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Chapter 267

Although Nancy spoke arrogantly, her skill was really good . She leaped up like a cheetah and rushed towards Lize while holding a lance . If it were the previous Lize, she would had felt overwhelmed when seeing such a fierce attack . However, the current her was different . Rhode had given her the book he got after defeating the necromancer and she had studied 70% to 80% of it . Although there was not much skill, after training in the Mirage for so many days, she already understood what to do .

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See Nancy was rushing to her, Lize calmly took a step backward . Then, she cast her Guardian Shield, and a light barrier immediately appeared and enveloped her in it . At this time, Nancy had almost arrived before her .


Seeing the translucent shield, Nancy coldly snorted . This kind of trick wouldn’t work on her . Although the Guardian Shield had a good defense, it still had a limit . If she kept charging forward, she would be able to break the shield and directly shoot her .  Let see’s how she’ll react after I smash her proud face with a bullet!

Thinking until here, Nancy arrived before her and almost broke the shield . Just a little bit more she would be able to launch an attack! Nancy’s left foot touched the ground and she immediately charged straight forward . At this time, Lize suddenly lifted her hand . Accompanied by her movement, a faint glow appeared on top of Nancy’s head and shrouded her body .

What happened next made everyone surprised .

They could only see that Nancy charging towards Lize in fast speed . Then, she directly hit her shield and fiercely rebounded away to the side . After was thrown three to four meters apart, she finally stopped . It could be seen just how fast Nancy had been .

What was going on?

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Looking at the scene below, the mercenaries widened their eyes . Was there something wrong? How come the girl hit herself instead of hitting the opponent? Even the rookies these days weren’t that bad! It also didn’t look as if it was part of Nancy’s trick, since her nose was even bleeding!

Although the Guardian Shield was a defensive spell, the hardness was still quite high . Not to mention that Lize had a half angel’s bloodline . Taking that into account, Lize’s Guardian Shield was at least as good as the defensive strength of Anne’s fine gold shield . Seeing that Nancy was dashing at such a fast speed towards, it was already considered lucky that she didn’t get a concussion .

What was going on?

Not only were the mercenaries were confused, even Nancy didn’t understand what was happening . However as an elite, her reaction was very fast . She immediately stood up after the fall . Obviously, she was bumped really hard because right now, her body was shaking . Even if she didn’t get a concussion, her current situation was also no better than that .

Nancy soon recovered . She held her lance and rushed forward once again . However, her speed clearly had been slowed down a lot . It seemed that Nancy finally realized that her opponent was barely a cleric and not worthy of her fast attack . On the contrary, doing it slowly would be very advantageous to her .

However this time, no one knew whether to laugh or cry .

Nancy cautiously approached Lize . But when she was about to attack, Lize suddenly lifted her hands once again and retreated backward . After that, she pushed her hand forward . Followed by her action, a red circle appeared under Nancy’s feet . Then, a shocking scene appeared before everyone .

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Nancy forcibly waved her lance, but it failed to hit Lize . To the contrary, it was as if she had lost her strength and wasn’t able to hold her lance properly . She staggered and almost fell to the ground . This time, the crowd wasn’t able to endure their laugh anymore . Even a lot of mercenaries were taunting here . It was bad enough that she couldn’t defeat a cleric, but she was also acting like a total rookie . What was she trying to do?

“Very well . ”

Seeing Lize’s performance, Rhode nodded in satisfaction . Just by her few movements, it could be seen that she had fully grasped the cleric PVP core method, which was called ‘treating foes as friends’ .

In the game, there was a saying: if you want to win the opponent, don’t regard him as your enemy, but as your friend . These words showed the most important point of cleric PVP core method .

Since cleric was a support class, they had a really low damage . Instead, it had other buffing spells such as the Guardian Shield, Rapid Wind, Strength Blessing, and so on . They were all essentials for a team . But few people knew that these abilities could not only be used for increasing the attributes, but also a hidden weapon .

The reason was still related to the game .

In many online games, the effect of these advantages could be seen from the speed and data . If the strength was increased, the damage got higher, and if the speed was increased, the character would be able to run faster . However, Dragon Soul Continent game was closer to reality, so the effect was slightly different . For example, Nancy’s first strike . Actually, Lize only casted Rapid Wind to make Nancy’s movement faster, but for Nancy, the result was quite different . When Lize casted Rapid Wind, Nancy had already released her strength so she could reach Lize’s side at the perfect moment according to her estimation . But as soon as Lize cast Rapid Wind, Nancy’s speed was multiplied . She couldn’t handle the sudden increase in speed and her distance from Lize immediately became shorter than what she had originally estimated . That’s why she did not have time to respond to the collision to the shield . The same went for the second strike . Facing Nancy’s menacing attack, Lize’s reaction was still very simple . She cast Rapid Wind on herself to pull back and Strength Blessing on Nancy . It wasn’t harmful, but it could kill someone if used in the wrong place, at the wrong time, or on the wrong person .

Moreover, Nancy’s movement was very easy to read . It was just like she’s going downstairs in the darkness and she thought there was still a step below, but her judgment was wrong, so she lost her balance .

That kind of feeling was fatal to the average person, let alone a warrior who control their speed and strength strictly . The more skilled the elite, the more stringent they were, and the greater the effect of Lize’s skill . If it were an ordinary rookie instead, there would be no way Lize could do this well .

This was why the cleric’s unique PVP method was called ‘treating foes as friends’ because its objective was to treat the enemy like a teammate and do everything possible to help the person out . In fact, because the Dragon Soul Continent showed a different effect on this special advantage, very few asked for buffs before facing the Boss . They usually asked for buffs when they were still quite far from the Boss so they could get accustomed to their enhancement and avoid their team from getting wiped out because of a wrong judgment . As for a cleric who was able to release their skill perfectly in the battle, it would require a great sense of mastery and timing .

This technique sounded simple, but it needed strict requirements . Clerics were free to control their own buff, casting and canceling the effect whenever they wanted . Therefore, it was obviously lethal, because, through these advantages, they would be able to affect other people’s balance in an instant and purposely making them look lad . That’s why in-game, the stronger the player, the more they were afraid to encounter Clerics that was good at ‘treating foes as friends’ because they would definitely lose in disgrace .

This was the so-called ‘killing without spilling blood’; they didn’t even have to do it on their own .

Lize was also suitable to fight this way . From the very beginning in Twilight Forest, Rhode had realized that she was really good at controlling her skill . Now, he was finally able to make use of her ability . She was even stronger than many players in real life . Perhaps it was also because she didn’t have to think about the skill cooldown, duration, and such . But still, talent depended on one’s appearance .

This time, Nancy finally realized her misjudgment . She didn’t know what was Lize actually doing . But after she encountered the same situation twice, she finally realized that something was wrong since she wasn’t a fool . However, the poor Nancy was not aware of the cause, It wasn’t surprising though because the buff a cleric cast gave no special feeling . Moreover, Lize followed the ‘treating foes as friends’ method strictly, which was, cast the skill for a moment, then cancel it . That was why Nancy hadn’t yet aware of the problem .

However, Nancy had noticed that her problem was definitely related to Lize, which was why she stopped and looked carefully, and this time, Nancy found that things seemed a little tricky .

Now what? Should I continue to attack fast or cautiously?

Although she didn’t understand the cause, as a mercenary group elite, she still had good judgement . The way she attacked was too strange . No, Lize didn’t attack . It was her who always made mistakes . She didn’t know what to do in such a strange situation . This was her first time experiencing such a strange battle .

At this moment, the onlookers were shouting with discontent . The mercenaries, in particular . They couldn’t see what Lize was doing at all, they only saw that Nancy kept making mistakes and stood there like a fool . Many people ridiculed her, saying that she became an idiot after hitting herself . If they could see that Lize actually did something, they might still have the patience to wait . But in fact, the way she fought was so subtle that most people didn’t even know what happened . So seeing Nancy as a mercenary group elite do nothing just because of two low-level mistakes, they naturally couldn’t say any good words about her .

Listening to the mockery and ridicule of the mercenaries around her, Nancy was in a dilemma . She could be sure that this battle was really weird, but… What could she do?

Whatever, I’ll just fight!

Thinking until here, Nancy bit teeth, clenched her lance once again, and slowly ran forward .

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