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Chapter 307: 307

The scorching heat struck Carter in his face .

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Although Carter only needed half a step more to threaten Gillian with his sword, he immediately gave up the thought of striking after the young lady smacked her palms together . He abruptly withdrew his sword and rolled away to draw a distance from her .

Carter made the right decision because just as he rolled away, a one-meter tall fire wall burst out from the ground and blasted at him .

No, it wasn’t a fire wall . Perhaps a ring of fire would be more appropriate . It emerged from beside her feet and whirled out . Carter was completely helpless and he had no chance to survive apart from dodging .

The cheers came to a spontaneous end .

Many stared blankly in their cheering posture . After Carter dashed out, they thought this young lady was in deep trouble . Until now, they still believed that her fireballs were an illusion .  That’s right, everything is an illusion and nothing can’t scare me off!

But, the audience didn’t use their brains at all . Couldn’t one who summoned a massive amount of fireballs in the blink of an eye do that repeatedly?

Carter didn’t notice it but the audience observing from above saw everything clearly . There wasn’t just one fire ring, but more than one! Like ripples, they spread on the ‘pond’ that was in the form of this arena .

Carter retreated as he thought that the fire wall was a spell meant for defense and couldn’t last long . As long as he drew a distance from her, he shouldn’t be too worried at all . At the same time, Carter was also concerned that Gillian would fill the sky with fireballs again . Therefore, it was important for him to have sufficient space to dodge .

He realised that things weren’t so simple . He took a few steps back, but the fire wall continued to blast forward . If it continued, he would really need to admit defeat!

Damn it!

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Carter’s heart sank and finally gave up retreating . If he retreated even further, he would step off the arena .

Of course, Carter didn’t want to admit defeat!

Carter let out a snort and leaped over the fire wall .

At this moment, he witnessed a scene that he had never seen before .


In midair, he sucked in a deep breath . There wasn’t just one fire wall before him, but two, three, and four .  Damn it, these things are endless!

This thought flashed through his mind, but it was too late . After he leaped over the first fire wall, he landed on the second!

If he were an ordinary human, perhaps he would be frightened . He gazed at the scorching hot fire walls under him . He raised his sword, bellowed and brandished!

Powerful airflow erupted from his simple, unadorned blade . Under the strong wind pressure, the fire wall instantly split in half from the middle . Carter somersaulted and stood on the ground firmly .

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There’s a chance!

The fire wall re-merged behind him, but this didn’t turn the his mood sour because from his previous attack, he realised that even though the fire walls were huge, their threats= couldn’t be compared to the fire walls summoned by other Mages in terms of strength . So then… it was worth a try!

This idea emerged in his head and the third fire wall appeared before him . This surprised the crowd because from what they observed, Carter was facing bottomless waves and there was nowhere for him to retreat . He was surrounded by scorching flames, so what else could he do?

Carter lifted his sword, snarled, and slashed!

The stream of blade air erupted all the way forward!

The fire walls were instantly split apart by the strong impact like paper . In an instant, he forcefully paved a lifeline with his sword!

The audience was once again fired up .

What’s a man?! That’s a man! Never avoiding obstacles and confronting them! That’s the way of a man!

The crowd burst into cheers and Carter dashed forward .

However, Gillian’s attack hadn’t end yet .

A two-meters wide fireball emerged from the fire wall and drifted forward . Carter dodged to the side, but he realised there wasn’t only one!

Huge fireballs beside and above him hovered and surrounded him . However, he wasn’t worried because although the fireballs were massive, they were slow moving . Besides, there were huge openings between them .

Carter realized that he had guessed wrong again .

As he prepared to slip between the fireballs and strike forward at the same time, the ‘harmless’ fireball split up!

Not only that, but the other huge fireballs beside and above him also divided into two, two to four, and four to eight… In the blink of an eye, the fireballs burned brighter and shrouded him entirely . This time, he couldn’t evade anymore .

He futilely brandished his sword and dissipated the fireball aiming for him . At the same time, the thousands of small fireballs had arrived at his feet .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

A series of deep explosions boomed . Fire sparks and dust splashed .

Everyone stared with wide eyes and prayed for Carter to leap out from the smoke . But this time, the scene wasn’t as they imagined . After countless fireballs exploded, wave-like flame walls burst out on the arena arena and they witnessed a burning figure crashing outside the arena .

The battle ended .

Gillian effortlessly snapped her fingers and the flames vanished . She proudly faced the silent crowd, let out a chuckle and left with her wagging tail . But this time, she didn’t receive any hisses at all because the audience stared in silence at Mobis rushed toward the fallen, charred figure . Mobis requested for assistance and a Cleric hurriedly treated Carter’s wounds . Luckily, Gillian knew her limits . Although Carter seemed to have become a fried pork cutlet, his injuries weren’t serious . It was only the aftermath left behind that was a ghastly sight .

But now, everyone’s concern wasn’t about Carter’s life and death .

A ridiculous thought formed in their heads .

Sky Sword… wouldn’t lose, right?!

The audience took in deep breaths . After all, Sky Sword was a mighty guild and Starlight was only formed for less than half a year . Could it be that they could defeat such a powerful guild?

No one believed that this was the truth . But now, there was a high possibility . Sky Sword won one match and Starlight won two . Not only that, but Starlight also won their two matches without pressure . If they won by a short margin, the crowd would believe that it was only Sky Sword’s bad luck and they were too careless against Starlight . But was that the truth?

Carter was played like a dog . From the start, he was tricked from Gillian and blasted away before even laying a finger on her . Kalman was luckier because everyone knew who Marlene was and being defeated by a rare magical genius wasn’t too embarrassing . But for Carter, no one knew where Gillian came from and in the end? Before they realised what the young lady was up to, she had already swept Carter off the arena like a fallen leaf!

The differences in their strength were obvious .

The audience had lost the mood to ridicule Starlight . They stared blankly with fear .

Could the Sky Sword that they had been supporting lose to this country bumpkin of a mercenary group?

It was undoubtedly a sunny, summer day, but the audience shivered and felt a chill down their spines .

They were frightened .

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