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Chapter 304: 304

Sky Sword won the first match .

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Even after Golan stepped down from the arena, the cheers from the crowd didn’t stop . As a matter of fact, most of the supporters had expected this result . Facing the attacks of the Sky Sword’s elites, these mercenary fellows couldn’t stand a chance .

Haha, just look at that pathetic little Thief . He couldn’t even do anything and got thrashed by Golan . In the end, he was even kicked off the arena . What a shameful sight!

After the cheers ended, the crowd laughed at Rhode’s side . Just as Rhode had expected, his mercenary group wasn’t popular at all . At the same time, no one was willing to recognize their presence . As for Rhode and his mercenary group, they were more like funny clowns to bring up the mood here .

No one believed that they could win .

“Paphield trash! Go home and eat sh*t!”

“Leave that little chick for me . I’ll give you 500 gold coins!”

“Go to hell, lucky bastards! You’re no match for the guilds! Bunch of idiots, just look at your pathetic plight . ”

“Hahahaha, little clowns . Can you be any funnier?”

“This is an arena . and not a place for you to be here, sissies . Go home and cry to your man!”

In an instant, the whole arena was filled with mockery and sarcasm, where even the chain of laughters were unbroken . Marlene’s expression turned sour while Lize gritted her teeth and lowered her head in embarrassment . On the other hand, Anne hopped around furiously and was ready to teach them a lesson . However, no matter how strong she was alone, how could she win an argument against 100k people? Every time Anne shouted, her voice was submerged within .

Joey returned with a face full of disappointment . He lost, and lost cowardly because, ever since he stepped onto the arena, he was dumbstruck by the massive crowd and his mind went blank . Then, he was at a loss and under the pressure from Golan, he didn’t realise that he had retreated to the edge of the arena . In the end, a kick from the opponent had landed him outside the arena . He felt that the way he lost was too stupid . Furthermore, he knew that his strengths could contend with Golan’s and if he pulled a distance away from him and struck from the back, perhaps he wouldn’t have lost so badly . Come to think of it, he was a Thief and not a Swordsman . Why did he attack from the front? That was so dumb!

Not to mention, Joey had also become the laughing stock before 100k people . Under such immense pressure, he crumbled . The laughters and sneers that filled his ears instantly drowned him .

At this moment, a calm, cold voice rang in Joey’s ears .

“You did well . ”

Did well?

Joey clenched his fists and was ready to berate the commenter . Then, he turned around and saw Rhode’s expressionless face . What could he say to his leader? He gasped and couldn’t speak a word .

Although the arena was oddly rowdy, Joey could hear Rhode’s voice clearly .

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“Now that you experienced their true strength and the atmosphere… This loss will benefit you a lot . Go to the side and experience it even more . ”

“Yes… Leader . ”

For unknown reasons, the anger brewing in him vanished . The clamors which made his head spin seemed to have softened by much… He shook his head and sat down without speaking a word .

On the other side, Golan stepped down from the arena and his expression wasn’t as relaxed as it was when he first stepped onto the arena .

“How did it feel, Golan?”

Kalman approached Golan and asked . Kalman was a heavy-swordsman and the second member to battle . Although Golan had won the battle easily, Kalman realised that Golan’s expression wasn’t as relaxed as he expected .

“It’s difficult to say . . ”

Golan turned to Starlight and shook his head .

“Kalman, I feel like those people aren’t easy to deal with… Although there were indeed inexperienced newbies among them, their battle techniques aren’t too weak… So you’d better be careful . ”

“Huh? What do you mean? I don’t understand…”

Kalman wasn’t able to finish his sentence, because as he turned to the arena, he turned pale as though he had seen something frightening . Golan also turned around curiously . They witnessed a beautiful young lady clad in a robe . She had silver-whitish hair and liquor-red eyes .

Marlene Senia .

Unlike Joey, Marlene was well known throughout the Munn Kingdom . As a rare magical genius, and the heir of Senia Family, everyone knew that Marlene would be taking over the huge noble family… Due to her sensitive identity, she became the most troublesome character within Starlight . Everyone knew who was backing her and what if they injured her in the arena? Wouldn’t that be the same as going against the Senia Family?

Although it would mean that the Senia Family’s powers were weakened if the Reformist Party had a chance to kill Marlene, this was only an idea that brainless people would have . The Senia Family’s held strong authority in the Munn Kingdom and had formidable strength with the Eastern Plain and southern Trade Associations . They formed the three main forces of the Munn Kingdom . Besides, they held advanced magical technologies and also the Mage Army, which was the strongest forces of the Munn Kingdom . If the Reformist Party was brave enough to kill off Marlene Senia, they had better be ready for the Senia Family’s rage . Not only that, but Lydia, who also hadn’t been in their good books, would use this opportunity to strike the Reformist Party down . Once both sides turned into allies, there was no surprise if all members of the Reformist Party would be massacred…

Only an idiot would do such a dangerous matter!

Everyone from the Sky Sword Guild were stunned . According to Mobis, a powerful person like Marlene would only be placed as the third member or onward . However, they didn’t expect that Rhode would place her as the second!

What now?

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Kalman turned to Mobis as he wasn’t mentally prepared to fight her! Apart from speaking about the magical genius’ abilities, just her identity was enough to give him a headache .

On the contrary, Mobis remained calm . He observed Marlene for a moment before nodding to Kalman .

“Go . ”

After Marlene stepped onto the arena, the sneers targeting Starlight turned softer . After all, many within the audience had received assistance from the Senia Family so they wouldn’t dare to criticize or ridicule Marlene . Of course, the Reformist Party members wouldn’t be so polite because they knew that Marlene couldn’t do anything to them .

“Oh oh oh! It’s Marlene Senia!”

“Come on, chick . Strip your clothes . Is the color of your hair below the same as on top?”

“Senia is a pile of sh*t!! A pile of sh*t!!”

“I banged your mom last night, young lady . Let me taste if there’s any difference between you and her!”

Marlene didn’t respond to the criticism at all . Although they didn’t feel good about Starlight, their feelings toward the Senia Family were still decent . Some in the audience stood up for her .

But Marlene turned a deaf ear to all . She held her staff and coldly stared at Mobis and his men . Then, Kalman stepped onto the arena .

As a barbarian, Kalman was two-meters tall and Marlene was only to the height of his chest, and the difference needed no explanations . The Sky Sword Guild supporters cheered excitedly at this sight .

“Kalman! Kalman!”

“Tear her clothes and strip her clean! Let her know our might!”

A group of people cheered as though they were the ones in the arena and facing the young lady .

Marlene’s expression remained unchanged . However, Kalman puckered his brows because he sensed the strong will and murderous intent emanating from her . The murderous intent was so dense that even the he felt chills all over . That wasn’t the reaction after being aggravated, but was the aura of someone who had been through real battles… Could it be that this young lady had experienced battles?

Kalman’s heart sank . Before the start of the competition, he heard from Mobis that Marlene headed to Paphield to gain battle experience . However, he and his companions didn’t have any opinions about it . This was nothing more than making an ordinary matter special . At the very most, she could only kill a rabbit… What battle experience were they talking about?

But now, Kalman had no choice but to withdraw this thought .

He bowed respectfully to Marlene . The latter stooped forward slightly and Kalman pulled out his long sword and took two steps forward .

At this moment, Rhode had already covered his eyes and couldn’t bear to witness this scene .

The battle began .

Kalman bellowed and stomped his way forward . Then, he raised his enormous sword which swept up a tornado to Marlene .

He knew that he had to shorten the distance between them in order to disrupt her spell casting momentum . That way, she wouldn’t be of any threat to him at all . On the contrary, if he gave her time to cast spells, he would be in for a huge trouble!

He was quick with his movements . In just two to three large strides, he had arrived at Marlene’s face . At this moment, Marlene had just lifted her staff and drew half of her magical symbols .

Victory is mine!

Kalman became more confident as he brandished his huge sword . But, he didn’t notice the magical radiance emanating from Marlene’s earring .


A sharp sound of friction rang while Kalman swung his huge sword . Then, a thick wall of ice burst from the ground and negated his attack . His sword hacked through one-third of it and lost its momentum . Then, icy-cold air erupted from the ice wall and blasted at Kalman .

“Damn it!”

Kalman hurriedly withdrew his sword and at this moment, Marlene’s spell had completed .


She blasted a stream of air forward and the solid ice wall exploded instantly . Countless broken bits struck Kalman, which forced him back . He raised his huge sword to defend himself from the ice storm but flames flashed before his eyes .

Marlene didn’t chant her spell for nothing .

A dozen flame snakes emerged behind the ice storm and headed for their target . This time, Kalman gave it his all . He withstood the ice storm and bulged his muscles . Then, he swung his sword with both hands violently .

That was one of the killer blows of the heavy-swordsman, Whirlwind Slash!

The powerful tornado deflected the menacing icy storm . Not only that, but the dozen of flame snakes vanished after being sucked into it . But none of this affecting Marlene because as she released the flames, her body became as light as a feather . She stepped back slightly . At the same time, the staff in her hand continued to flicker with a magical ray that converged into complicated runes . It was apparent that she was preparing for a strong magic spell!

Kalman also witnessed it .

Marlene stepped back while he tossed his huge sword forward like an arrow!

Everything happened in a few seconds . But, no matter how fast Marlene retreated, she wouldn’t be faster than a sword thrown at full speed . Shortly after, everyone witnessed the sword almost striking her body and it was as though the huge sword would pierce through her body as soon as they blinked .

Of course . Kalman wouldn’t be that dumb as to kill Marlene . His sword was headed for her arm to disrupt her spell casting . As long as he prevented her from casting spells, he had a chance of winning .

However, Marlene didn’t need to dodge at all .

Her robe emanated a dazzling purple radiance .

In an instant, everyone was blinded and they realised that the huge sword pierced into the ground after they blinked .

“She’s there!”

Then, Marlene reappeared behind Kalman with her staff . Meanwhile, the glowing magical runes were about to link up perfectly .


Kalman’s heart sank . Marlene’s equipment was too powerful and he had no chance of defending . He had no time to consider his next moves anymore!

Kalman leaped up and dashed for his huge sword .

However, he was too slow because at this moment, Marlene’s magical runes had linked up completely in the sky .

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