“Hmph, even if he’s difficult to deal with, Viktor’s performance was still too…”

Barter seemed to disagree about this part .

“That fellow is too modest . If it’s me, no matter if it’s 32 vs . 1, I will still fight him; even if I can’t win, at least I will injure that old man . If he doesn’t even have the will to fight, how can he handle that old man? Don’t you think so, kid? I saw your fight with Mobis previously, and I have to admit, you’re indeed strong . It makes me see you in a different light now!”

Barter lifted his thumb up as he looked at Rhode . Although Rhode’s expression was indifferent, Barter wasn’t angry . He was a generous person in nature, so Rhode’s impolite behavior didn’t affect him the slightest . But it did not mean that he would allow the other person to ignore himself .

“I say, kid . It’s okay if you want to observe your opponent, but I want to tell you: don’t underestimate our Purple Lily Guild . Before challenging the old one, you should not forget our existence . ”

“I certainly did not forget . ”

Rhode shifted his gaze and looked towards Barter once again .

“But, Mr . Barter, if I say that I will definitely win, would it be too impolite to you?”


Hearing Rhode’s answer, Barter furrowed his brows . However, he didn’t seem to be mad . Instead, he revealed a curious and joyous expression .

“You really talk big, kid! A small mercenary group like you is so certain of defeating me? Let me tell you; even that Sky Sword’s old fox can’t be that certain… Alright, let me see how strong you are since you actually dare say these kinds of words . ”

Having said that, Barter stood up . At this moment, he finally stopped smiling, gazing at Rhode with a serious expression . However, Rhode didn’t seem to be bothered by Barter’s suppressing gaze .

“I say, kid, don’t blame me if you lose . At that time, I don’t think you still can keep that beautiful face of yours . ”

After he said it, Barter waved his hand and left . Seeing the barbarian man’s back, Rhode helplessly shook his head and turned around to look at the ring .

Right now, Rosen had already walked down from the ring and was receiving applause from the spectators . Then, Rhode shifted his gaze towards a young man who stood not far from Rosen . That young man didn’t seem to be much older than him . He had light chestnut hair, a handsome face that looked very attractive, and was wearing extravagant armor . Unlike others who were congratulating and flattering Rosen, that young man stood far from the crowd . He didn’t look at Rosen with admiration; instead, his gaze was filled with a trace of anger and hatred .

Rhode was familiar with that young man; he was a genius knight of the Liberty Wings, Marc . According to the rumors, he had broken through to Level 30 at a young age and was considered one of the top elites in the Liberty Wings . During the Midsummer Festival in the game, Rhode had met him once . At that time, the Liberty Wings Guild participated in the Midsummer Festival under his leadership . This time, perhaps because of the bizarre promise with Lidya, Rosen had replaced Marc’s position and became the new leader .

Although Rosen had enough prestige and power in Liberty Wings, it seemed like not everyone was willing to accept his leadership and orders .

This is really interesting .

Seeing this scene, Rhode smiled and stood up . Then, he followed the crowd and left the arena .

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