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Chapter 305: 305

Kalman dashed for Marlene . On the other hand, Rhode turned around as he couldn’t bear to watch .

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But he wasn’t afraid that Marlene would lose terribly . In fact, after witnessing Marlene’s equipment, he knew that this would be a tragedy for the opponent… Even though Kalman was a powerful foe in the Master Stage, there was only one road to disaster for him . Not to mention, Marlene’s actual strength wasn’t anywhere lower than Kalman’s, and with the boost from the god-tier equipment… The NPCs who were 20 levels higher would even need to kneel before her!

Ear drops that could instantly summon an ice wall . A Moon bracelet that could enhance magical damage . A Nightmare robe that could engage in close-range battle and teleportation . A Medusa necklace that could provide petrification defense…

Wealthy kids shouldn’t be messed with and it was even more so for those who knew how to use their money to their advantage .

My barbarian friend… Have a good journey .

As Rhode gave his heartfelt prayers for Kalman, Marlene’s magic spell finally erupted .

The magical runes linked up and in the blink of an eye, a pitch-black cloud of smoke burst out . Then, lightning struck out from within .

Chain Thunder!

This was one of the strongest magical skills . In an instant, the audience witnessed thousands of lightning chains striking out from the pitch-black cloud . The ear-deafening thunder roars suppressed the cheers and hisses of the crowd . Broken bits of rock scattered as the aftermath of the shattered slab . The audience’s heart sank—could Kalman survive this?

As this thought flashed through their minds, a huge shadow burst out from within the pitch-black smoke .

Kalman darted out .

However, his condition wasn’t looking good . Everyone saw that this sturdy heavy-swordsman had been seriously wounded . Even though he was a strong barbarian swordsman, the thunder strikes weren’t any weaker . He had escaped from the smoke with a layer of his skin damaged .

On the other hand, Marlene was actually waiting for this moment .

Icy-cold gales rose from the ground and instantly froze his feet . Then, a vibrant magical missile storm blasted him heavily . The powerful impact tore apart his fractured defense and lifted him off the ground . At this moment, Marlene looked as if she were torturing a drowning dog . She lifted her staff once more .

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A thick wall of ice burst out from the ground and smashed into him . This time, he finally couldn’t withstand it any longer . He screamed painfully and crashed outside the arena .

The battle ended .

The arena was in dead silence . Marlene lowered her staff and stepped down the arena . Up until this moment, the judge who had been admiring the battle finally woke up from his daze . He announced the winner with a shaky voice and dispatched medics to treat the loser .

“Good job . ”

Rhode nodded and Marlene’s gloomy face faded into a smile . In fact, she didn’t intend to deal such a huge blow to her opponent, but after the mockeries from the audience, she couldn’t help but vent her frustrations . Moreover, Kalman was a mercenary from the Reformist Party . The Reformist Party was worried about killing Marlene, but she wasn’t the least bit worried that she would get into trouble for killing them .

Now, after thrashing the pitiful guy from the Reformist Party, the rage in Marlene’s heart simmered down and her face wasn’t as sour anymore . She lifted her head and revealed a smile before stepping down . Rhode shrugged but before he was able to speak, Gillian emerged before him in a flash .

“Master, what should I do? Win or lose?”

The fox-eared young lady twitched her ears and swayed her tail . It was apparent that Gillian was ready to start some trouble . Rhode sighed and turned to Mobis, who was sulking .

“Suit your mood . ”

Rhode gave an ambiguous answer . Gillian displayed a cheeky smile, took two steps forward and clinged onto Rhode . Then, she lifted her head and said softly into his ear .

“Got it, Master . Then, please admire this good show of mine… If I win, you have to give me a reward, okay? I have been expecting Master’s thick, white, creamy, and delicious reward for a long time… So, that’s set, okay? Master?”

“You’re better off losing then . ”


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Gillian let out a chuckle . Then, she leapt back like a graceful butterfly, lifted the hem of her skirt and bowed . She turned around and stepped onto the arena with a sly smile .

At the same time, the third member of the Sky Sword Guild also stepped up .

In such competitions, the third member was always crucial as he held the biggest responsibility in the middle position and formed a bridge between the early and late stages . If the earlier results were bad, he would need to turn the tide around . But, if the results were great, it would be his turn to deal a killer blow to the opponents . Therefore, this position usually belonged to a stronger member the leader trusted .

The third member of the Sky Sword Guild was the vice leader, Carter .

Carter was a Swordsman who was only one step away from the Master Stage . He was also the most trusted assistant of Mobis in the Sky Sword Guild . Although they had lost one match to Marlene, Carter’s expression remained unchanged as they knew of Marlene’s abilities and expected this loss .

They definitely couldn’t lose this next match .

“It’s all up to you now, Carter . ”

Mobis patted on his shoulder while exchanging glances with Rhode . This young man seemed to be more troublesome than he had expected . But, Mobis believed that Rhode wouldn’t make a comeback in such situations . Marlene might be strong, but the rest weren’t comparable . As long as they followed the plan, Mobis was confident that he had this match up in the bag .

“Leave it to me, Leader . ”

Carter revealed a determined look . He stripped the leather gloves off his hands and stepped on the arena .

Although he heard that Rhode’s Starlight had several weirdos, Carter was still surprised when he saw Gillian . He focused on her swaying tail and twitching ears, at the same time feeling dubious .

Where did this young lady come from? Is she human? Half-beast? Or something else?

Not only Carter, but even most of the audience thought so especially after Gillian exposed her tail and ears . Moreover, due to Marlene’s overpowering performance, the audience had forgotten their way to humiliate the ‘country bumpkins’ anymore . Instead, they were worried . Sky Sword wouldn’t lose, would they?!

If they lost, that would be disgraceful!

The audience gazed at the old man who had lived for more than half a century . They hoped that he could bring a victory and relieve them of the anxiousness .

“Oh? It’s just an old man?”

Gillian taunted . Carter glared at the young lady, but Gillian didn’t seem to be afraid .

“Although I don’t mind your remarks, my master taught me to respect the old and cherish the young . So then, mister, how about I give you a chance? You see, if you are willing to admit defeat, I will give you a way out . How about that?”

Gillian was filled with smiles as she tilted her head and looked at Carter .

Carter’s expression changed .

“Don’t worry, young lady . ”

He drew his sword and pointed it at her .

“You’ll know soon that it’s not necessary . ”

“Oh? But I think you’d better consider it, okay?”

Gillian’s smile remain unchanged . She was like a hardworking salesperson who didn’t give up after her customer rejected her .

“Isn’t this better for both of us?”

“Cut the crap!”

Carter let out a snort and shot a glance at the judge . The latter stepped back and swung his arm down to announce the start of the match .


The battle began .

Carter gritted his teeth, dashed forward, and brandished his long sword .

One step, two steps, three steps .

But, as he took his forth, he came to an abrupt half and stared with wide eyes .

It wasn’t just him; the audience was also at a loss for words .

Gillian stood with her arms folded and a smile plastered on her face . However…

More than a thousand fireballs filled the air behind her . The flames were so glaring that they overwhelmed the radiance of the sun .

“Now… Are you willing to accept my suggestion, old man?”

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