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Chapter 306: 306

“What’s this!?”

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Viktor stood up and stared in disbelief . Barter’s expression changed drastically . Not only them, but the crowd also jumped up from their seats . Above the round arena, the densely-packed fireballs burned fiercely and seemed to have formed the mouth of a menacing devil waiting to devour its prey . .


Mobis was dumbstruck . Although he wasn’t a Mage, he wasn’t a newbie either . Therefore, he was clear that no humans could achieve such a high level of magical mastery . Although fireballs weren’t considered a high-grade magic spell and could even be considered as the basic of the basics, a Swordsman of Carter’s caliber wouldn’t even put this child’s play into regards . However, when these earth-shattering fireballs were there in tens of thousands, who would disregard them?

Mobis stared blankly at the confident Gillian . Where did this woman come from? With such powerful magical prowess, even the Mages from elite schools couldn’t compete against her . However, if she was really such a powerful presence, why didn’t they hear of her before?

Mobis noticed that this mercenary group wasn’t that simple since he heard that Marlene had joined them . Furthermore, there was also the sudden appearance of the ‘princess’ . He felt that there was a high possibility that this was scripted by the King’s Party to control Paphield . After all, Marlene’s identity was too sensitive with the strong forces of the Senia Family . Also, Paphield had spent most of their time remaining neutral in positions, so there was a possibility that the Reformist Party had brought them under a lot of pressure . However, to Mobis, this was no big deal since the King’s Party had to put up a show and couldn’t possibly seek popular elites in this shady business . The Reformist Party would smear their reputation even further .

Just as Mobis expected, other than Marlene who was well known, the other members were unheard of . Although it was possible that they were hidden aces from the King’s Party, the Reformist Party would’ve known how many aces were up their sleeves after the years of conflicts between them .

But now, this young lady was totally out of Mobis’ expectations!

She instantly summoned a barrage of fireballs without even charging her spells beforehand . Even though Mobis wasn’t a mage, he knew how difficult it was to achieve this . Even those Mages he knew weren’t able to achieve such heights…Damn it, where exactly did this woman come from?!

Mobis gazed at Rhode and after noticing his black hair and pupils, he was distracted .

Could it be that these people hailed from the Eastern Plains?

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A thought emerged in his head and he felt cold sweat all over his body . The more he thought of the possibilities, the more fearful he was . Indeed, he had never heard of a Mage named “Gillian” . However, the Eastern Plain was a sealed, desolate area known for its inaccessibility, and it could even be said that other than the locally born and bred, no one from the outside knew what elites it produced and how powerful they were . If Gillian came from Eastern Plains just like that young man, it wouldn’t be too surprising why he didn’t hear her name before!

But now… Mobis took in a deep breath and turned his attention to Carter nervously .

What do you intend to do, old mate?

In fact, Carter was at a loss too .

As far as he saw, the air was filled with burning, crackling fireballs as though an invisible wall blocking his path . Not only that, but the air was also filled with choking fumes—he had difficulties breathing .

On the contrary, Gillian displayed a cheeky smile . The fireballs were like her obedient pets hovering around her and they didn’t even light up a single strand of her hair . The fireballs also flowed off her hair tips like water, which beautified her even more…

Like Mobis, Carter felt that this young lady definitely wasn’t an ordinary Mage . An ordinary Mage’s control over the flames couldn’t be that powerful, so who exactly was she?

But, it wasn’t the time for Carter to solve the riddle now because he found out that he might need to consider Gillian’s suggestion .

He had two choices . Either listen to Gillian’s suggestion and admit defeat, or scream “All of this is just an illusion!” and gamble for it . After all, in this world, there wasn’t any Mage who could instantly summon so many fireballs!

His opponent must be using some sort of an illusionary spell to force himself out of the competition . Yes, this was possible .

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But what if it was not?

Carter gave up considering this possibility…

So then, exactly what choice should he choose?

Carter took two steps backwards .

Afterwards, he stopped his movement and bent over slightly before leaping forward towards Gillian!

I’m going to gamble for it!

This was Carter’s final decision!

Gillian’s reaction wasn’t slow either . As Carter exploded forward, the fireballs hovering in midair linked up and formed a large wave of flames . The audience held their breath .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

In a series of deep explosions, the splattered flame shrouded Carter entirely . The audience cried nervously as they watched the never-ending sparks and dark billows of smoke . Their hearts almost beat out of their chest . Although killing was prohibited, he probably wouldn’t be left with more than half his life after this .

Just as the crowd watched worriedly, an ice-cold radiance shone from within, which instantly disseminated the thick smoke . Then, Carter dashed out!


Although the crowd didn’t know what happened, they instantly let out sighs of relief and cheered loudly . This young lady must have purposely used this method to frighten them .

Tch . No wonder she dared Mr . Carter to admit defeat earlier . It was just a trap all along! But it’s a pity that in the face of true strength, no traps work!

Many turned their attention to Gillian on the other end with mockery and treated her as a joke .

Her disguise has been stripped, so she must panicking now . Haha! You women only know how to come up with crafty plots and machinations but didn’t know that power means everything to a man! As long as you have strength, anything else is transient!

Carter had the same thoughts .

When he was surrounded by the fireballs, he had decided to gamble . However, just as Gillian launched her attacks, he noticed that there were openings between the dense fireballs . This discovery delighted him and even though the openings were nothing to the others, it was enough for him . Using his quick movement, he dodged left and right and finally dashed out!

I did it!

Carter cheered ecstatically and was filled with confidence . Indeed . With Gillian’s age, it was an amazing feat that she manipulated that many fireballs at once . However, from the openings between the fireballs she fired, she obviously hadn’t fully mastered the art of manipulation . Carter had expected this . After all, there were so many fireballs that it was impossible to control them entirely . But even so, their threat was still huge . If it weren’t for Carter doing his utmost best to dodge the attack, perhaps he would’ve been dead .

Now that he had broken through, he had to take advantage!

Carter lifted his head and stared at his prey . He expected that Gillian would be filled with astonishment . But he was totally wrong .

What was reflected in his eyes was Gillian’s effortless smile .

“You dodged my attack, and that’s not too bad . So then, let’s see how long you can keep this up, okay?”

Gillian’s voice rang in his ears . She spoke softly, but for unknown reasons Carter felt an instinctive sense of danger .

Gillian spread her arms apart .

Then, a scarlet card emerged and spun between her arms .

Carter was only a few inches away now . She slammed her palms together and crushed the card .

“Spell of the Red Lotus, Magic Symbol: Seven Hells”

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